June 2020
Countdown to summer

We're just days away from the official start to summer, which means it's the season of air conditioning repairs, coolant refills, and overheating vehicles. Encourage customers to bring their vehicles to your shop for a pre-roadtrip checkup so they can stay safe while traveling.
Nothing perfects a summer quite like winning a fat wad of cash - except winning a powersports vehicle of your choice.

This summer, you could do both with the Perfect Stop Powersports Sweepstakes. 150 lucky technicians will receive Visa gift cards and six grand prize winners will take home a powersports vehicle worth up to $15,000.

Between June 1 and July 31, earn an entry into the summer sweepstakes with each purchase you make from the Perfect Stop brake line.

This sweepstakes is exclusive to MyPlace4Parts users. Visit perfectstopsummerpromo.com for details.
If you've spent more than 10 years in the automotive aftermarket, you may recall "Cash for Clunkers," the $3 billion program launched in 2009 that removed approximately 700,000 vehicles from independent automotive repair shops and put taxpayer dollars in the hands of their previous owners.

As elected officials pass a myriad of programs to avert a potential recession, aftermarket associations have sent a letter to Congressional leaders to oppose the inclusion of a new "Cash for Clunkers" type of program from being included in the next COVID-19 stimulus legislation.

"The program was beneficial to auto manufacturers rather than acting as a stimulus to the entire automotive industry," the associations said in a letter.

To learn more about "Cash for Clunkers" and potential other solutions, visit autocare.org.
If you've got an opinion about "Cash for Clunkers," the Paycheck Protection Program, or what is considered an "essential" business, you may have some sway with elected officials.

It can be intimidating to reach out to politicians for the first time, so the Auto Care Association is hosting a webinar June 10 to explain How to Effectively Engage Your Elected Officials. Hop on to get started!
While an independent business owner can have a powerful affect on legislation on their own, their voice is amplified when in a group of like-minded business owners.

That's why Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper are coming together in Washington, D.C. in April 2021 for the Alliance Takes the Hill Convention. Hundreds of shop owners and automotive professionals will meet with elected officials to discuss the technician's right to repair and the consumer's right to their vehicles' data. While there, shop owners will be able to form valuable bonds with their congressmen that will benefit them for years to come.
As an Auto Value, Bumper to Bumper, or Confidence Plus shop, you're already a part of the most reputable network of top-notch shops in the continent. But that doesn't mean you can't join another worthwhile network.

Every month, more than 5 million people visit RepairPal.com, the #1 auto repair website and the newest Certified Service Center shop element. RepairPal directs the majority of these customers to RepairPal Certified Shops, recognizing that these approved shops give them a superb and transparent car care experience.

As a valued partner of Auto Value, Bumper to Bumper, and Confidence Plus, Repair Pal has offered exclusive pricing to Certified Service Centers. Contact your parts supplier for details.
Haver's Auto Repair has been a fixture in Omaha, Nebraska, since 1957, when Lee Haver opened Haver's Conoco Service at the tender age of 19. "The first location was meant to provide the community with quality auto services and Conoco gasoline," the shop's website says.

More than 60 years later, Haver's Auto Repair has dropped the focus on Conoco gasoline but remains as committed as ever to quality auto services.

A big reason the company has remained dedicated to the customer, according to shop owner Joel Haver, is that the Haver's Auto Repair truly is a family-owned and family-operated business. Three brothers operate the business together and Joel Haver's niece runs one of the locations.

"That's one thing that really separates us from everybody," Joel said. "Our name's on the building, so we go the extra mile to make sure our reputation is good, no matter what."

During the first two weeks of the pandemic, Auto Value Certified Service Center Music's Automotive of Brookville, Ohio, led a food drive, providing 500 lunches to children.

In recognition of Music's Automotive's kindness, Standard Motor Products has selected the shop as one of three nationwide winners of the company's "Standing Together" promotion. SMP is awarding Music's Automotive $1,000 to further their food drive efforts.

"I can't express the generosity this city has for taking care of each other," said Zach Music, the shop's owner. "Our local food pantry will love receiving this money."
Explaining vehicle care and maintenance to consumers can be tough. With the help of the Car Care Council, it doesn't have to be.

MechanicNet, one of your CSC Program Elements, has recently introduced a number of enhancements.

The platform now offers an improved reputation manager, new customer data reports, and a more robust set of tools for communicating with customers, including:

  • A new frequency report, which includes actionable reporting on customer and vehicle frequency, and related average repair order (ARO) and spending
  • A new "Drifted Away" report which shows customers who have been in the shop three times in the previous 18 months but have not returned in the past six months
  • Postcards, which can be used to target customers without an email address

If you haven't yet jumped on the MechanicNet train, ask your parts supplier for details.
Online marketing is as prevalent today as ever. Looking for tips to ensure your online marketing is reaching your local community? Check out the suggestions below:
  • Localize your website with a map and reference to nearby city landmarks
  • Create consistent listings. Make sure your address and business information is correct in all national and local listings.
  • Stay local on social by following other local business pages such as the chamber of commerce and local news outlets and engaging in conversation with your community.
  • Bring your online marketing to your store using signage, texting, and other traditional marketing methods.

Your Facebook posts might not be going viral - and you might not want them to be - but you can still generate leads and grow your brand awareness within your own community on social media. The best part? You can get started immediately for free.
Test your knowledge on engine performance by answering the questions below.
1.) Which of the following is true about control arm bushings?
a.) They are located between the frame and the control arm
b.) Worn control arm bushings result wheel shimmy
c.) They are tightened on while unloaded and the vehicle is raised in the air
d.) Both A and B

2.) Technician A says the leaf spring shackle swivels and allows the spring to flatten as the vehicle travels over bumps in the road. Technician B says that a single crack in the longest blade of a multi-leaf spring suspension system is acceptable as long as it does not affect ride height and the other blades are good. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

3.) The LEAST likely to result in memory steer is a binding:
a.) Ball joint
b.) Steering gear
c.) Upper strut mount
d.) Wheel bearing
4.) Technician A says a worn idler arm has no affect on a vehicle's total toe setting. Technician B says the center link is used in parallelogram linkage systems. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

5.) During the visual inspection of a light truck, the technician notices the left rear leaf spring has a broken center bolt. Technician A says this will affect the vehicle's thrust angle. Technician B says an incorrect thrust angle will affect the centering of the steering wheel. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

6.) The left front tire of a vehicle is feathered across its tread. What is the MOST likely cause of this condition?
a.) The caster setting
b.) The toe setting
c.) Worn struts
d.) The camber setting