February 2022
CSBC Newsletter - February 2022
In This Issue

  • Message from the Chair
  • Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBAs) Postponed Till May
  • Cold Water: 3 Questions for You!
  • CSBC Membership – Time to Renew
  • Symposium 2022
  • New Director General of Nautisme Quebec
  • New Ministers’ Mandate Letters
  • In Brief
Message from the Chair
It has been difficult these past two years to write for the Newsletter only to realize that in the short time it goes to publication so much can change due to our ongoing challenging times. My December report to you was no different, with announcements regarding the Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBAs), the CSBC Board meeting, boat shows and on….. We know that in most regions of Canada the OMICRON variant changed most of our plans, in the CSBC world and in our personal lives. Adapting has become the norm. The CSBC is no different and you will find later in this Newsletter information regarding the revised CASBAs date and the Board will be meeting virtually once again. The CSBC has not lost sight of any of its traditions nor of any of the programs we offer….they may look different but the message is still the same….Safe and Responsible Boating.
As we head into the final stages of winter, and hopefully easing out of the various lockdowns many are in, the CSBC has been very active. We are not able to meet face to face, however with technology your Executive Committee and Board have not missed a beat. Meetings continue, with excellent participation and enthusiasm. I might say we are having more meetings than in the past, especially committee meetings - many of them monthly now. All of the programs introduced in previous newsletters are well underway in development and the PlaySafe team continue their great work as well as contributing significantly to the resources of the CSBC overall. What this sums up to is that the CSBC, as noted above, stands strong and committed in times of adversity.
Although the CSBC has been able to operate at reduced costs once again this past year and into the near future, there is a basic overhead to continuing to deliver our Safe and Responsible Boating message whether it is in person or virtually. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stearns for their continued support of the Canadian Safe Boating Council. We affect a lot of individuals and groups through our work and with the support of Stearns we are able to continue to deliver our five key messages:
  1. Wear your Lifejacket
  2. Boat Sober
  3. Take a Boating Course
  4. Be Prepared – You and your Vessel
  5. Be Cold Water Safe
THANK YOU Stearns….and for CSBC members, please do not forget to take advantage of the member benefits provided.
Since the pandemic began in March 2020, boating has become the way many individuals and families have found to have staycations in their home area and to do something acceptable outdoors as a family bubble. Boat sales of every sort….power, sail and human powered….have soared. This is not only true for Canada, but the U.S. have reported the same and we know it is equally the same in many of our partner organizations from other countries. In seminars and from sessions at the Canadian Marine Advisory Council, we hear “Educate, Educate, Educate”. The CSBC is being proactive in this area and reaching out to various groups and organizations to get everyone to acknowledge the number of new boaters across the country. Our Annual Symposium last fall carried the theme “Welcome to New Boaters: How Can we Help?” and we are looking to build on that theme with our Symposium this coming fall….hopefully an in-person event in Mont Tremblant. It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure Safe and Responsible Boating and in whatever role or capacity you have, please keep this in mind as a priority as the CSBC certainly has made it a priority.
We are fortunate to count the Canadian Coast Guard as one of our partners, and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them on celebrating their 60th Anniversary this year. Whether it is supporting the CSBC’s boating safety education projects, participating in our Cold Water Workshops or delivering lifejackets to remote northern communities, the Canadian Coast Guard as a partner has always lived up to their motto of Safety First, Service Always.
Recently many of you received your Membership renewal letter and I hope that you will renew your support of the efforts of the CSBC….we need your support as an individual, organization or corporation to continue not only the messages of the CSBC but the influences we maintain on Boating Safety in Canada. New Memberships are always welcome. Further information on Membership follows in this Newsletter.
In closing, thank you to the CSBC Board, our partners and sponsors….your efforts, commitment and contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support and if you have any interest in supporting the CSBC or becoming involved, please contact the Immediate Past Chair John Gullick at jrag@nexicom.net.
Remember….’Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors’.


