The uncertainty over the spread of the Coronavirus means CSD must prepare for small and large scale responses to this developing situation. Work has been ongoing in updating our Pandemic Plan in the event school would need to be cancelled for an extended amount of time. We believe proactive preventative measures are appropriate in minimizing any outbreak. We will continue to monitor the activity of our students and staff.

To date, we’ve had two CHS events cancelled by the organizers; the GAPP exchange program where we planned to host students from Germany in April and the SMART Team International Conference in April that was to be hosted in San Diego. More events and activities may be cancelled as this situation develops. We will consider all options to maintain planned activities and events, but know the health and welfare of our students is our priority. Plans are underway to manage a disruption to our current daily practices.

The most extreme portion of these plans include online learning opportunities for our students in the event school is cancelled for an extended period of time. Current response precautions include planning for shortages of staff, preordering cleaning supplies and equipment, deeper cleaning of all school areas (see Role of Schools below), intensified disinfecting of school buses and planning for food service interruptions.

We are working in a new reality that has caused the support systems within the district to think differently about how to maintain our services during a potentially lengthy disruption to our routines.