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Swing Dance News ~ May 2020 
CSDS May 2020 Newsletter
As of today, CSDS events remain on hiatus in accordance with Governor Northam's order to stay-at-home through June 10th. You can read Governor Northam's latest release (April 24th) or Facebook post (April 25th) which mentions:
Governor Northam outlined key benchmarks Virginians can expect in the first phase, which will begin no sooner than two weeks from now (April 24th) to allow for a 14-day downward trend in confirmed COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.
Phase one includes continued social distancing, teleworking, limits on travel and public gatherings, and recommended use of face coverings. Any easing of restrictions will be informed by public health experts, members of the Governor's COVID-19 Business Task Force, state and local officials, and other stakeholders.
The Commonwealth is developing two sets of guidance: one with broad based recommendations for all businesses, and another with industry specific recommendations for public-facing businesses like restaurants and non-essential retail. The guidance will be provided to businesses in early May.
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The next CSDS Board meeting is Monday, May 4th at 7 pm. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you'd like to share with us, please  send us an email.
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In other exciting news, we are happy to let you know about QuaranSwing Connections, the new Central VA virtual dance community weekly sessions, starting this Thursday, April 30th, from 7:30-8:30 pm EST!! This is a collaborative effort by your community leaders (Alyssa Lundgren, Adela Su + Eddie Karoliussen, April + Billy + Jacen Northcutt, Carl Lind, Gaia Read, Kristin Wenger, Rachel + Jason Donahoo and the rest of the CSDS Board and Central VA promoters).
These sessions are not designed to offer instruction but rather to provide a platform for our community to interact with each other! They will be held over a Zoom call with a different host moderating each week. The host will have the opportunity to structure the time how they'd like, whether that's interviewing another community member, offering a Q&A session, going through YouTube videos, sharing their own practice/solo dance journey or new favorite quarantine recipe, etc. You can drop in/out as you wish and engage to your comfort level with video/audio turned on/off! The idea is to promote socialization and engagement within the community in order to preserve it.
Alyssa Lundgren will host this Thursday's (April 30th) session, welcome us back together (virtually), introduce the rest of the QuaranSwing Team and explain more of the intent and vision. There will be opportunity for you to ask her questions (dance related or not), share ideas/experiences/frustrations or just sit back and enjoy everyone's smiling faces. Please use this Zoom link (each week) to access the meeting. If you're unfamiliar with Zoom, you can join the meeting early at 7:15 pm to get the feel and some of the team will be online then to help you navigate the platform. Feel free to email Alyssa prior to Thursday with any questions, thoughts or ideas!
We're so excited about this and look forward to seeing you virtually on Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm EST!
We look forward to the time when we can resume holding our events and to seeing all of you in person, both on and off the dance floor; in the meantime, stay safe, healthy and wash your hands!  #socialdistancing  #anchoringinplace  
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We will announce updates by email, update our website and post on our Facebook page. Please help us spread the word by sharing these emails/posts with your friends.   
Here are some helpful links:
For those of you who are interested in virtual learning opportunities, many are listed here. Some are free, some are not, some are pay-what-you-can. Have a favorite dance pro? Check out their website or Facebook page to see what they're up to and if they're offering any virtual classes.    
If you have any questions, please contact us here!
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