CSBA Newsletter October 2015
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CSBA Officers
Brad Pankratz
1st Vice President
Dion Ashurst
2nd Vice President
Steve Godlin
Carlen Jupe
Past President
Bill Lewis
Executive Committee
Brent Ashurst
Russell Heitkam
Buzz Landon
Larry Lima
Mike Tolmachoff
ABF Delegates
Bill Lewis
Dion Ashurst
Mike Tolmachoff
Committee Chairs
African Honey Bee
Brock Ashurst 
Alan Mikolich
Bill Lewis
Bee Times
Meg Ribotto
Bryan Ashurst
Patti Johnson
Alan Henninger
Jackie Park-Burris
Troy Bunch
Mike Tolmachoff
Dr. Elina Nino
Roger Everett
Bob Miller
Ladies Auxiliary President
Amanda Wooten
CSBA Committee Chair Candidates Wanted!
CSBA Committee Chair Positions Need to 
'Bee' Filled 

To learn more, interested parties may contact Brad Pankratz or Dion Ashurst

We are looking for the following positions!
  1. Public Lands
  2. Publicity 
  3. Website
Ladies Auxiliary
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Amanda Wooten

Vice President 

Alissa Wooter
Ila Hohman 

Sandy Tabako 

Ladies Auxiliary Update
Our CSBA Ladies Auxiliary Luncheon is on Thursday November 19th from 11:00 to 1:00 p.m.  It will be held at the Hilton Sacramento Arden West Hotel. Our board meeting starts at 11, and you are welcome to join us and will be followed by the lunch at Noon.

Sarah Red-Laird, otherwise known as the "Bee Girl", will be our guest speaker at the luncheon. There are three menu options available for the luncheon. These include: Chicken Bruscheta, BBQ Steak and Vegetable Raviola. If you have not done so yet, please sign up. This is a ticketed event!  

We look forward to seeing you at the CSBA registration desk Tuesday, November 17th or Wednesday, the 18th between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., where we will be selling luncheon tickets, raffle tickets for pottery, T-Shirts and convention posters. 

See you all soon!

- Submitted by Amanda Wooten
LA Backyard Beekeeping Approved
Overturning a 136-year-old ban, the LA City Council recently voted to legalize urban beekeeping.

Once the ordinance is signed by the mayor, Los Angeles will join other cities including New York, San Francisco and Washington in allowing beekeeping. The ordinance will limit beekeeping to backyards of single family homes and to establish buffer zones. Beekeepers will also have to provide a source of water at their hives. Click on the pic to read more!

Beekeeper Rob McFarland

Photo courtesy of Damian Dovarganes/AP
Bee Aware! Symposium
Register by Nov. 5th
The Focus Will Be On: 

Those that are dealing with the challenges of protecting managed bees at the field level and involved in pesticide applications.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 10th, 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

Speakers include Brad Pankratz, CSBA President, Dr. Gordon Wardell, Wonderful Orchards, and more!

Click here for details on this event held at the San Joaquin County Ag Commissioner's office located at  2101 E. Earhart Ave., Suite 100, Stockton. 

Register online by November 5th!
Fundraising Appeal For The University Of Minnesota Bee Lab
The CSBA Board encourages members to read and respond to Honorary Member Liz Vaenoski's letter on behalf of the University of Minnesota's new bee lab. 

Liz has generously supported the CSBA for many years, so please give her letter serious consideration. 
Could A Mushroom Save The Honeybee?

In this 5:37 minute video, Eric Olsen, a Washington state beekeeper, and two scientists at WSU, Steve Sheppard and Paul Stamets, give an interesting talk on bees, Varroa and an unconventional remedy. "If this does what we hope, it will be truly revolutionary," says Dr. Sheppard, who heads the Department of Entomology at Washington State University.

