August 2020
Summer heat takes a toll on your car's battery

But more importantly, summer heat takes a toll on your customers' car batteries, Remind them to bring their vehicles into the shop this summer to ensure they get the most life out of their batteries during the severe heat of summer.
Up to date on your certifications and confident in your current automotive knowledge? 

We understand how critical it is to maintain and improve your technical training, particularly in an industry where technology is constantly changing.

As a master technician, you can earn the chance to be nationally recognized as the Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper Technician of the Year!

Selected finalists will score a spot on the finalist trip for fun, camaraderie, and a custom ASE test to determine the Technician of the Year.

Contact your Auto Value or Bumper to Bumper parts supplier for your shot at being named the winner!
Remember that Alliance Takes the Hill 2021 Convention we've been talking about for months? Our most unique convention ever, the one that's going to make history? Here's your chance to win a VIP Experience to that convention and a free trip to one of the best cities in the world to visit!

This fall, we're giving away 15 grand prize trips to Washington, D.C. and the Alliance Takes the Hill Convention in April. Tour the capital, stay in a luxurious resort, and enjoy presidential treatment throughout the event.

During September, October, and November 2020, earn entries by making purchases on MyPlace4Parts. In addition to the grand prize packages, we've got another $45,000 in gift card prizes. See you on MyPlace!
Only 15 lucky technicians will win an Alliance Takes the Hill VIP Experience, but anyone can make a difference in Washington, D.C. That's why we're calling YOU to become an Alliance Ambassador.

1,500+ industry professionals are taking the hill, but only a core group of ambassadors will be navigating the Capitol building and speaking to lawmakers. Ambassadors will be expected to represent the Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper network and educate elected officials on the needs of the automotive aftermarket.
This November, Massachusetts residents will vote on whether or not to update the current Right to Repair law - and if car companies have anything to say about it, the result will be an overwhelming no.

Last month, the car companies initiated a series of ads in the state attempting to scare state voters about the ballot initiative that would provide vehicle owners with the ability to have access to the mechanical data generated by their vehicle and to direct that data to the repair shop of their choice. Absent any evidence, vehicle manufacturers claim the initiative would allow independent shops to capture garage codes from the diagnostic and repair data, enabling thieves to break into Massachusetts homes.

In response to the new attack ad put out by the Coalition for Safe and Secure Data (funded by major car companies), the Right to Repair Committee has released a new advertisement in Massachusetts calling out what former Boston Police Commissioner and Cyber Security Expert Ed Davis called a "dishonest fear campaign."
...and who is it telling?

You're probably already aware that your cell phone and smart home devices are constantly collecting your personal data - but did you know your vehicle knows just as much about you, if not more?

Take the Standard Motor Products "Your Car. Your Data." Sweepstakes Quiz anytime in August, September, or October for a shot at winning a $500 WeatherTech shopping spree! Get started below:

1.) What kind of data is your car collecting?
Hopefully you're keeping busy in the bays this summer, but if you have any down time, we'd love to see you in one of our fantastic channel partner training webinars!
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Auto Value has been part of the Union Street Automotive family from the very beginning. Shop Owner Todd Packer was familiar with the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Inc. – home of Auto Value – from his dealership career, so the decision to become Certified Service Center was a no-brainer. It doesn’t hurt that the local Auto Value WD, Hahn Automotive, has a parts warehouse “four doors down from us.”

“I’ve dealt with a lot of people in my experience over the years at the dealership – certainly from having my hand in parts – and I’ve never seen anything comparable to what I see with Hahn and Auto Value,” Packer says. “These guys are spot-on, the Alliance is spot-on. And between Mike Bonacci and Craig Hulett here in our market, there’s nothing I can’t get answered or fixed.”

Read the full profile in Shop Owner Magazine.
Do you have the right data to know how loyal your customers are? Epicor's MechanicNet Cloud CRM solution does.
Learn about the real and actionable reporting data available in the Epicor MechanicNet OBD4 Business dashboard. Deep dive into customer behaviors and missed opportunities to see where you can make improvements to increase loyalty and drive a healthier bottom line!
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At age 16, shop owner Bill Nalu purchased his first car, which broke down the day he bought it. Following his father’s advice, Bill followed the path of being self-sufficient and took an auto mechanics’ course in high school, learning skills that allowed him to pay for college and kick-starting a lifelong automotive career.

Decades later, Nalu owns and operates Interstate Auto Care, an Auto Value CSC in Madison Heights, Mich.

"I believe that our success has been grounded in the decades-long commitment to provide high-tech/old-fashioned customer service," Nalu said.

"What does that look like, you ask? It means that we treat people with the respect that they deserve. This is accomplished by our employees who are “people-people” — highly skilled technicians who are servants at heart, and diligently strive to service and maintain today’s modern automobile, arguably the most complicated consumer product in history."

Read the full story in Auto Service Professional.
The Corporation has released its 10th annual state rankings of check engine light-related repair costs. At just $324.14 on average for parts and labor, Vermont claimed the lowest average cost, while drivers in California, the most expensive state on average, paid nearly $100 more - $414.24.

View the map above or check out the full list to see how your state ranks.
After 60 years in the industry, 83-year-old Auto Value counterperson Ernie McClintock is showing no signs of stopping.

“I believe my lengthy career, success and milestones relate directly back to building a strong, loyal customer base," McClintock said. "Several important factors help to achieve this: the main one is honesty! It’s imperative to be upfront and honest with the customer and never give them excuses. It’s important to be personable, efficient, to take pride in your work and to be dedicated to finding what they are looking for. Above all—Customer Service is the difference!

Check out his profile and words of wisdom in Autosphere Magazine.
Test your knowledge on auto maintenance and prepare for the ASE G1 Exam by answering the questions below.
1.)  Maintenance free batteries have a built in hydrometer that indicates the batteries state of charge. Technician A says to add distilled water to the battery if the charge indicator turns dark green or black. Technician B says a fully-charged battery has a light green charge indicator. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

2.)  Technician A says to check the circuits fuse if the actuator is not receiving power. Technician B says if a 15 amp fuse continues to blow, to replace it with a 20 amp fuse for added protection. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

3.)  A front wheel drive vehicle makes a clacking noise that only occurs while cornering. The technician suspects a faulty front axle. Which of these is MOST likely the cause?
a.) The inner CV joint
b.) The outer CV joint
c.) The vibration damper
d.) The half shaft is bent
4.)  The tread of a tire is worn in the center and not on the outer shoulders. Technician A says this is caused by an improper wheel alignment angle. Technician B says this is caused by overinflating the tire. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

5.)  A vehicle with power assist brakes has a hard brake pedal with little stopping power. Which of these is the MOST likely cause of this condition?
a.) The brake booster
b.) The master cylinder
c.) Air in the system
d.) Contaminated brake fluid

6.) A technician is performing an air conditioning inspection. The fan is set on high but there is little air flow through the vents. Technician A says this could be caused by a clogged cabin air filter. Technician B says there could be an open in the blower motor's power circuit. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B