Rockwell Automation Fair 
The Exchange - "Where has this been all my life?!"
We love connecting end-users with CSIA Exchange users! While at the Rockwell Automation Fair in November, Tony Veroeven introduced several  end users to the power of the Industrial Automation Exchange. Some exclaimed, "Where has this been all my life!?" One discussion, in particular, led to a successful connection between a potential end-user and a CSIA member integrator who was also on the floor at the expo that day. 

Certification makes your company a better business and we have the numbers to show it!
CSIA has several members that have achieved CSIA Certification and we're not short on testimonials attributing it to member success, growth and resilience. In other words, Certification and the activities involved in getting Certified result in improved company performance. Over the years, SIs have asked us to provide the numbers to make a case for Certification. (With most of our member firms having engineering at their core, the drive for quantitative data is easy to understand.) Acquiring that data has been more of a challenge. This past summer, CSIA had the benefit of working with an MBA intern, David Huffman, who helped us deliver on that request.

Two CSIA members receive Control
Engineering SI of the Year recognition
The Control Engineering 2017 System Integrators of the Year: (from left), Jack Woebler of CSIA-Certified Interstates Control Systems won the large ($15 million annual revenue and above) system integration category,  Shawn Campion of Integro Technologies (mid-sized) and Abhijit Jog of CSIA's Panacea Technologies won in the small system integration category (up to $8 million in annual revenue)
Message from CEO
CSIA addressing challenges, industry changes
The period from September through November can be intense as it is associated with attendance at multiple trade shows, partner events and planning for the upcoming year. That's exactly how the past few months have been for CSIA staff. Here's what we've been working on and what's in store for the coming months.

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The annual CSIA Executive Conference is the highlight of the professional year, when over 500 system integrators and industry partners meet to network, hear outstanding speakers, share best practices, and learn about new products and services. In addition to strong educational programming, the Partner Industry Expo and Reception will showcase the latest products and services from industry supplier, manufacturer and service provider members.

The 2017 Executive Conference, May 2-5 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will appeal to a broad audience with special tracks on the following, as well as general sessions for all.

1. Small Company SIs and Best Practices
When CSIA was created the founding members were younger and smaller companies. The Best Practices helped these and many more companies grow into the respectable companies they are today. Does this mean that our BPs are not suitable for the smaller SI companies anymore? We don't think so - but don't take our word for it. Learn from the panels and presenters. In addition we also offer the BP Workshop before the Conference, a two day instructor led intensive training on BP implementation.

2. Transformative Business Models
Technology is creating a very exciting future filled with opportunity for SIs. The opportunity won't come in the traditional format. It will require changes by the SIs, in particular around business models. Through a series of presentations, panel discussions and an unconference we provide an active learning opportunity for SIs to prepare for this promising future.
Every year, as word spreads about the benefits of attending and those who have participated in the past come back, registration grows! Join fellow SIs and industry partners from around the globe to build connections, exchange ideas and have fun!

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Transformative Business Models
Why a Business Model Task Force?
At the most recent Executive Conference in Puerto Rico there was an interesting unconference on IoT. The room was packed with a good mix of SIs and Partners, and the expectation of a deep dive into the topic was high. Like any unconference, the discussion started with "What do you want to talk about?" and surprisingly the most interesting topic was "What is IoT?" Many of the SIs in the room were anxious to understand what that buzz word was about, and if and how it could affect them. It was clear that most of us had only a partial understanding of how all the new technologies -- not just IoT -- could impact our traditional business.

Latin America (LATAM) Update
Rockwell Automation Fair provided LATAM member opportunities
The Rockwell Automation Fair in Atlanta, Georgia on November 9-10 provided a great opportunity for CSIA to reach out to the Latin American SI community:
  1. CSIA LATAM members (13) met at the CSIA hospitality suite on Tuesday to get to know each other a little better. We provided an update on CSIA-led activities in the region in the past year and explored new ideas for 2017.

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Connected Community
It has been an active month in CSIA's Open Forum discussion thread
Check it out, and while you are at it, chime in on some of the ongoing discussions:

Good business model book  
I read a good book lately called Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman. Many of our clients read it and said it really helped clarify their thinking about their company. I liked the GWC (get it, want it, capable of doing it) analysis of all employees. Has anyone else read it? What was your favorite take away?  
Interesting Salary Survey Stats
Since it's just about the end of the year, I asked iLumen to share some overall Salary Survey statistics. Specifically, I wanted to know the percent changes for salaries over the past 12 months for the following: minimum average percent change for any single job role, maximum average percent change for any single job role, and average across all job roles.  

War stories implementing EOS?
We are considering implementing EOS with our leadership team. I'm looking for feedback from others who have succeeded or struggling with this. Did you use an outside facilitator? Did you use the EOS website tools? Please share your stories and scars.

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It can happen to you
Over the years, we have been very fortunate in that we have had only a couple of small general/professional errors and omissions liability losses. I know that many members have historically been frustrated by the insurance-related demands of their customers. Many are the days when I have heard, "Never had loss. We don't really need  the  insurance - just the certificate."

Meanwhile, our accumulated premium reserves have grown. I have called it our rainy day fund. Well, over the last six months it sure has rained. We have seven losses now, one of which has maxed out the policy limit of $2 million. 

