VOLUME 60 | ISSUE 3 | MARCH 2019
In the Spotlight!
President's Message
Learning to Snowboard
Ali LaManna, CSI CDT, Emerick Construction - President Portland Chapter CSI
This last week I was in Colorado visiting family, and I took the opportunity to learn how to snowboard. I have never skied or snowboarded in my life. I have never surfed or skateboarded, so snowboarding was a completely new experience, and I am happy to say I have no broken bones. At first I was petrified going quickly down a frozen slope (to be honest, I still am a little scared), but as I learned the fundamentals and practiced the basics of turning and stopping, I can’t wait until I can try again. After going through that experience, it made me reflect on my job and what I am learning as I continue to grow in this industry. I am almost 8 years into my career. It seems like a lot, but it is only a drop in the bucket compared to some of the experienced colleagues around me. I have to remember as I come up against challenges that I’m not sliding down that hill alone. Groups like CSI are helping me with those fundamental skills through classes and lectures, and it is also introducing me to those mentors and advisers that just like my boarding instructor, can help me navigate new territory. 

I’m sorry if this is a little cheesy, but as I am grappling with some challenging projects, it is good to remember that we are all continuing to learn as we move through our careers, and we won’t be perfect on our first run down the hill. We have to have patience and be able to rely on our support systems to keep improving.
Learning and Libations
Vegetated, Not Green
Jenn Thomas, Senior VDC Manager at VIATechnik - Education Co-Chair
On February 28th, John Herrmann and Jon Crumrine of Bain Associates spoke to the group about vegetated roofs in Portland and the 2035 Comprehensive Plan for Portland. They made sure to clarify that the roofs are not typically green year-around. So they refrain from referring to them as "green" roofs. They can be various colors through out the year from crimson to amber to auburn. They also mentioned that they do not typically call them "eco-roofs" either since Portland seems to be the only area in the nation that refers to them as such. The industry standard is "vegetated roof". 
There are three kinds of vegetated roofs: Extensive, Lawn, and Intensive. When deciding which one to use, consider what purpose you want your vegetated roof to serve. One of the benefits of a vegetated roof is that plants help combat greenhouse gases. The vegetated roof also helps combat urban heat islands, which are known contributors to air pollution and heat-related illness. As far as technical benefits are concerned, vegetated roofs have a proven ability to store water as well as reduce/delay stormwater runoff. They also lower energy costs by adding insulation. They improve sound insulation and improve the efficiency of solar panel installations. John and Jon also highly recommend using a protected membrane roof. It protects the membrane from UV rays, oxidation, thermal cycling, and maintenance traffic. They also discussed considering engineered growing media because it is 30-50% lighter than regular soil and has less chance of clogging the drainage system.
So let's briefly discuss the 2035 Long Range Development Plan. It passed Portland City Council this July of 2018. New buildings over 20,000 SF in the central, east, and west side of Portland will be required to have vegetative cover. The roof must be at least 60% planted. Storm water management was the key driver for this policy. 
Finally, how does this affect specs? Think of vegetated roofs as "vegetatively enhanced" PMRs. Hardgoods are in Division 070870 and 070413. Plants and irrigation are in Division 32. Refer to section 076616 for roof decking pavers. Also be sure that all sections clearly point to each other.              

Happy planting!
Next Event March 19th
Roof Preservation
Keith Schwarting will discuss extending the service life of an existing roof through restoration. We will explore the various options and materials available and identify which types of roofing systems are best candidates for roof restoration.

What's Happening at the Industry Forum?
Five ten-minute (hence “5 x 10”) presentations by students and professionals on innovation and exciting creative participation in the building design and construction industry.

The line-up starts with Kagan Reardon, Portland State University, who will speak to Architecture Parlante as Suicide Intervention. He is followed by Julia Mollner, Rebecca Taylor, Lauren Fitzpatrick from the Center of Public Interest Design, who have an awesome idea on how to re-pourpose construction mock-ups. Kelsey Moody, from The Joinery will share how this fabulous Portland furniture maker realizes Modern Design with Timeless Techniques. Emily Ryba from the University of Oregon will address a proposal for Refugee Housing in Portland and Mark Desbrow from Greenlight Development will close this portion of our event with Development Concepts with High Density and Strong Design.

