Dear CSA Sharehol ders,

The frost is coming in the next few days, along with WEI's Will Allen Farmer Training Weekend. "Busy" is the word that underlines the hyperactivity we have going on at the farm right now. Our Farmer Training Weekend includes workshops on hoop house building, microgreen growing, mushroom growing, compost building, vermiculture and aquaponic farming, apple harvesting. and basic farmer herbal remedies for winter ailments. We are expecting around 75 to 80 attendees over the next two days, meals included. The guest feature is the participation of Will Allen from Milwaukee, a world-renowned urban farmer and food justice entrepreneur.

Our other guest tonight and Friday night will be the gentle layering of a light frost and the massive lay down of this light icing on our insect cohabitants and on the soft tissues of our hot summer crops. We will cover these plants with reemay row cover to protect what we can from the frost, harvest some of our still green tomatoes, and bring in the remaining squash for October curing as soon as possible. Our October and early winter production will shift to our hoop houses where four season production continues and is now building into the winter. The good news is that the light frost will sweeten our apples.

Stay calm, though the wrath of women and winter is becoming more visible every day, and stay warm and smart.

Blessings from our farmers,