Thanks to PREMIER System Integrators, a Certified SI member of CSIA, for showing off their CSIA affiliation at the recent Rockwell Automation Fair in Atlanta. Here, Randi Crenshaw shows off this great example of cross-branding at the PREMIER System Integrators booth.
Congratulations to MartinCSI for their receipt of a 2016 Firebrand award from Inductive Automation on one of their innovative projects developed with Ignition. The project, a simulation trainer for the United States Army, was displayed at the Ignition Community Conference (ICC) in Folsom, California this past September. Shown left to right: Don Pearson (Inductive Automation), Nate Kay (MartinCSI), Todd Ebright (MartinCSI) and Jim Sellitto (MartinCSI).
Agile is viable and rigorous project management methodology
Agile is a project management methodology that has been used extensively in the IT industry for many years. Contrary to popular belief, the methodology is far more rigorous than one may imagine. Using agile, time and cost are not variable - they are considered to be fixed.

Plan now togrow your business at the 2017 Automation Conference & Expo
Partnership with CSIA includes a $100 registration discount for members

Automation technology end-users and other industry professionals will convene in Chicago, May 23 - 24 for the sixth annual Automation Conference & Expo. CSIA is again supporting this popular educational and networking event, produced by Automation World. Program topics include: cybersecurity, how MQTT is enabling the Industrial Internet of Things, IT / OT convergence, augmented reality, system and device interoperability, 3D printing and prototyping, PackML/TR88.00.02 and much more. Visit for details.

CSIA members save $100 with discount code: CSIA17

webinar series

Business webinar
Agile - Valuable project management techniques for integrators
Tuesday, January 17, 11:00 a.m. ET 
Presented by Tom Sulda, Managing Director, Astal and CSIA Certification auditor

Business webinar
Transformative business models for system integrators: The fundamentals
Wednesday, February 15, 11:00 a.m. ET
Presented by Mike Harvath, President and CEO, Revenue Rocket Consulting Group 

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Partner members: Host a webinar in 2016 and connect with SI members
Partner members, did you know as part of your membership you can host a Partner Technical Webinar?  Need ideas on what to present? Educate our SI members and their clients with a white paper or case study. Highlight a challenge or trend in a certain industry. 

One Partner member recently reported that they received phone calls from attendees immediately after their webinar!  Email Tony Veroeven to get one of your own scheduled.
Industrial Automation Exchange
The Exchange isn't a passive directory, it's a marketing platform!
If you use the Exchange's content marketing features, you will deliver visibility, traffic and leads to your company. Include it in your business development efforts!

Some key stats and accomplishments:
  • CSIA's Exchange, webinar, and marketing efforts have attracted 8,500 individuals from 2,500 client companies. It is a testament to the great influence the Exchange is having in the marketplace.
  • The Exchange continues to produce leads from many industries and specialties; most recently,
    • A food manufacturer
    • An oil field services company
    • A large tool manufacturer
    • Many municipalities
  •  The site's traffic continues to grow!

CSIA appreciates these members that have supported CSIA and the Exchange with a high visibility placement!
Featured Integrators who have secured their high visibility position:
Like the Featured Integrators on the home page, the space is limited only 20 spots total will be available.  With this position, your company will be seen on every Find an Integrator search.
Similarly, these Featured Partner-Suppliers have secured their high visibility position on the Exchange:
Like the Featured Suppliers on the home page, the space is limited only 20 spots total will be available.  With this position, your company will be seen on every Find a Supplier search.

Contact Exchange community manager for more info:

Dean Zerbe, former senior counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, and Rick Lazio, former U.S. congressman, present their views on the economic landscape for 2017 at the 2016 CEO Roundtable for automation and system integration leaders that took place at the headquarters of alliantgroup, a CSIA partner member, in Houston on October 13.
Gain marketplace exposure and spread the word about the great work you do
We are really excited about all the free press we are generating for both our members as well as for CSIA!
CSIA's media program works to facilitate exposure for both CSIA and its members by helping the media find CSIA member experts to fill specific media needs. CSIA enjoys a great relationship with leading industry media groups who love to quote or otherwise feature CSIA members as industry experts.
Wayne Labs, editor and writer at  Food Engineering , recently said, "CSIA is one of my first go-tos when I need to find some non-biased professionals who can talk about processing or packaging equipment."
Drive traffic to your website and, ultimately, business to your company when you participate in CSIA's media relations program:
  • Please watch the Connected Community, and your "daily digest" emails for any opportunities that might be a good fit. Media opportunities are posted in the Connected Community's Open Forum as they become available.
  • Send us your content and we can often find a place for it in an industry publication. Do you have a white paper, case study or other content that you want published? Send it to us and be sure to post it to your profile on CSIA's Industrial Automation Exchange.
  • Remind editors to mention your CSIA membership and to include a link to our website in addition to yours. Let's all work together to increase our marketplace awareness and credibility. A rising tide lifts all boats!
  • Be sure to let us know if you are published outside of CSIA's media program so that we can help promote your expertise! 
    Keep in mind that we help expand the reach of any published articles by promoting them in CSIA's Connected Community and through all of our social media channels.  
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