Joe Gatfield
Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBAs) Postponed Till May
The Canadian Safe Boating Awards recognize and celebrate excellence in boating safety and marine environmental stewardship. We were not able to hold the CASBA awards ceremony in 2021, and were all set to hold the event in person in January this year, in conjunction with the Toronto International Boat Show (TIBS). It was to be a bumper celebration, recognizing contributions in both 2020 and 2021. Unfortunately a resurgence of COVID led to the cancellation of both the CASBAs and TIBS in January.

The awards evaluation committee has met, however, and award winners have been selected. The CASBA awards ceremony has been rescheduled to Saturday 28 May, 2022 in Toronto, in conjunction with the CSBC’s Annual General Meeting and Safe Boating Awareness Week. The exact location is still to be determined, and as details unfold we will keep you informed through the CSBC newsletter and the CSBC website. Do plan to join us!
Cold Water: 3 Questions for You!
  1. How long could you survive a fall into ice cold water?
  2. Could you rescue yourself from a fall through the ice on a frozen lake?
  3. You’re out fishing in the spring or fall and you hear a panicked cry for help from someone who has fallen into icy cold water. How could you help? (Doing the wrong thing could cause the person to go into cardiac arrest!)

If you can’t answer these questions, we’re here to help!

The CSBC has, over the last almost 20 years, become THE AUTHORITY for people to get life-saving education about the dangers of Cold Water Immersion. Of equal importance is our ability to debunk the myths that most people believe around hypothermia that can result in cold water drowning!

We’ve trained people from those who simply wanting to learn a little more about the cold water risks right up to Search and Rescue (SAR) professionals who want more in-depth instructor sessions. These sessions are facilitated by world-renowned expert, Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, Professor of Thermophysiology at the University of Manitoba. (a.k.a. Professor Popsicle).

We’ve been busy these last number of months educating people both in Canada and world-wide on the dangers of Cold Water Immersion.  Virtual workshops have allowed us to educate Canadians from Coast to Coast to Coast including the Arctic along with those all over the U.S. and south to New Zealand. Two-day In-person instructor workshops were held last December where we trained members of the RCMP West Coast Marine Patrol and the Port of Vancouver who operate on the water 12 months a year. Kudos to fellow CSBC Director and retired RCMP officer Lawrence Jacobs for all his “boots on the ground” assistance in planning and conducting these intense workshops!
Just announced, we will be holding three more Virtual Cold Water Workshops with Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht this winter/spring:
  • Tuesday February 15 and Thursday February 17
  • Tuesday March 29 and Thursday March 31
  • Tuesday April 19 and Thursday April 21

These Zoom Workshops run from 8 p.m.-10.30 p.m. Eastern time and cost $75. For more information, and to register, go to Cold Water Workshops (csbc.ca)

If you and/or your organization would like us to come to your location to conduct a more intensive Instructor Workshop, contact Ian Gilson, Manager Cold Water Workshops at igilson@rogers.com or 905-719-5152 for more information and pricing.
CSBC Membership - Time to Renew
Our mission is to promote safe and responsible recreational boating throughout Canada. We know we are making a difference, and that’s because of your support. The number of boaters continues to grow. So has the need for the highly-regarded programs provided by the CSBC – such as STARTboating, Safe Boating Awareness Week, Cold Water Awareness, Northern Youth SuperSAR and more (www.csbc.ca). But these programs are only possible with your support.

Please renew your membership in the CSBC for 2022 today. The corporate/group membership fee is $250, the individual membership $75. If you are a member, please consider renewing now. If you are not a member, we need your support if we are to continue delivering CSBC’s many worthwhile programs. Go to https://csbc.ca/en/about-us/membership.

Don’t forget! The Canadian Safe Boating Council and Stearns/Coleman Canada have come together to offer you and all of the members of your organization a 40% discount on the purchase of a wide variety of products shown on the Coleman Canada website! Coleman (colemancanada.ca)This discount applies to the full line of Coleman Canada products, as well as Stearns PFDs and lifejackets. Also see exciting PFD and lifejacket offerings from Stearns (click on Stearns logo at top of Coleman web page).
Symposium 2022
After a two year hiatus, we’re hoping to be able to hold our next Symposium in person at the Westin Resort in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, from September 13 -15, 2022. We are working hard to develop an exciting program, with a Quebec flavour. Our virtual Symposiums in 2020 and 2021 were a great success, but the networking opportunities and energy of in-person meetings are special, and we hope to see you in Mont Tremblant.

