January 2021 | Issue 1
2021 CSG West Officers
Each year CSG West welcomes a new slate of officers who will provide perspective and direction for the organization as we work to support our members. Working with CSG West staff, the officers coordinate regional programming in support of members and state legislatures. Additionally, the incoming chair participates in planning the schedule and related content for the CSG West Annual Meeting. To learn more about the 2021 CSG West Officers, we invite you to scroll through their respective bios below.
Representative Jeni Arndt
CSG West Chair
Representative Clark Kauffman
CSG West Chair Elect
Assemblymember Mike Gipson
CSG West Vice Chair
Regional Policy
Next Steps with the USMCA
During the last virtual session of the Border Legislative Conference, members addressed a key question on the minds of many legislators - What can we expect next with the USMCA? Engaging with speakers from all three North American countries, a trinational perspective was presented offering an opportunity for engaged conversation on this important topic. Click below to read the session recap.
U.S. Supreme Court Updates
Defending State Court Jurisdiction
The recent B.P. v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore case has drawn attention to the issue of whether a federal appellate court may review all the grounds upon which a defendant claims its case should not be sent back to state court. In response to this challenge, CSG and other organizations have joined an amicus brief filed by the State and Local Legal Center with the U.S. Supreme Court. To read a recap of the case and the court's opinions, click below.
Member Resources
COVID-19 State Resources
Be sure to check out the CSG COVID-19 resource site for updated information on initiatives and resources related to state responses to the pandemic.
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