Dear CSA Shareholders,

This week was a holiday week highlighted on Amador Hill with suddenly emerging high winds and thunderstorm lights vying for air time with small town firecrackers. In one storm we lost two of our favorite old apple trees, spun around by the high wind and cracked at the core. These were trees very loyal to the orchard for many years -- it was a sad loss of a living being. We will harvest their apples this fall and salvage what we can from their fallen forms.

On Wednesday, storms were followed by heavy heavy heat -- and heat-filled nights that didn't cool down, unlike any other year. All of this bogged down my intensity as farm manager and affected crew energy. On the Fourth, I melted under head-and-shoulder gear I wear to ward off mosquitoes, and in the end, entropy prevailed. I took half a day off from the farm. Probably a good idea given that the Fourth is a holiday for most sane-seeking people. The rest was good and sanity refreshing.

Today on Thursday we also say hello to two new interns -- Kory and Arianna, having said goodbye to our two early summer interns, Natalie and Claire. There were many transitions this week and short-staff on crew. In the midst of all this we have a scrumptious CSA box with the basics ready for delivery on Friday. Life on the farm persists and the vegetables are enjoying the luxury of rain combined with irrigation and exuberant heat.

This coming weekend we have a wedding on our farm campus. There will be large fans under the wedding tent, blowing the mosquitoes away as the dance begins and the wedded couple finds a new beginning, sealed by vows for a promised life. So, I do believe that love and life persist in the heat of high summer and the dance goes on.

Eat your vegetables and join with others. All bets are off unless we stay healthy, active and on target.