Dear CSA Shareholders,
We are happy to announce the beginning of tomato harvest on Amador Hill. As a farm situated north of the Twin Cities, we are about a week behind tomatoes in the Twin Cities, but all our varieties are faithful producers at this time in the season. Just yesterday we found some more tomatoes slightly under-ripe waiting for us. We decided to include few of these in the boxes at the last minute. If need be, you can leave them out on the counter or in a paper bag at room temperature to complete their ripening.

Yesterday evening we also enjoyed our next-to-last pizza-on-the-orchard at our farm. The evening was perfect and the farm glowed with unusual beauty and calm energy. We made over 32 pizzas in our outdoor wood-fired oven. Our pizzas feature fresh farm veggies from our farm and all local ingredients. There is still one more pizza evening coming up next week. It would be lovely to see more CSA shareholders visit the farm next Wednesday evening. You can also meet WEI staff and Amador Hill farm crew while you enjoy a pizza of your choice. More information below.

That's all for now.