Dear CSA Shareholders,

Our outdoor farming season is coming to a close. We had our first hard front on Friday night nearly three weeks before the predicted date! It also happened to fall on the night before our Will Allen Farmer Training Weekend. It made for chilled, yet enthusiastic students and turned out to be an amazing and engaging event. The freezing temperatures sweetened up our apples, led us to cover the remaining beans and tomatoes for your boxes this week, and sent us further into the hoop houses that allow us to grow greens late into the season. This weeks' box speaks autumn with root vegetables, warm savory herbs, sweet crisp apples...
Pictured here, fall interns Katie and Medha storing the beautiful squash in the hoops to cure.

Warm wishes for a week of good food, from the WEI staff.

Reminder - we'll be sending an evaluation survey next week - please help us out by offering feedback on our CSA. Thank you!