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Message from CEO
Future efforts to focus on building end user awareness
As was probably the case with most of you and your companies, this past month was a very busy one. At CSIA we concluded October with our yearly in-person board meeting in Madison, Wisconsin. We had very good discussions and made important decisions on several topics that have been with us for a while. Being still relatively new in my current role, this past meeting was a great opportunity to sync up with the board and set the strategic plan to guide our efforts in the coming years. An important decision was made to set up an End User/EPC Advisory Council.

Best Practices Workshop in Mexico City
On November 18 - 20, CSIA, in partnership with CSIA Partner member National Instruments (NI), hosted a Best Practice Workshop in Mexico City. Auditor Don Roberts (Exotek LLC) conducted the sessions. 

The workshop provided insight into the process of applying business best practices. Roberts focused on those areas that we have found create the greatest difficulty for integration companies as they grow. It was highly interactive and participants were able to share their knowledge and current practices, as well as reflect on ways to apply new insights to improve management and drive business growth. 

Eight companies participated -- four CSIA members and four non-members who are part of the NI Partner Network. The non-members have expressed interest in joining CSIA. It was a great experience, one that should definitely be replicated in the future. This kind of training both provides value to our current members and enables us to attract new ones.

Executive Conference--More Info Coming Soon!
CSIA insurance program uniquely crafted to meet the needs of system integrator businesses
When I was first approached regarding an insurance program for CSIA members, the principle reason given was "The insurance Industry does not understand our business. They confuse the risks associated with manufacturing pharmaceuticals with those associated with control system integration." As our program has developed, we have been able to craft policies that meet the specific needs of the CSI industry. If you do not understand an industry, how can you meet the specific insurance needs for that industry?
2015 contract forms wish list
Treat yourself to the gift of new or updated contract forms for the new year 
Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but I have a few items to add to your company's holiday season wish list. As a new year approaches, consider an update to your file of standard contract forms. I recommend to my integrator clients that they have at least the following documents always ready to use when an opportunity arises:.

The Exchange

Black Friday and Cyber Monday made your budget a bit thin? 
CSIA is offering you a special deal: BUY NOW, PAY LATER.  Upgrade to a Silver or Gold profile, or a Package and get the rest of the year free. Pay in the new year using your 2016 budget.

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Top tips for maximizing exposure on the Industrial Automation Exchange
In the last couple of newsletters, we have been including tips to help you get the greatest bang for your buck spent on the Exchange. Here are tips 8-10  (click the buttons below for more info)!

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CSIA Pulse

Statistics Committee update--First official Pulse is a success!

The new CSIA Pulse program has completed its first official report. Thanks to all those companies who contributed peer-comparison data for the past four quarters ending in September 2015. Here is a bar chart showing statistics on the labor multiple parameter. The CSIA Pulse collects data on this parameter and other meaningful performance parameters such as revenue per employee, utilization, and days in backlog.

webinar series

Positioning security with your customers as a resilience and reliability opportunity
Thursday, Dec. 3 at 11 a.m. ET
Presented by Jeff Lund, Senior Director, Product Line Management, Belden

PackML - The journey to standardization
Thursday, Dec. 10 at 11 a.m. ET
Presented by RoviSys and OMAC

Increasing plant-level awareness of the industrial network
Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 11 a.m. ET
Presented by Panduit

Collecting reliable data in an unreliable world
Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 11 a.m. ET
Presented by Canary Labs

For Partners

Technical webinars are unique opportunity for partner members

Last fall, we launched the first of our Partner Technical Webinars, a unique program in which CSIA partner members are invited to host online programs in partnership with CSIA. It's been a huge success! Learn how you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to educate integrators about technical topics of interest to them. 

Read more.

CEO Visit to Phoenix  Contact

CSIA CEO Jose Rivera was a guest presenter as part of the Nov. 5 opening of Phoenix Contact's newly revamped Customer and Technology Center in Houston, Texas.
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