Mark your Calendar for Sept 13-15 and plan to join us! More details to follow, in the newsletter and on our website. www.csbc.ca
New Director General of Nautisme Québec
With thanks to Nautisme Quebec
Josée Côté has been appointed to the position of Director General, Nautisme Québec. Josée was introduced to water sports in 2014. Since then, her interest has only grown for nautical sports. As a militant against the closure of the Lachine marina (Montreal), Josée distinguished herself as the co-founder, president and spokesperson of the Association des plaisanciers du Port de plaisance de Lachine (APPPL). Passionate about all types of waterways, Josée wants to work on the development and the democratization of water sports and access to water for all, as well as the practice of eco-responsible boating. She is particularly committed to promoting cohabitation, citizenship and safety on Quebec’s waterways. To achieve this, she would like to develop different partnerships to promote this vision.

Multidisciplinary and with more than fifteen years of management experience, Josée has worked in several organizations, including the private sector, associations, and university and municipal organizations. Mother of three teenagers, she has a postgraduate university education in industrial relations. Committed, rigorous and gifted in public relations, she is noted for her inspiring leadership.

The Alliance de l’industrie nautique du Québec (Quebec Nautical Industry Alliance), a non-profit organization, is the force behind Nautisme Québec, whose mission is to represent boaters and bring together all stakeholders involved in nautical activity, in order to support and promote the development of boating in Quebec. Nautisme Québec also supports and promotes boater education, safe boating practices, nautical tourism and its development, as well as water sports activities, through events such as the Montreal International Boat Show, the Montreal and Quebec City In-Water Boat Shows as well as the Fête du Nautisme.

The CSBC has considered Nautisme Québec a valuable partner for many years, and we are looking forward to working with Josée in the years to come. 
New Ministers' Mandate Letters
In December the Prime Minister issued new mandate letters to federal Ministers, identifying major priorities they are expected to implement. Key themes for the Minister of Transport and the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard include climate change and environmental protection and ensuring diversity in voices at the table and partnerships in delivery of programs.

Specific commitments of potential interest to the boating safety community are as follows. The full text of the mandate letters and all the commitments can be accessed at the link below.
Minister of Transport

  • Support global efforts to reduce emissions in the air and marine sectors.
  • Work with provinces, territories and willing municipalities on solutions to allow them a greater role in managing and regulating boating on their lakes and rivers so that they promote free access, while ensuring the safety of boaters and the protection of the environment.

Minister of Fisheries and the Canadian Coast Guard

  • In partnership with Indigenous Peoples, continue to implement commitments made under the Oceans Protection Plan, and support the Minister of Transport in launching the next phase of the Oceans Protection Plan to continue efforts to deliver world-leading marine safety systems, increase protection for marine species and ecosystems and create stronger partnerships with Indigenous and other coastal communities, while strengthening marine research and science.
  • Continue working with the Minister of Public Services and Procurement, with the support of the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, to renew the Canadian Coast Guard fleet, advance the shipbuilding industry, including the process to add a third Canadian shipyard as a strategic partner to the National Shipbuilding Strategy, create middle class jobs and ensure Canada has the modern ships needed.

In brief
The 2022 International Boating and Water Safety Summit will be held in person at the Hyatt Regency Dulles Hotel in Washington, D.C. from March 13 – 16, 2022. This is the 25th anniversary of the Summit! More information at Home - International Boating & Water Safety Summit (ibwss.org).

Congratulations to the Canadian Coast Guard, who are celebrating their 60th anniversary on January 26, 2022. For more information, go to The Canadian Coast Guard at 60 (ccg-gcc.gc.ca).