Stock up for the Holidays
The holiday season is upon us, and it looks like it will be different this year. If you're like me, you'll be hunkering down at home and getting lost in food projects (and probably baking too many goodies). Given that we had success with our CSA store order system for the Thanksgiving holiday, we are going to do the same for the week of Christmas! The deadline for placing CSA store orders for the week of Christmas is Thursday, December 17th. Please be sure to follow the instructions on our website. We've also provided our projected box contents for Christmas week so you can plan around that. We will be closed for a week (December 28-January 2) so make sure you stock up to get you through to the first delivery in 2021!
Meyer Lemons in Abundance
This year we got a big harvest of Meyer lemons, and are happy to say that they will be making a regular appearance in your CSA boxes at least through December. Pablito wrote about Meyer lemons in the newsletter this week. We will also be offering them in the CSA store in 3 lbs for $9. They are a household necessity that I've stocked up on myself. You may be enjoying a hot toddy or few this winter break, which will require some lemon juice. I also recently made a white wine sangria featuring citrus. Here is a fun recipe. However, feel free to substitute mandarins for the oranges. Unless you feel compelled, the limes are not entirely necessary. Aside from the fun drinks, I love having lemons in the kitchen to add acidity to many dishes, or to have on hand for any jamming projects. Another hot tip for those of you reading - kiwis from Shared Abundance Organic Farm are now available in the CSA store!
Meyer Lemons from Terra Firma Farm
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