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Environmental Newsletter 800.807.1118 April 2019 
Every day, Clark Seif Clark professionals are deployed across the nation helping both large and small customers resolve health & safety, industrial hygiene, environmental and indoor air quality issues. 
At a moment's notice, Clark Seif Clark can send their experts anywhere they are needed.  No matter if it's in response to a hurricane, wildfire, flood, tornado or other natural disaster, Clark Seif Clark is ready to help and can respond in no time at all.
New PCB Regulations Coming Soon for Demolition Companies Operating in the San Francisco Bay Area
New demolition regulations are coming soon for businesses involved with demolition activities in seven counties surrounding San Francisco Bay. Effective July 1st, 2019, companies involved with the demolition of buildings constructed between 1950 and 1980 will face new regulations concerning polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) as part of the demolition permit application process.
These new changes come from the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA) and its effort to prevent runoff from building demolition projects that could contain PCBs. These PCB-containing materials, found in some older buildings, may include some forms of caulking materials, pipe insulation, fiberglass insulation, adhesives and mastics. Other materials that may contain PCBs include fluorescent light ballasts and some old paints and specialty coatings.
PCBs are manmade toxic chemicals that are no longer produced in the United States.  Their use was discontinued in 1979 because the chemicals persist in the environment and can bioaccumulate in humans and animals. Their chemical structure allows them to remain for long periods of time cycling between air, water and soil. Exposure to PCBs has been demonstrated to cause a variety of adverse health effects on the immune, reproductive, nervous and endocrine systems.
"The only way to know if old building materials contain PCBs is to have them tested," said Jeff Bannon, Vice President of Environmental Services at Clark Seif Clark (CSC). "The building science and environmental professionals at CSC offer PCB testing and monitoring from these materials and from environmental samples to assist companies in their screening and compliance efforts as part of the new regulations and permitting process."
To learn more about PCBs or other occupational, air quality, environmental, health and safety testing services, 
please visit , email or call (800) 807-1118.
Clark Seif Clark Celebrates 23 Years of Environmental, Engineering and Industrial Hygiene Consulting Services
In April of 1996, several of the leading environmental, industrial hygiene, engineering and building science professionals decided to go into business for themselves and officially opened the doors at Clark Seif Clark (CSC). The firm quickly made a name for themselves in their home state of California before expanding and opening several offices on the West Coast and Southwest. The company now provides services for clients nationwide.
What set CSC apart from others in the industry over two decades ago still holds true today. The knowledge and training of CSC's staff of engineers, industrial hygienists and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) professionals who are dedicated to science-based protocols and cross-training is a key component to the company's almost quarter century of success. CSC's personnel are both comprehensive site investigators and knowledgeable compliance experts, a unique position for an environmental consulting firm. Their employees' extensive background in engineering is also a crucial benefit to architects, builders, contractors, developers and real estate professionals.
Today, local, state and federal institutions and government agencies, along with companies ranging from start-ups to international Fortune 500 firms, turn to CSC for answers and solutions. CSC's services include everything from subsurface site characterization and remediation to workplace health and safety, OSHA compliance, indoor air quality, mold, lead, asbestos and energy efficiency consulting, along with comprehensive litigation support services.
"At CSC, understanding our clients' expectations and exceeding them on every project is our goal," said Franco Seif, President of Clark Seif Clark. "With 23 years of service, we have completed thousands of projects for clients across every part of the United States. We continue to pride ourselves on CSC's depth of project experience and level of expertise as we celebrate this milestone of service. Our entire team looks forward to many more years of providing exceptional results to clients big and small."     
To learn more about Clark Seif Clark and their industrial hygiene, engineering, indoor air quality, occupational, environmental, health and safety testing services, 
please visit , email or call (800) 807-1118.  

About Clark Seif Clark: CSC was established in 1989 to help clients in both the public and private sectors address environmental issues.  CSC is a leading provider of these services with multiple offices along the western seaboard and southwest. The company believes in science-based protocols and has a strong background in engineering making them the preferred environmental consultants to healthcare facilities, architects, schools, builders, contractors, developers and real estate professionals.

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New PCB Regulations Coming Soon for Demolition Companies Operating in the San Francisco Bay Area
Clark Seif Clark Celebrates 23 Years of Environmental, Engineering and Industrial Hygiene Consulting Services
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