Dear CSA Shareholders,

Summer time is the best in August! Just today we found a few ripe tomatoes. You can rest assured that tomatoes will be piling up in your boxes in the following weeks. It has been a long but not unusal wait. Our eggplants are a mystery this year. Last year we could not stop their avid productivity -- this year they are large and sturdy with sparse bloom, but we hope to see more progress soon. The winter sqaush and melons are racing for the fence -- literally growing across the field with bloom and vine vigor.
This week we did a lot of direct seeding and transplanting for fall crops. Only the semi-drought conditions on Amador Hill cause some challenge for our farm crew, but spirits are high and our energy levels with the cool morning starts are positive. We wish for more rain. Oddly Amador Hill remains dry while all around us it rains. Clouds and thunder pass over us as they drop down in Wisconsin or spend out earlier in the Twin Cities or Cambridge. We thank the aquifer that modestly feeds our drip tapes as we grow and flourish in the third month of summer 2018.

Enjoy the corn this week and thank you for returning your CSA boxes to your drop site.

Please watch out for the hot peppers in the box. You will find a sampling from our
harvest of Cayenne, Ring O'Fire or Hot Thai. Consume with care.