I will begin this message by paying tribute to Prof Gerard Mannion, of Georgetown University who died of a massive heart attack on September, 21, 2019. He was a dearly beloved colleague and an extraordinary Catholic scholar with a deep faith and a deep love for people. He wanted our churches and Christians to become witnesses to love and friendship and worked for a world where we all would dwell in common (the title of one of his edited books). He built bridges across cultures, races, nations and religion. He was a giant light in the world who worked tirelessly in challenging the Catholic Church to reflect the many faces of God to the many faces of God’s people on earth through an inclusive and compassionate ministry carried out in humility. He was only 49 years. His death was sudden and unexpected. He was a very healthy and strong man, but we do not choose how we die; we can only choose how we live. Gerard made a good choice to live a life of love, courage, joy, and truth.