CSBA NewsletterFebruary 2015
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CSBA is a 2014 All Star Award Winner

The California State Beekeepers Association received the 2014 Constant Contact All Star Award! In just the 1st year of online publication, the CSBA enewsletter was recognized for its achievements using online marketing tools to drive success.


Constant Contact�, Inc. is the trusted marketing advisor to more than 600,000 small business organizations worldwide. The award, given annually to the top 10% of Constant Contact's international customer base, recognizes these select businesses and nonprofits for their significant achievements in leveraging online marketing tools to engage their customer base and drive success for their organization. CSBA is one such exemplary organization. Congratulations!

CSBA Officers
Brad Pankratz
1st Vice President
Dion Ashurst
2nd Vice President
Steve Godlin
Carlen Jupe
Past President
Bill Lewis
Executive Committee
Brent Ashurst
Russell Heitkam
Buzz Landon
Larry Lima
Mike Tolmachoff
ABF Delegates
Bill Lewis
Dion Ashurst
Mike Tolmachoff
New Committee Chairs
African Honey Bee
Brock Ashurst 
Alan Mikolich
Bill Lewis
Bee Times
Meg Ribotto
Public Lands
Mike Harrel
Bryan Ashurst
Patti Johnson
Alan Henninger
Jackie Park-Burris
Troy Bunch
Mike Tolmachoff
Dr. Elina Nino
Roger Everett
Bob Miller
Ladies Auxiliary President
Amanda Wooten
Ladies Auxiliary


Amanda Wooten

Vice President 

Alissa Wooter
Ila Hohman 

Sandy Tabako 

Research Committee Report
CSBA-Funded Research 2015

Brandon Hopkins, WSU, 'Bee Sperm Quality Parameters': $6,360.20

Brandon Hopkins, WSU, 'Over-Wintering of Colonies': $15,755.25

Elina Nino, UC-Davis, 'Amitraz' Synergistic Sublethal Effects': $11,802.47

Juliana Rangel-Posada, Texas A&M, 'Amitraz' Effects on Bee Reproductive Quality': $31,650.30

David Tarpy, NC State University, 'Real-world Testing of Queen Quality': $33,250.00

Total: $98,818.22 
SABA Beekeeping Class
All classes will be held at the UCD Extension Center, 4145 Branch Center Road (Off Kiefer Road west of Bradshaw Road). Classes start at 8:30 a.m. and end at approximately 4:30 p.m. 
  • Sunday, March 22nd Beginning - Bernardo Nino and William Synk
  • Sunday, April 19th Beginning - Randy Oliver
  • Saturday, May 23rd Intermediate - Serge Labesque
  • Saturday, June 20th Intermediate - Randy Oliver
Class fees: $45
Course Coordinator: Ron Nies (530) 941-3554 or sabaclassbees@gmail.com
For additional information, contact Ron, or visit the SABA website at www.sacbeekeepers.org.
CSBA Sponsors


Kona Queen Hawaii, Inc
CSBA Affiliated Clubs
Santa Maria Valley Beekeepers Association
Shasta Beekeepers Association
Click on a beekeeping club to visit their homepage

Brad Pankratz
2015 CSBA President
The President's Word
Hello My Fellow Beekeepers! 

Almond bloom is in full swing and our busy time of year is upon us. Here at CSBA, we have been working hard on industry-wide issues. We have written a letter in support of changing the mandatory hours of service requirements for truckers. This would exempt bees as livestock from this law and make hauling time shorter and less hazardous on colonies being trucked long distances. We are also working closely with the CA Association of Pest Control Advisors (CAPCA) concerning BMP's for almond-related spray applications. Hopefully, all of you are in close contact with your growers so that this problem can be alleviated. Our organization is also supporting a relationship with the California Council of Land Trusts to open up forage opportunities for bees. It has been made aware to our organization that the BIT (Biennial Inspection of Terminals) Program will be expanding its truck regulations. These regulations will include trucks in the 10,000 gvw to 26,000 gvw class. Please write letters with concerns on how this will negatively affect your businesses. For questions on this matter, contact your Farm Bureau Federation office. We have fully funded our research proposals for 2015! (See side bar). This will hopefully lead us to some valuable information in the near future. As your President, I have been working hard on putting together our 2015 convention in Sacramento. Things seem to be on schedule but there is always more to do. With help from my Board, I am excited that it will all come together. As always, I urge you to be proactive in your businesses and forge ahead to a successful season!


Brad Pankratz, CSBA President

96 Hives of Bees Stolen 

Theft occurred between January 23rd and 26th from 1.5 miles south of Copperopolis, CA just off O'Byrnes Ferry Road. The main gate is always locked. There are two other gates to go through before arriving in the beeyard. A winter glove was left on the ground near the second gate. Although there were no truck tracks because of the paved road, I suspect a 4 row bed; one ton or 4500/5500 truck as the forklift disturbance appeared to only load 4 rows per side of truck.

