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Canadian Simmental Association Enewsletter
November 2019
In This Issue


EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2020, Neogen Canada Inc. will charge $4.00 + taxes per sample for ALL hair samples not submitted on a hair card.  For a supply of hair cards, please call the office today. 
Blood cards, Allflex tissue applicators and TSU's (tissue sample units) can also be ordered through our office. 

GET a 2D Barcode Scanner for FREE - below see special offer by Neogen Canada

Total Herd Enrollment (THE) Deadlines   
To prevent late enrollment or incurring any late fees, 2020 Total Herd Enrollment (THE) must be submitted by December 15, 2019. All active females in your herd will need to be enrolled.
THE herds enrolled by this date pay $22.00 per female. Online Simmental.com users benefit by saving $2/head when enrolling online by December 15th.
Members enrolling their herds by December 15, 2019 will be invoiced in two equal installments: the first on April 1st, 2020 and the second October 1st, 2020.
Enrollments received between December 16th, 2019 and February 15th, 2020 will be charged a $27.00/head enrollment fee, payable in full April 1st, 2020.
Enrollments received after February 15th, 2020 will be charged $38.00/head, payable in full on April 1st or at time of submission.
Applicable taxes will be added to all prices.
Fees are not refundable, except for 1st calf heifers, providing complete performance and disposal information and written request for refund is submitted. For all other females that are disposed of between installment billings, the second installment is due and payable by the member who enrolled the female.


Fall Data Gathering

As calves are being weaned and weighed this fall, data will be entered into the CSA system and incorporated into each animal's IGS evaluation. It is extremely important to report weights on all the calves that are weaned (including the duds) and to identify any management group differences between animals.
The reasons for complete reporting are many, but 2 keys are evaluation of maternal ability and the elimination of reporting bias. Sustained cow life could be described as "successfully weaned a calf for X years". Failing to report a weaning record on a calf, unfairly biases the dam's performance record downward. Secondly, only reporting the top calves in a group means that they are artificially downgraded when calculating their performance relative to the group. A simple example is shown below.
Mgt Grpt
Dev 2
Jan 1
Jan 15
Jan 15
If the breeder reports all the calves, the heaviest calf (A) is 100 pounds heavier than the group average (Dev). If the breeder decides Calf C is not worth registering so does not report his weight, Calf A now has a deviation (Dev 2) of only 50 pounds above group average, and Calf B that was average is now at -50. This can adversely affect the evaluation of all the cattle.
Management group numbers are used to identify calves that are managed in the same way between calving and weaning. Simply identify those calves that had the same opportunity with the same management group number. Management groups are further divided into Contemporary Groups which are key to genetic evaluation. Fair evaluation is difficult if calves that are given a preferential environment are compared directly with calves that have not had the same opportunity.

Complete Data and DNA
High density DNA tests are increasingly popular with CSA members. The tests have the ability to provide parentage information and feedback on specific traits (example: Homo Black), but also to contribute to increased accuracy of genetic evaluation for a variety of traits. It is more important than ever given this technology to ensure that we do a good job of collecting complete phenotypes (performance data) on full contemporary groups of cattle. Currently as you are weaning, preg-testing and completing the THE enrolment forms that are either online or headed out in the mail fairly shortly, please be sure to complete information on all calves where possible and complete breeding information, even on those that may have been preg-tested open.
This not only helps the current evaluation but allows us to continue to improve the power of DNA technology. In the genetic evaluation, DNA works by associating specific pieces (SNPs) of DNA with a trait response. For example, if an animal has SNP ABC at position 1 then it will have more growth than if it has version ABB. Over time, as breeders select a trait (in any direction) the prevalence of specific SNPs will increase and they will thus become less informative. By continuing to collect complete phenotypic data, we can continue to re-examine how much information various SNPs provide and continue to maintain and advance the power of the SNP panel results.
Remember, when you are completing your THE, weaning and other performance information this fall, you are also doing your part to improve the power of DNA.

During the 2019 Summer Board of Director Meetings, the CSA Directors made the decision that the CSA will NOT have any influence on the use of paint at any cattle shows across Canada. The decisions of paint use will be left up to the provincial associations or show committees.
There are no rules in the CSA Award of Excellence program that indicate paint can or cannot be used.

  For any questions please contact Bruce- bholmquist@simmental.com 
2019 Award of Excellence Qualifying Shows 

For complete rules and regulations visit www.simmental.com

December Simmental Country Magazine Deadlines
The Canadian  Simmental Country magazine's January 2020 issue is always one of the most popular and largest "Commercial Country " issues with a greatly expanded circulation that includes regular subscribers as well as past Simmental bull buyers. No beef industry publication has a larger target market for your Simmental bulls with as much value for your advertising dollar than the January Commercial Country!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to advertise your upcoming bull sales, semen sales, commercial bulls for sale by auction or private treaty, or a chance to promote some of your herd bull prospects at an extremely reasonable cost.

Ad booking deadline:  December 1
Camera-ready ads in:  December 15
Mailing date:                 January 2
For more information or to discuss your advertising plans, contact Randy Bollum at rbollum@simmental.com or cell phone: (403)540-5949

Did someone get married this summer or have baby let us know and send any membership announcements to

2019 Scholarship Winners Announced  

Calgary, Alberta - The Friends of the Canadian Simmental Foundation (FCSF) are pleased to announce the recipients of their 2019 scholarships. We are very happy to announce that applications were received from across the entire county. The quality and
potential is great within the youth of our industry and while we would like to assist all those who applied, we are limited to five scholarships. This year's recipients illustrated the bright future that our youth are presenting to the agriculture industry and Simmental breed.
Scholarships that are being awarded for the 2019 - 2020 academic year include, the Friends of Canadian Simmental Foundation Scholarship, the Dr. Dixon Memorial Scholarship and the Trevor Vance- First Year Scholarship, with a combined value of $12,000.
Friends of the Canadian Simmental Foundation Scholarships which are valued at $3,000 each and were awarded to Bryce Maxwell of Viking, AB and Cassidy Pinkham of Metcalf, ON. Bryce is enrolled in Agronomy at the University of Saskatchewan and Cassidy is enrolled in Agribusiness at Olds College.
The Dr. Dixon Memorial Scholarships, in memory of Dr. Allan A. Dixon are valued at $2,000 each were awarded to Kaitlyn Maxwell of Viking, AB and Tia Schram of Bruderheim, AB. Kaitlyn is attending the University of British Columbia taking Nursing and Tia is studying for her Business degree at Concordia University.
The Trevor Vance - First Year Scholarship, in memory of Trevor Edward Vance is valued at $2,000 and this year is awarded to Carissa Geddes from Settlement, NB. Carissa is studying Pre Vet at the University of Prince Edward Island.
Ken Lewis, President of Friends of Canadian Simmental Association said, "It's great to see so many high quality Scholarship Applications spread out from across the country. Each of this year's recipients have showcased leadership, development skills and a dedication to their community as well as the livestock industry. Congratulations to all of this year's scholarship recipients and we wish everyone who applied, the very best in your future education goals".


Save the Date!
YCSA TEAM Leadership Conference Is Back!
February 20-22, 2020
Guelph, Ontario

The conference is open to youth 14-25 years of age as of January 1, 2020. You do not have to be a YCSA member to attend!
Features of the conference will include, tours, workshops, industry speakers, motivational speakers, fun evening activities and much more! Do not miss out on this magnificent event!
If you are interested in being a sponsor of the event, please email kmanske@simmental.com.
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