April 2022 Newsletter
Our next dance is Saturday, April 16th at Ivy Creek United Methodist Church. We're excited to welcome back All Star couple Allison Atteberry and Viko Hernandez, as our instructors/DJ!! Allison and Viko met while dancing salsa in San Francisco in 2009. Viko had prior experience with latin dances from growing up in Mexico, and Allison has a background in ballet. They discovered West Coast Swing when they first moved to Charlottesville in 2012 and have been hooked ever since. They recently moved back after spending the last 7 years in Colorado. Over the past 10 years, Allison and Viko have enjoyed the constant evolution of this dance. They believe that understanding the fundamentals of the dance and learning to create within that framework is more important than memorizing specific patterns, and they look forward to sharing their WCS journey with you. Photo Credit: Carl Lind

7:00-8:00 pm Lesson (inc. in Admission)
- West Coast Swing
- Level: Beginner/Beginner Plus (content will be tailored to attendees!)

8:00-11:00 pm Dance with DJ Viko

- $10 CSDS Members
- $13 General Admission
- $5 Students w/ID, First-Timers
- $5 CSDS Members with April Birthdays
- Children 17 & Under are Free

Reminder - we have a new process to register online for dances! You will need to create an account, which then gets processed and approved for dance registration, and then you will be able to register for CSDS events. Go to Create an Account now to start the process and register for the April dance by 12 noon on the 16th!

Until further notice, all CSDS in-person events are vaccine only with masks optional; see the CSDS website for our attendance/health policies including vaccine verification details. We are monitoring current conditions and reserve the right to make changes, including cancellation, to our attendance/health policies at any time.

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April Member Birthdays
Happy birthday to the following CSDS members: Dex Schult, Emma Bramer, Ginny Larson, James Hughes and Mike Sonsini. If you attend our dance the month of your birthday, admission is just $5! Members, if we've missed your birthday, let us know!

Website Update!
CSDS now has online registration for our events! Everyone has the ability to create an online account, manage your membership (for those who elect to be CSDS members) and sign up to attend CSDS events! Special thanks to our webmaster, Kyla Miller, for all of her hard work to make the CSDS website more user-friendly and state-of-the-art!

$5 Membership Renewal Continued
We are continuing our $5 membership renewal for the time being! Take advantage of this low fee to renew your membership (or rejoin!) and support CSDS. Even if your membership doesn't expire anytime soon, another year will simply be added to the expiration date of your current membership. To renew your membership at the newly reduced fee, please visit the CSDS website. If you have any questions regarding the status of your membership, please contact CSDS.

ISO Board of Directors
We have several vacant Director positions and per the CSDS Bylaws, Directors may be elected to fill these vacancies for the remainder of the term, by vote of the majority of Directors in office. If you are interested in filling one of these vacancies to serve on the Board, let us know so we can fill you in on the roles and responsibilities of being a Director!

Dance Resources
Check out the links below for both virtual and in-person dance opportunities, many are listed here and here. Some are free, some are not, some are pay-what-you-can. Have a favorite dance instructor?! Check out their website or Facebook page to see what they're up to and what they're offering. Also check out the following pages on the CSDS website:

Code of Conduct
CSDS has an updated Code of Conduct. All CSDS attendees are expected to be familiar with and abide by it. We will have printed copies for your review at our in-person dance events.
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CSDS keeping in touch ...
We will announce updates by email, update our website and post on our Facebook page. Please help us spread the word by sharing these announcements with your friends.  
Some helpful links:
The next Board of Directors meeting is Thursday, May 5th at 7 pm EST. Please contact the Board with any questions/concerns.

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CSDS Board of Directors (2022)
(1st Thursday Meetings @ 7 pm EST)
Didi Jennings (President)
Leigh Gordon (Secretary)
Jim Naffin (Treasurer)
Adela Su
Kristin Wenger
Lois Love