February 2016 
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Dear CSAH Community,
This February's spotlight topic is sensory changes. In this issue, you will find resources related to hearing loss, vision loss, smell, taste, touch impairments and dual sensory impairments. We have recently added a number of new resources about sensory impairments to sagelink.ca.

Save the date! March 4th 2016 we will be hosting our 4th conference entitled "Aging: Are we doing it right?". Presentation titles include: 
  • Images of Aging: Ageism, Anti-Aging and Anti-Ageism
  • Technology to Support Aging in Place
  • New Threads in Later Life: Supporting LGBTQ Older Adults in Their Care
  • Age-Friendly Communities in Ontario: Trends, Successes & Common Challenges
  • Living Well With Dementia - It's TIme!
  • OASIS - Senior Support Living Program
  • Social Policy as a Means to Better Health
  • Values-based Advance Care Planning
  • Little Button Goes to the Hospital
We are pleased to share an open access overview course on sageducation.ca. A different overview will be featured each month.  This month we welcome you to take an overview course on Delirium in the Older Adult.  Please note that you will need Adobe Flash Player to run the course.

If you are involved with or know of a research project related to aging or the care of older adults we would like the opportunity to share that information with our audience. Please contact info@sagelink.ca with the details you would like to share.

CSAH team
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Spotlight: Sensory Impairments
Aging can affect all senses. Sensory changes can affect lifestyle, including communication methods and staying involved in activities and with other people. 
Resources on hearing loss:
Resources on vision loss:
Resources on other sensory impairment and dual sensory impairment:
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