Dear CSA Shareholders,

This is time of year when our summer peaks into steady production. I am reluctant to think about what the predicted rain, as precious as it is for our farm, might do to the pace of the tomato harvest. It will definitely extend the tomato season until the first frost. Climate change is giving longer hot autumn weather so prepare for tomato heaven. Our peppers are slow this year as are the eggplants. We expect not-too-late maturity on these .

Next week I am on a vacation. The next box is the INTERN CSA BOX , a final exam of sorts for our interns, who, with assistance from the rest of the farm crew, will do the work of preparing and planning the harvest, picking and packing your farmshares. It is full of promise. We celebrate the last week for our interns, Ana Benson and Kory Verhaagh. They have been the best interns and they are moving in good directions. Kory will be doing a for-credit directed study with WEI this fall and Ana is heading towards Masters Degree in Professional Horticulture.

Pictured above : summer interns Ana and Kori tying up tomatoes with pantyhose!