Description of bee equipment boxes are 9 5/8" deeps, all top cleated. Boxes are branded on both ends just below the cleat with the original CA Apiary ID Number 1-003. There are few branded 1-360, but very few. The majority are painted with aluminum paint and there are some with a very similar color latex paint. Covers are flat with top cleats. Most are slightly undersized, ie. 15 7/8"x 21 �".
Pallets are 32 �""x 47", painted red /4 ways with 3/8" thick entrance strips.All pallets are branded on each side with 1-003. 

I am nearly positive that a skidsteer loader with no tailwheel was used. Tire tracks left look to possibly be 15" with standard skidsteer traction pattern, (the tire width is narrower than the 10/16.5s on my skidsteers).

I have not placed any beehives into almonds, and likely will not place until after 15th of February, so if you observe these hives before that date in a grove, they definitely are stolen. I am offering a $5000 reward for information which leads to an arrest and conviction. Further, CSBA has a  $10,000 reward for members with stolen bees. I can be reached at 209-480-3256
- Jeff Anderson
King Bee List

King Bees have each given at least $250 in unrestricted funds to the California State Beekeepers Association in the current year. This is over and above membership dues, convention registration and any other donations, such as, for research. We would like to recognize the King Bees. Thank you for your support!

Bryan Ashurst 
Westmorland CA
Brent Barkman 
Hillsboro KS
Gene Brandi 
Los Banos CA
Leroy Brant
Discovery Bay CA
Troy Bunch
Hughson Ca
Norman Cary
Lindsay CA
Ryan Cosyns
Madera CA
Roger Everett
Porterville CA
Steve Godlin
Visalia Ca
Alan Henninger
San Jose CA
Chris Hiatt
Madera CA
Kamron Koehnen
Glenn CA
Larry Krause
Riverton WY
Dave LeFore Milton
Freewater OR
John Miller
Newcastle CA
Candace Moss
Hillsboro CA
Leonard Pankratz
Orland CA
Jackie Park-Burris
Palo Cedro CA
Frank Pendell
Stonyford CA
Larry Pender
Camarillo CA
Kevin Rader
Boca Raton FL
Jonathan Reese
Northridge CA
Philip Russell
Yuba City CA
David Severson
Yuba City CA
Valeri Severson
Yuba City CA
Ron Spears
Oak Hills CA
Lance Sundberg 
Columbus MT
Randy Verhoek
Danbury TX
Mike Vigo
Orinda CA
Jack Wickerd
Menifee CA
Shannon Wooten
Palo Cedro CA

Project Apis m. Update


Project Apis m. had a presence at three significant meetings lately: 1) the North American Beekeeping Conference in Anaheim, 2) the American Honey Producers in Manhattan Beach, and 3) the American Bee Research Conference in Tucson. These meetings served to help us review the current state of honey bee research, meet with our scientists, and interact with industry leaders as we continue to provide the service, the science and the programs needed to help our bees and our beekeepers.

PAm's primary focus at this time includes expanding our honey bee research program and our honey bee forage efforts--all made possible through significant recent donations. A Request for Proposal (RFP) will soon be distributed to familiar and also not-so-familiar contacts in an effort to seek new and innovative Varroa control measures. We want Varroa's 30th birthday party in the US (September, 2017 ) to be a "No Show Event"!

Funding is in place to continue the Seeds for Bees program for fall, 2015. Bloom from seeds sown this past fall is currently being enjoyed by our bees. Better timing at planting and just enough precipitation provided good results in many areas. We hit our target-timing, pre-almond bloom, with Brassica plantings this year. See our photos on Facebook or PAm Website/Forage Tab.

The PAm - Pheasants Forever Honey Bee Habitat Partnership will put seeds in the ground this spring to build honey bee habitat in top honey producing areas. The first area of concentration will be the Dakotas with anticipated expansion into Minnesota, Idaho and Montana. Read more about this program on PAm Website/HB Habitat Partnership.                                        
Help Wanted at Ag Day at the Capitol

Ag Day at the Capitol is March 18th and we need help manning the CSBA booth! The duty is just talking with the public and handing out honeystixs and CSBA information fliers. The hours are from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for interacting with the public, but it's good if booth helpers can come a little earlier and depart a little later to help with setup and takedown. 

Please contact Carlen Jupe at (209) 545-5359 or castatebeekeepers@hotmail.com, if you can help. Lunch is not specifically provided, but there usually are snacks available free from the other booths.

PLEASE NOTE: For the first time since we've been doing this, we will not be handing out free ice cream, as our benefactor was bought out by Nestle, which has its own, different, list of supported organizations. Also note that free event parking for participants, if available at all, will be very limited and will fill up early. Carpooling and use of the public parking facilities are strongly recommended.
Give Bees a Chance

The CSBA Board has approved endorsing "Give Bees a Chance". 
The link here will automatically play the song "Give Bees A Chance". The song and children's picture book brings awareness to the importance of bees to humans and to colony losses worldwide. Teach the song to your children and sing while you are in your flower garden!
If you are interested in advertising in the Bee Times, please contact Carlen Jupe at