"Beekeepers are running out of options." Read more here.
Small Hive Beetle Excluder / Controller That is Easy to Make
This idea of using a flange inside the hive sprayed with NEVERWET will control and keep the Small Hive Beetle out of your hive for good, giving you a 24-7 protection. Jeff Willard shows you the tests in this 8:07 minute video. There is also a great tip on screened top vent protection from Hive Beetles at end of video.
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Brad Pankratz
2015 CSBA President
The President's Word
Hello My Fellow Beekeepers! 

The fall season is upon us and I'm sure you're hoping for cooler weather, as am I. Most of you that have taken your bees out-of- state are returning, and the feeding and inputs into your colonies are on the rise. I have heard through the "grapevine" of significant bee losses already. I'm sure you have your fingers crossed that you won't be next. 

Our state convention is approaching rapidly so please get your registration and hotel reservations finalized so you don't miss out on a great event! Everyone here at CSBA has been working very hard to put this convention together and I want to thank them for their persistent efforts. 

CSBA was recently involved in a successful event put on by California Council of Land Trusts. We represented the California State Beekeepers Association with an informational booth and interacted with many different agricultural industries and the general public. Also, as President of CSBA, I was asked to speak at the Sonoma County Beekeepers Association's fall meeting. I was very impressed with their enthusiasm and passion for beekeeping and was able to speak to them about the efforts that CSBA is doing for beekeepers throughout the state. 

Legislatively, we are happy to say that we recently passed a bill through the California State Legislature, "AB 1259". This bill is allowing the consideration of bees to be kept on California Fish and Wildlife land across the state. As a beekeeper, you will be able to inquire about bee yard placement on these Fish and Wildlife properties. Hopefully, beekeepers will be able to take advantage of these foraging opportunities. As always, I urge you to be proactive in your businesses and forge ahead to a successful season!


Brad Pankratz, CSBA President
California State Beekeepers Association Convention
November 16-19, 2015 
Sacramento, CA

Preregistration packets have been mailed! Please complete the prereg forms and mail back as soon as possible OR you may also go to the CSBA website to register.The Events page  has all the current info you need! Don't delay - register today! We have a great lineup of speakers you don't want to miss - Dr. Marla Spivak, Dr. Juliana Rangel-Posada, Randy Oliver, Dr. Judy Wu, Dr. Gordy Wardell, Kelly Velasco, CA Council of Land Trusts, and Research Lunch guest speaker, Dr. James Frazier, all the way from Penn State to just name a few!

Monday, the 16th, kicks off with a field trip to the Mann Lake Woodland facility.  The link on the Events page will take you to the sign-up form. To reserve a space, just fill out and either mail in or call the office. Bus(es) will depart the Hilton at 1 p.m. and return in time for the President's Reception Dinner in the  evening, hosted by Mann Lake. Both are free to registered convention attendees and a great way to start the event! 

Exhibits open Tuesday morning and speaker presentations begin! You will find all the info you need - Hotel, Speaker Schedule, Exhibitor Sign-up, Conference Registration, Membership Dues, Research Lunch, Ladies Auxiliary Luncheon and more here. See you soon in Sacramento!
How to Sustain Yourself at the Convention!

Monday, 11/16 - To attend Mann Lake's facility tour at 1:00 p.m.and the free President's Reception Dinner, please RSVP with Carlen Jupe at castatebeekeepers@hotmail.com

Tuesday, 11/17 - CSBA has arranged for the hotel to provide box lunches since there is no sponsored lunch event this day and there are limited local eateries. Box lunches can be ordered and paid for online.

Wednesday, 11/18 - To attend the Research Lunch at noon, you must preregister for this ticketed event, there's no at-the-door signup! Dr. James Frazier, Professor of Entomology at PSU, will be the guest speaker, "Disappearing Bees Harbingers of the End of Times". Register online or mail in your preregistration form today!

