VOLUME 60 | ISSUE 6 | September 2019
In the Spotlight!
President's Message
Congratulations to an Inspiring Individual
Cherise Lakeside - Our Newest CSI Fellow
Ali LaManna, CDT - Emerick Construction - President Portland Chapter CSI
I am so pleased to announce that the College of Fellows has decided to induct our very own Cherise Lakeside into the 2019 Class of Fellows. This is one of the highest honors bestowed upon CSI members. This is not handed out to just anyone, but is awarded to individuals that have made important contributions to the advancement of construction technology, improvement of construction specifications, education, and service.

Cherise and I both started with CSI right around the same time, and we were both roped in to joining the board shortly there after. It was not until she saw her name on the ballot the following spring that she found out she had been nominated for the chapter presidency. However, being the Kraken that she is, she stepped up to the plate and Portland CSI was never the same again!

Cherise has an amazing passion for education, and a unique ability to share her experiences and knowledge with the people around her. It has been inspiring to watch her growth as a specifier and as an individual over the last 8 years. She helped Portland grow into a leading chapter in the middle of a recession, and has gone on to help inspire people and chapters all over the country through speaking engagements, social media, CDT prep courses, and her blog Let's Fix Construction. She has also been the champion for educating and engaging emerging professionals, understanding that the future of the industry rests on getting the younger generation ready to take on leadership roles earlier in their careers than previous generations.

I am so proud of everything that Cherise has accomplished and I know that this is only the beginning.

If you are going to be at CONSTRUCT in October, please make sure to sign up for the CSI Celebration of Fellows following the Awards Ceremony, so that we can help celebrate with Cherise!

You can read more about Cherise here!
Calling All Emerging Professionals!
Juan Coronel - Materials Testing & Inspection - EP Chair, Portland Chapter of CSI

Come join us on Tuesday, September 17th at Rogue Hall for the EP TIKI TUESDAY!

This is a FREE EVENT and EVERYONE is welcome!
Learning and Libations
Design and Detailing of Reinforced Hollow Clay Masonry
Mark Aasland, CDT - Pace Engineering - Education Co-Chair
On Tuesday August 20, 2019 we had a presentation from Steven Judd with Interstate Brick discussed with us the design and detailing of reinforced hollow clay masonry.

Interstate Brick manufactures three styles of brick, modular, norman and emperor. They manufacture three different height variations in the modular and emperor style that range from 2-1/4" to 7-5/8" and two height variations in the norman style that range from 2-1/4" to 3-5/8". The modular block is manufactured with a length of 7-5/8", the norman is manufactured with a length of 11/-5/8" and the emperor is manufactured with a length of 15-5/8".

The variety of different sizes aids with the speed of construction. A mason can install approximately 79 square feet of modular brick, compared to 120 square feet of norman brick and 140 square feet of emperor brick per day.

The speed of construction also contributes to a reduced installation cost. An 20,000 square foot comparison of this was presented.

               units x unit cost    brick cost    labor/unit        labor cost    total
Modular brick    135,000 x $0.50    $67,500   $1.50 x 135,000   $202,500    $270,000
Utility brick       60,000 x $1.50    $90,000    $2.00 x 60,000    $120,000    $210,000
Emperor brick    45,000 x $2.25    $101,250    $2.25 x 45,000    $101,250    $202,500

The structural brick allows for thinner/taller walls that are less complicated to build than veneer over CMU or stud wall systems. These walls can be built from outside in or inside out, reduces the number of connections and creates an easier to insulate envelope.Why use brick? Brick offers lasting value. It doesn't rot, dent or need to be painted, and it will never tear or need to be painted or eaten by termites. It offers a myriad of design options while at the same time providing a timelessness that is hard to match.

Beer and light hors d'oeuvres were provided by CSI.
September Learning and Libation:
2020 Global Color and Design Forecast
At our September Learning and Libations meeting we will have a presentation from Susan Williams of PPG who will discuss the 2020 Global Color and Design Forecast.
The meeting is scheduled for September 19th from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Power + light building, Suite 1300.

Our October meeting will be held on October 23rd from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Power + Light building, Suite 1300 and will have a presentation on Building Air Leakage presented by Tremco.

