September 2020
Tune up your website for fall Car Care Month

With just over two weeks until fall Car Care Month begins, keep your customers car care aware by updating your website with Car Care Council materials!
Auto Value is headed to the National Mall! This fall, 15 lucky sweepstakes winners and their guests will win a VIP trip to Washington, D.C. and the Alliance Takes the Hill Convention in April 2021, the most unique Auto Value convention to date.

The grand prize winners and their guests will experience presidential treatment as they explore one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

To top it off, Auto Value is giving away another $45,000 in gift card prizes.

During the months of September, October, and November 2020, earn an entry with every qualifying $150 invoice from your Auto Value parts supplier. At the end of the day, each shop’s MyPlace4Parts purchases will be totaled, and technicians will earn an additional entry for every $150 worth of qualifying purchases.
As a certified technician, you can earn the trip of a lifetime and the chance to be nationally recognized as the Auto Value Technician of the Year! Contact your Auto Value parts supplier for your shot at being named the winner!
All finalists receive a custom plaque, and the winner receives a trophy!
The U.S., Canada, and Mexico winners receive $2,500 USD each.
This November, Massachusetts voters will vote on "Question 1," a data access referendum that's critical to the global Right to Repair campaign.

If passed, the ballot initiative will protect consumer choice in vehicle repair by allowing car owners to access to the diagnostic and repair data generated wirelessly by their car so they could opt to provide access to any dealer, independent repair shop or auto dealer that they choose during the lifetime of their vehicle.

While this ballot initiative will most directly impact Massachusetts residents, it may set the tone for Right to Repair laws in the other U.S. states, Canada, and the rest of the world.

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The webinar series continues! If you can't make one of our exclusive webinars live, you can catch the recording any time after.
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How many times have you received a repair order which states the vehicle has a clunking noise? Or the check engine light is on? Or the air conditioning doesn’t blow cold air?

The important details—for example, the clunking noise only occurs when backing out of the driveway—are typically not included. Maybe the noise only occurs at low speeds over speed bumps, or the noise is coming from the right front.

When diagnosing and repairing vehicles, these four steps can serve as a starting point as you build out a process that works best for you and your techs.
2020 has witnessed a 20% plunge in new vehicle sales, which means one thing for the aftermarket: MORE BUSINESS.

"Lang Marketing estimates that over 410 billion miles will shift from vehicles under 5 years of age to older cars and light trucks between 2020 and 2023. This has significant consequences for the use of aftermarket products among older vehicles."

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Despite the convenience and speed of email and texting, most automotive repair facilities still rely on good old fashioned direct mail as a key marketing strategy.

Great idea – as long as you do it right.

Check out these five tips to make sure your direct mail campaigns are paying dividends to you and your shop.
Test your knowledge on heating and air conditioning by answering the questions below.
1.)  A CCOT system has a high high side. Technician A says to suspect the thermostatic expansion valve. Technician B says this system contains an orifice tube. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

2.)  All of these statements are true about a throttle position sensor EXCEPT:
a.) It indicates throttle position to the engine control module
b.) The control module disengages the A/C clutch at wide open throttle
c.) The ECM disengages the A/C clutch at idle
d.) The throttle position sensor signal is used to indicate throttle angle

3.)  A vehicle's air conditioning performance is reduced at low speeds and stop lights, but cools at highway speeds. Which of these is MOST likely the cause of this condition?
a.) A low refrigerant charge
b.) A missing fan shroud
c.) A normal condition
d.) A faulty compressor clutch relay
4.)  Two technicians are discussing an inoperative electric blend door in an automatic air conditioning system. Technician A says to inspect the blend door's wiring and connections for an open circuit. Technician B says to troubleshoot this circuit with a test light. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

5.)  A frozen spot is noticed in the center of the condenser. Technician A says a frozen spot on a component or connection indicates a restriction in the system. Technician B says this is caused by a clogged orifice tube. Who is correct?
a.) Technician A
b.) Technician B
c.) Both A and B
d.) Neither A nor B

6.) R 134a Refrigerant:
a.) Changes from a vapor to a liquid as it absorbs heat
b.) Containers are sky blue colored
c.) Has a very high boiling point
d.) Is a CFC that contains chlorine