Thursday, 11/19 - Ladies Auxiliary Luncheon is at noon and the Annual Dinner Banquet with Big Mo & The Full Moon Band follows in the evening at 6:15 p.m. These are ticketed events. Mail in your preregistration form or register online.
CSBA Legislative Committee Update
CA Border Inspection Stations & AB 1259 Signed by the Governor!
                                                  Photo courtesy of Jackie Park-Burris
Our movie star CSBA President, Brad Pankratz, and myself recently attended the California Council of Land Trusts evening event of promoting the bounty of California! We engaged with the attendees on the importance of bees, bee forage and handed out honey sticks with "bee facts" and seed packets from Project Apis m. The guest of honor was Secretary of Agriculture Karen Ross.

I have been in contact with CDFA and they have told me the CA Border Inspection Stations are fully staffed and funded this year. They have more staffing than they have had in five years. CDFA recently purchased new bee suits and are ready for the truck loads of bees that have been arriving. I reiterated our need for the availability of water at the stations. You should be aware that the border station at Yermo will NOT have water available. Also, the Vidal station on Route 62 is having water issues. They are having to haul water in just to flush toilets. Please take the time to clean your load so that we can keep the trucks moving through the stations. 
                                         -  Submitted by Jackie Park-Burris

AB 1259 (Levine) Has been signed by the Governor! 

For over 4 years now, the CSBA's advocates have been working with state agency officials and the legislature in an attempt to allow for beekeepers to gain more access to suitable public lands for beekeeping. This bill builds upon the policy approved by the Legislature last year to facilitate foraging opportunities for bees on state lands, and makes clarifications to address issues that have arisen in the implementation of that policy. The bill seeks to benefit bees and bee keepers by increasing apiculture bee foraging opportunities on state lands managed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW). This bill also clarifies DFW's existing authority to authorize temporary placement of bee hives on department-managed lands, and to continue authorizations for placement of bee hives on state lands previously granted by DFW prior to January 1, 2015. It also makes legislative findings and declarations regarding the importance of bees to agricultural production and native ecosystems, and the risks of Colony Collapse Disorder. The Senate amendments clarify the process for approval of lease agreements. Due to the critical need for foraging lands for bees, and the unique regional and seasonal nature of apiculture, this bill allows for agreements to place beehives on DFW lands without having to go through competitive bidding, and for less than the fair market rental value if the lease does not require exclusive use of the land. 

It is also important to note that the CSBA's adopted "best practices" for the use of public lands was viewed as the model for assessing future sites by the legislature and DFW staff. The passage of AB 1259 is another huge victory for CSBA and our charge to address the critical need for more foraging lands throughout the state of California!  To view final chaptered bill click here .                               - Submitted by Holly Fraumeni
PAm Update
Project Apis m.'s forte is funding bee research.  Since our inception, we've infused $4 million into bee research on the industry's highest priorities - pests, pathogens, poor nutrition and pesticides.  Our supporters are many and include beekeepers, growers of pollinated crops, government grants and corporate sponsors.  Costco is a significant sponsor and is pleased with our program of investing in bee research in the U.S. through support in long-term stock improvement, Tech Transfer Teams and a PhD scholarship.  Costco appreciates PAm's funding model, communication and accountability, and we will now be handling their investment in Canadian bee research!  Funding comes from Costco's Canadian honey sales.  After meetings in Ottawa, Canada, and Issaquah, WA, we are building a PAm-Canada bee research program in long-term stock improvement, Varroa control and training Canadian commercial beekeepers.   
Beekeepers will be able to once again take advantage of PAm's  Seeds for Bees program. Thus far we have 118 participants planting nearly 2,000 ac in mustards, clover and vetch for honey bees in California.  Billy Synk has been managing this project, visiting our partners, and planning fall presentations. 
Between Billy and Christi Heintz, PAm has presented at the Western Apiculture Society meeting in Boulder, CO, Montana State Beekeepers meeting, and the Colorado Professional Beekeepers meeting.  Both participated in the Honey Bee Health Coalition meeting in Washington, DC.  On the horizon are California, Idaho, Almond Board and both national meetings.

American Honey Producers Association Convention in Albuquerque, NM. January 5-9, 2016. Early Bird Registration ends November 15, 2015. Register online: www.ahpanet.com