2019 Golf Tournament
Erica Bitterman-Ryon, CSI - Senior Sales Executive, Precision Images - Golf Co-Chair

We had a great day out on the course last month at the annual CSI Golf Tournament. It was a sell out crowd and perfect weather. Here are some fun photos in case you missed it! Dates for next year will be announced soon!
Member News
New, Renewed, Emeritus and members new to Portland Chapter March, April and May 2019
Lee Kilbourn, FCSI, CCS, FAIA

Daniel Ettelstein, CSI; Northwest Specialty Timber (Note 1); member since 2019
Julia Mollner, CSI-EP; Carleton Hart (Note 1); member since 2019
Mark Monroe, CSI; Vaproshield (Note 1); member since 2019
Jeff Morrison, CSI; Rosboro (Note 1); member since 2019
Ryan Roberts, CSI-EP; Pella (Note 1); member since 2019
David Schaleger, CSI; MetroPaint; member since 2019
Jason Towns, CSI (Note 1); Springs Window Fashions; member since 2019

Dane Teegardin, CSI-EP, CDT, LEED GA (Note 2); member since 2018

Bryan Ackler, CSI; (Note 2); member since 2012
Bryon Allen, CSI; W.R. Meadows; member since 2008
Mark Barney, CSI, CDT, AHC; Northwest Hardware Consultants; member since 2002
Kelly Bryant, CSI, RCI, RRO; Soprema, Inc.; member since 2008
Maddie Carde, CSI, LEED AP; Cultured Stone by Boral; member since 2015
Brian Carleton, CSI; Carleton Hart Architecture, PC; member since 1995
William Clark Jr., CSI, CDT; WM. Clark and Associates, LLC; member since 1991
Craig Cody, CSI; Architextures; member since 2011
Russel Donohue, RA, CSI, CDT, NCARB; (Note 2); member since 2007
Bryce Given, CSI; Guardian Glass; member since 2017
Etta Goerl, CSI, CCS; Port of Portland (Note 1); member since 2010
Randall Hagloch, CSI, CDT, AIA; Randall Hagloch Architect, LLC; member since 2008
John Herrmann, CSI, CDT; Bain Associates, Inc.; member since 1991
Trasi Hogenhout, CSI; Contractor Plan Center, Inc.; member since 1988
Clifford Hood, PE, CSI; Hood-McNees, Inc.; member since 1996
Scott Huff, CSI-EP; D-Seven, LLC; member since 2015
Paul Hustedt-Krasnove, CSI, CDT, NCARB; (Note 2); member since 2017
Jim Hutchin, CSI; Bridgetown Sales, LLC; member since 2009
Geoffrey 'Geoff' Jenks, CSI-EP, ASHRAE; Streimer (Note 1); member since 2015
Teresa A. Kruse, RA, CSI, CDT, AIA, M. Arch; (Note 2); member since 2016
Dale Kuykendall, CSI, CDT; Wenaha Group; member since 1986
John Lape, FCSI, CCS, AIA, CSC, FCSC; John Lape, Architect; member since 1986
Jack Livingston, CSI; Woodwork Institute; member since 2017
Alexander Lungershausen, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA, LEED AP; Hennebery Eddy Architects; member since 2003
Randy McAdams, CSI; Atlas Supply; member since 2010
Cherie McNabb, CSI, CDT; Forbo Flooring Systems; member since 1993
Karl Michels, CSI; Tarkett Sports Indoor; member since 2014
Erica Milanowski, CSI; DeaMor (Note 1); member since 2018
Jim Mitchell, CSI, USGBC; Koroseal Interior Products Group; member since 1992
Ian Murphy, CSI, CDT; Exterior Allied Systems LLC; member since 1992
Stanley Nelson, CSI, Member Emeritus, CDT; (Note 2); member since 1975
Ellen Onstad, CSI, CDT; Interface Engineering; member since 1995
Bo Oswald, CSI; Essex General Construction; member since 2015
Ray Rauscher, CSI; Speedy Glass Commercial Division; member since 2015
Brian Ross, CSI, CCS; (Note 2); member since 2013
Jeff Rubino, CSI; Oldcastle Building Envelope; member since 2003
Austin Sloat, CSI, AIA; Neumann Sloat Arnold Architects Inc; member since 2009
Frank Stewart, CSI; Hoover Treated Wood Products; member since 2018
Dane Teegardin, CSI-EP, CDT, LEED GA; (Note 2); member since 2018
Anna Todd, CSI, LEED AP; Todd Construction, Inc.; member since 2012
Michael Wilson, RA, CSI, CDT; SERA Architects; member since 1991
George Wolodzko, CSI; GTG Consultants (Note 1); member since 1994
Susan Wurdeman, CSI, NCARB; BRIC Architecture Inc; member since 1997
David York, CSI, AIA; York Architect (Note 1); member since 2013