Come hear about innovated ideas being fostered in our own community!
Guest Registration – choose one of three options:
1. Individual REGISTRATION is just $25.

2. Emerging Professionals use Promo Code EP2019 to REGISTER for Free!      

3. As a Guest of a favorite Sponsor Exhibitor. Contact your favorite sponsor and tell them you'd like to attend as their guest!

Networking and Education!
2019 Door Prizes – Don’t miss your opportunity to take one home!
Thanks to our generous sponsors, we are offering three chances to take home a valuable reminder of your participation in this year’s Industry Forum. Simply “ Collect 8 ” initialed logos (or more) on the back of your Program from our Sponsors by visiting their table and making a connection! Those participating in Speed Education must collect 6 stamped logos + 2 (or more) initialed logos after visiting additional Sponsors’ tables. Enter your completed “Collect 8” cards by returning to the Registration table for a chance to be selected just prior to the Keynote Address.
It's not too early to think about golfing this summer!
The Annual CSI Golf Tournament is returning this summer!

August 22nd at Lewis River Golf Course

Registration for teams and sponsorship are now open! March sure to register soon! Spaces fill up fast!

Member News
Calling Future Leaders!
Portland CSI is looking for our next leaders! Are you interested in helping to shape our chapter? We are looking for 3 new board directors for the the term starting in July.

Board Directors must attend the monthly board meetings to vote on board business, and help oversee the committees. The term is for 2 years from July 2019 to June 2021.

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact us! Nominations will close April 10th.

New, Emeritus, and Renewed Members November 2018
Lee Kilbourn, FCSI, CCS, FAIA, Membership Co-Chair

Louis Barnett, CSI; York Manufacturing
Jeremy Tunney, CSI; Class A Roofing Consultants

MEMBERS EMERITUS (November Anniversary Date)
Donald Eggleston, CSI; SERA Architects, PC; member since 1970
Richard Gira, CSI, CDT; member since 1978

Sulaiman Banwal, CSI-EP; Hilti Inc.; member since 2016
Erica Bitterman-Ryon, CSI; Precision Images; member since 2000
Michelle Cartwright, CSI; Artek, Inc.; member since 2013
Bill Coady, CSI, CCPR; Retired from Guardian Glass; member since 1994
David Grigsby, CSI; ZGF Architects LLP; member since 2012
Amy Hjelte, CSI, CCS; LRS Architects, Inc.; member since 2002
John Lamb, CSI; Structural Waterproofing Consultants, LLC; member since 1983
Michael Lemen, CSI, CDT; Metl-Span; member since 2015
Alan Loftesness, CSI; A-Tech/Northwest, Inc.; member since 1979
Mike Manzi, RA, CSI, CDT, LEED AP; Bora Architects; member since 2010
Steven McBride, CSI, RCI; Professional Roof Consultants, Inc; member since 2002
Halliday Meisburger, CSI, CDT, AIA; ZGF Architects; member since 2013
Corey Morris, CSI, CDT, NCARB; Carleton Hart Architecture; member since 1998
Mo Paz, CSI; Peikko - USA; member since 2017
Richard Rapp, CSI, CDT, AIA, NCARB; TVA Architects Inc.; member since 2016
Michael Thrailkill, CSI, CDT, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB; m.thrailkill.architect.llc; member since 2004
Toby White, CSI; Forensic Building Consultants; member since 2004
David Young, PE, CSI; RDH Building Sciences Inc.; member since 2017
Region News
West by Northwest Bi-Region Conference in Downtown LA
Where: Sheraton Grand Los Angeles

When: April 25-27, 2019
(Early Bird Pricing Ends March 25th!)

Who: Network the whole weekend with design & construction professionals from all over the west coast, from Hawaii to Alaska to Montana and Nevada. Meet the architects, specifications writers, designers, facilities construction teams & engineers who specify construction products. 

What: Hear exciting Keynote and Technical Speakers. Listen to educational sessions on high level technical topics & the transformation of DTLA. Work with a team on "Let's Fix Construction." Attend leadership education & trusted advisor training.