Most academies include optional graduate credit through CSD's partnerships with local universities
September | October 

CSD is pleased to announce our professional development academies for 2013 through our Learning Division! These academies are sessions that meet throughout the school year. Visit our website at and click on professional development and workshops to see all of our listings, or contact Stephanie Madlinger for more information about content and costs.

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Book Based Academies

* Blended Learning Academies: Participants will meet face-to-face six times, plus attend a day of the Midwest Education Technology Conference. During this academy, they will experience an online learning environment in between these meetings where they will collaborate with each other (via blogs, wikis, and discussion forums) using Moodle, a course management system.

Books for the four separate blended learning academies include Digital Citizenship in Schools, Second Edition; Retool Your School: The Educator's Essential Guide to Google's Free Power Apps;  Web 2.0 How to for Educator;  Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works. (Participants do not have to sign up for all in this series of academies).


* Book Study: Join a cohort of teachers starting in October to discuss, enhance and sustain instructional strategies. Visible Learning for Teachers, Maximizing Impact on Learning, by John Hattie will be included in the minimal, one-time cost of participation. The discussions will be facilitated by RPDC school improvement consultants.

Traditional Academies

CSD and the St. Louis RPDC will  offer ongoing academies like:

* Distance Learning (designed to immerse participants in collaborative projects over a distance)
Library Media Specialists (focuses on the changing role of  Library Media Specialists in K-12 education)
* Emerging Teachers
(for teachers seeking to fulfill their Beginning Teacher Assistance requirement for Missouri Career Continuous certification upgrade, as well as any emerging teacher who wishes to grow as a professional) 
* St. Louis Leadership Academy (enroll in the spring for 2013-14) 
* Technology Leadership (develops the knowledge & skills necessary to use technology as a tool for more effective and efficient leadership)
* Support Staff (provides PD to non-certified educational support professionals)

 Build Your Own Academies 

* Integrated Technology Educators Academy Support is provided to school districts in face-to-face, hands-on experiences. Educators will be creating lessons and unit plans using 21st century teaching tools, as well as through online collaborative tools provides a another blended learning approach to long-term, customized, professional development. A minimum of 40 hours of PD is suggested; each ITEA us uniquely customized after the CSD Learning Division team meets with leaders from a school or district.

* Bullying Prevention Series CHARACTERplus will blend intensive skill training with national expert Stan Davis and local leaders with an online community forum that explores Davis' signature chapters and shares participant policies, practices, surveys, and progress.

Participants may elect to attend all four sessions in the series, or choose the individual one that suits their needs. The first date of the series is October 15; participate in a survey by August 24 to help develop effective responses to harmful actions and behaviors within your building.