Fred Chomowicz, CSI, Member Emeritus; (Note 2); member since 1983
Ronald Lee, CSI, Member Emeritus, AIA; BBL Architects; member since 1985
Stanley Nelson, CSI, CDT; Architect; member since 1975
James Wright, CSI, Member Emeritus, CDT; (Note 2); member since 1995

NOTES (Members with no Company listed in Institute Record)
  1. Company name derived from email address.
  2. No company name available. 
Volunteers Needed!
It takes a village to do all of the incredible things we do at Portland CSI, and we are always looking for fresh ideas and willing hands to help. Here are a few spots that could really use some new faces:

  • Industry Forum Planning Committee
  • Predicator Writers and Editor
  • Social Media Poster
  • Website Editor

If you are interested in helping out please email office@portlandcsi.org
June Learning & Libations: Vancouver Public Schools Tour Recap
Marshall Elementary & McLoughlin Middle
School Site Tour
Mark Aasland and Jenn Thomas, Co-Chairs for CSI Learning and Libations
On Wednesday June 19, 2019 Skanska conducted a tour of the their Marshall Elementary/McLoughlin Middle School site. The project is being constructed on a site between the two existing schools located along MacArthur Blvd. in Vancouver.

The project consists of a 420 student and 200 student Early Childhood Special Education capacity, 75,250 square foot K-5 elementary school as well as a 1,100 student capacity, 127,400 square foot 6-8 middle school. The new schools will be combined yet separated. The connected building will however, allow each school to maintain its unique identity. Each school will have its own entrance and parking area, but they will share a Family-Community Resource Center, kitchen and media center.
There is a variety of different construction materials being used on the project. Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) framing, Glulam beams, steel columns, CLT floor panels, concrete tilt panels, etc. The use of LVL framing is very stable and resists, warping, slitting and shrinking in lieu of metal studs necessitated the need for a number of the utilities to be routed under the first floor slab and up it the walls. A number of decisions had to be made when tilting the concrete panels and the location of the temporary bracing in order to allow access by the other trade contractors to install the ledger supports for the CLT floor panels.
The schools are being constructed using funds that local voters approved in February 2017. The bond measure will allow the district to build three new schools; replace, remodel and/or enlarge several schools; and provide improvements and updates to all other schools in the district. Construction began on the site in September of 2018 and will be completed in 2020.

After the tour several people gathered at Ben's Bottle Shop in Vancouver for additional networking. The first round of drinks and light hors d'oeuvres were provided by CSI.
Other Industry Events
Portland Canstruction Event –
An International Competition
Celebrating our 23rd year in Portland as one of the world's most imaginative food charities, the Canstruction® exhibition and competition is a unique international competition wherein teams of architects, engineers, and contractors compete to build giant whimsical and wildly inventive sculptures made entirely out of full cans of food. The teams’ structures are displayed to the public for a week at Pioneer Place from September 23-29, 2019.  
In addition to celebrating our 23rd year, September is Hunger Action Month™ when America takes action to fight hunger in their community. All month long, you have the opportunity to make an impact on our effort to feed more Americans than ever before. Help us raise awareness by making donations or volunteering, so we can solve hunger together. 
Currently, 260,000 people each month receive nutritious food from the Oregon Food Bank Network each month. Our goal for 2019 is to raise 60,000 meals to help feed thousands of people struggling with hunger in our community. Since its inception, this Portland event has raised more than 1 million meals to help fight hunger in Oregon and Clark County, Washington. After the teams construct their masterpieces, each structure will be judged by the Portland Canstruction® jury and awards will be given for Best Meal, Structural Ingenuity, Best Use of Labels, Best Original Design, and the Golden SPAM Award. 
AFO Architects in Schools
Architects in Schools (AiS) matches design and building professionals including architects, engineers, contractors, interior designers, landscape architects, city planners, architecture historians, architecture students and more with 3rd, 4th & 5th grade teachers for a 6-week classroom residency (approximately 1-2 hours a week per class), offered free of charge to schools. 

The Deadline for Design and Constitution Professionals to apply is September 20th!