July 2020
Ahhh summer!

Miles driven are up, U.S. gasoline demand is more than halfway back, and powersports vehicle values have seen a drastic increase as consumers look for socially-distant activities. Let's keep business rolling!
Cars are cruising and the summer is in full swing. The only way to make it better? Win a powersports vehicle of your choice.
This summer, Perfect Stop is giving away six powersports vehicles and 150 gift cards to a smattering of lucky winners across the country – and one of those prizes could be yours.

Between June 1 and July 31, 2020, earn an entry into the summer sweepstakes with each purchase you make from the Perfect Stop brake line.

This sweepstakes is exclusive to MyPlace4Parts users. Visit perfectstopsummerpromo.com for details.
The aftermarket has faced a number of challenges in recent years, but none has thrown a wrench into the industry quite like COVID. In these ongoing uncertain times, it is more important than ever to form relationships with our elected officials.

They’re the ones launching the Payroll Protection Prgoram, they’re the ones deciding who remains essential going forward. And, as small business owners, your voices matter to them.
We still plan to gather in Washington, D.C. in April 2021 for our Alliance Takes the Hill Convention, but the time for action is now. Visit autocare.org today to learn about contacting your elected official so you can be a part of the COVID conversation moving forward. 
Bumper to Bumper’s own Kameron Butcher, general manager at Lynn Wood Service Center in northern Utah, was named one of just six inductees this year into the Tire Review Club 3633 .
Butcher excels at optimizing his customers’ service experience. His overreaching formula for success is to embrace industry change, treat customers like friends, serve as an educator rather than a salesperson, and treat employees like family.
The exclusive club was inspired by Charles Goodyear, who revolutionized the tire industry when he discovered the vulcanization of rubber, which is now protected by U.S. Patent 3633. The filing of the patent can be seen as a starting point for the modern tire industry, and it is in recognition of his fierce determination that Club 3633 takes its name. 
Join Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper this summer in attending a variety of product webinars from our knowledgeable and valued channel partners.
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It seems like Google knows everything about everybody. But do you know everything about Google and your business?
In order to provide pure, useful results from searches, Google keeps changing its search criteria, intended to keep certain businesses from gaining the system. It may seem like you can’t keep up, and you’re losing a key opportunity to engage your customers.
You don’t have to let that happen to you. Brandify, the Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper search engine optimization and reputation management tool, can be a valuable resource in managing your Google listing.
Click here to learn more about Brandify, or watch the video to learn more about maximizing your online marketing. 
Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper are delighted to congratulate our 25 scholarship recipients this year. These 25 future leaders were selected from among dozens of Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper applicants and were judged on their past accomplishments and future goals by a seven-person panel.
Congratulations to the 25 winners! We know you will be a worthwhile investment. 
One of the most significant challenges over the past few months has been the interruption of customer routines, including how they’ve handled services for their vehicles.
You have a strong base of loyal customers, many of whom have had their own routines interrupted. Now is as vital a time as ever to ensure you’re maintaining solid connections with these customers so they’ll return to you when the “New Now” transitions to the new normal.
Learn more about protecting your hard-earned relationships today.
The new virtual focus in today’s world provides a unique opportunity for engaging with customers on social media. 
Test your knowledge on engine performance by answering the questions below.
1.)    Which of the following is the main function of the oil system? Choose all that apply.
a.) Keep parts moving
b.) Flow dirt away from components
c.) Reduce engine heat

2.)    True or false: Synthetic filtration media is always superior to cellulose media.
a.) True
b.) False

3.)    True or false: Fluids can either be gases or liquids.
a.) True
b.) False

4.)    Particle size’s trapped by filtration are measured in __________.
a.) Nanometers
b.) Micrometers
c.) Gigameters
d.) Millimeters

5.)    True or False: Diffusion is when particles moving about randomly in fluid are captured by filter media.
a.) True
b.) False

6.)   True or false: Interception is when particles carried by fluid stick to filter media when passing through the media. True or false?
a.) True
b.) False
7.)    Put the following steps in order to show how fluids move through a vehicle’s filtration systems.
a.) Fluid enters the engine
b.) Fluid enters the filter
c.) Contaminants are trapped in filter media
d.) Fluid flows through filter media

8.)    What is filter capacity? Select the best choice.
a.) The maximum amount of particles a filter can capture each time fluid completes a cycle through the filter
b.) The percentage of particles trapped by the filter
c.) The total amount of contamination, measured in grams, that can be trapped and held by the media
d.) The minimum size of particle that can be captured by the filter

9.)    What is filter efficiency? Select the best choice.
a.) The filter’s ability to hold a certain amount of particles before replacement
b.) The minimum size of particles that can be captured by the filter
c.) The maximum amount of particles a filter can capture each time fluid completes a cycle through the filter
d.) The measurement of how well a filter retails particles of a specific size

10.) True or false: Micron rating is the most reliable way to measure filter efficiency.
a.) True
b.) False