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Always check the boards at our cheesemakers: age, type of milk, process, season, all affect availability. Here, last weeks offerings at Fuzzy Udder.
Bath Farmers Market April 24, 2021
Good Morning,

Hoping you were able to pause on Wednesday and consider Earth Day in all it's dimensions. Buying local healthy food really does help on so many levels. It's nice to shop and feel you've made a contribution to the health of the planet. And it does taste so very good.

If you have a vegetable garden remember to check out the seedlings that our farmers offer. Plenty of options for staples like tomatoes and lettuce, as well as herbs , and summer highlights like eggplant and watermelon. Many of us buy seedlings to stock our winter freezers with summer favorites. Limited space? try container gardening!

Remember that buying a CSA meets your needs and supports our farmers. Tarbox and Goranson Farms both have summer share programs. Dharma Farm does as well at www.dharmafarm/csa;we hope to see them soon. New Roots also offers many options at They'll be here in a few weeks.

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Take care

joan ,
Goranson has several herbal micros right now, and these lovely edible flowers brighten any salad
Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables

Goranson Farm
Hawkes Farm
Oyster Creek Mushroom Co
Tarbox Farm

Goranson and Tarbox both have summer CSAs available. Check the website or pick up info at the table.
Choices are NOT easy at Alchimia

Beryls Pastries
Borealis Breads
Chase Farm Bakery
Stewart & Reid (gluten free)
Fresh dog mix frozen at Mainely Poultry. Served raw, never cooked.

Meat and Poultry
Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Kelley Brothers Beef
Mainely Poultry

Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood
Pretty & plump, savory oysters at Pemaquid are great with a bowl of fresh pasta and green herbs


Boite Nature
Goranson Farm
Mainely Poultry
Old Narrow Gauge Farm
Cheese & Dairy

Appleton Creamery
Chase Farm Bakery
Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Hahn's End
Perennial Appleton favorites: Spreads, Chevre in Olive Oil, and lime-pepper or chipotle chevre logs are back.
Preserved and Premade

Gracies Garden
Mainely Poultry
Old Narrow Gauge Farm
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood
Drool Worthy Cheese Board at Hahns End
Handcrafted, Homegrown

Big Barn Coffee
Boite Nature
Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Goranson Farm
Mana Medicinals
Tarbox Farm

SNAP in same place: Mid Market: 9-11 thru April
Bathrooms are not yet open

Well behaved, non reactive dogs on leashes: Please

And please leave the spaces by the sidewalk for vendors to set up in.

Looking for Work?

Borealis Breads is hiring now. Staff farmers markets and/or get into production (release that hidden baker!). Call Jim Amaral, at 751 3600 if you'd like more info

Remember: Oyster Creek Mushrooms are available ON LINE ONLY THRU APRIL - here, velvety young Shiitakes

From our vendors -Sales, Seasonal, Specials

Borealis has muffins tucked away most weeks-not on display. Last weeks Cranberry orange walnut was dynamic, not too much sugar, the fruit flavor holds its own and it's very satisfying. Just ask.

Kidding Season is almost done, but at Appleton and Fuzzy Udder Creameries its been a busy and demanding time. And they still have energy to make lovely cheese and haul it in to us each week.
Try some of Appletons' fresh rolled logs coated with lime-- pepper or chipotle pepper. wonderful in salads or on a bagel.
Fuzzy Udders' creamy spreading cheeses, plain or flavored (check that mushroom) transform burgers, omelets

Goranson will be bringing in leaf lettuce and maybe a little swiss chard this week. Look for young kales and maybe some
spinach at Tarbox
Mana Medicinals offers a range of supports for all your systems
Cast winter from your whole self. Pick up a bottle of Destress, to tackle stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, and one of Vitality, offering cognitive support and generally sharpening you up. Both at Mana Medicinals, with Anna right there to advise you.

Amy has some nice jars of Bread and Butter Pickles. Some dills as well. She also offers pickled garlic, beets or mushrooms. Great sides for a light lunch or a picnic basket.

Feed your dog well at Mainely Poultry. They sell roughly 1000 pounds a week of their raw grind to area Pet supply stores. It's frozen in a cooler here, so ask for it and get instructions on feeding
Real bagels with a variety of crunchy seeds and authentic bialys set a high standard at Hootenanny
Robin at Chase Farm debuted some lush Cannoli last week. made with her own fresh ricotta, dusted with oreos or pistachios, thcalled my name. Order online for
party portions

Pemaquid is well stocked right now with 2 kinds of Haddock chowder, and Lobster Bisque. Or pick up some of their fresh fish stock and compose your own soupy ode to the sea.

At Alchimia fresh ravioli offer comfort and classic taste. Stuffed with creamy ricotta, butternut squash or spinach, they are perfect with just some butter (get the good stuff at Chase Farm) and cheese ( hie thee to Hahns End for some gratable Rigged Island). but they also mingle well with light vegetable sauces.
Kale Rabe at Tarbox Farm

Not returning to the Market:

Pleasant Pond Orchard
Popp Farm (at least not this year)
Sparrow Farm
Vendor Direct

Many vendors still take orders at the market; just ask! .


Most Vendors have websites with preordering info and deadlines, as well as market and farm stand info. Many farm stands are already going strong - others should be opening soon.
Websites can be accessed from market website list; go to, click on the name and you're there.

Online Store

Our newest feature is easily accessed: just go to, and select online store. Order from the safety of home & have your order waiting for Pickup at Chase Farm Bakery this summer. The 8 Vendors in the Online Store are listed below: go to individual store pages for available items and pre ordering deadlines. Direct questions abut the store to

Big Barn Coffee
Chase Farm Bakery
Goranson Farm
Mana Medicinals
Old Narrow Gauge Farm
Oyster Creek Mushroom Co. - no in Market sales-online only
Check out the bone and shell earrings, respectfully sourced from woodland debris, just one of many nature based crafts at Boite Nature