Citrus Season Begins!
It is that time of year that everyone loves - citrus season! We are kicking off the season with Owari Satsuma mandarins. We have a crop share at a ranch in Winters, which provides an abundance of mandarins for our CSA members. There are two varieties grown in that orchard: Owari and Tahoe Gold. Our Tahoe Gold mandarins will not be ready until the new year, probably in February or March. Until then, savor the delicious Owaris. They are full of flavor - a perfect balance of sweet and tangy - and easy to peel. We usually have a good supply into the beginning of January, and are currently offering them in the CSA store for $15 / 5-lb case.
Preserving Citrus: Marmalade
Last year I made a big batch of marmalade using Terra Firma's Owari mandarins. I have never been a huge fan of marmalade, but I have to say that the recipe and end result was delicious - enjoyable for myself and many family members who received it as gifts. The recipe I used turned out to be very involved, but in quarantine, it may be a great way to pass the time. It directs you to cut the mandarins in half, squeeze the juice out of the mandarins, remove the pulp from the peels, scrape all of the pith off the peels, discard the pith, and julienne the remaining peels. The scraping part was time-consuming and probably unnecessary. If you don't have the time or patience, here is a simpler recipe.
Mandarin Marmalade from the Australian Women's Weekly Food
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