Rev. Ray Wiggins
Topic: "Up Your Consciousness"

From our belief comes our reality!

Simple Truth, but not easy to live. 
Most of us opt out of the challenging inner journey, often difficult, sometimes painful which is the path to an enlightened consciousness. 
Using the movie FIELD OF DREAMS as a template Rev Ray will share 3 spiritual tools to ease our run around the bases of life as we hit a home run to our personal dreams! 

(He suggests you watch the movie FIELD OF DREAMS) 
Guest Artist
Gregory Fisher

A singer of extraordinary quality, Gregory is more than just an artist: he is a renaissance fellow, a truth seeker, a narrative sharer, an everyman. There is a story to be told. And music to be enjoyed.
The Band
Abigayle Rose, Warmup
Brian Wright, electric guitar 
Don Morgan, bass guitar
Spencer Strand, drums
Paul Nielsen, guitar 
Larry Faragalli, keyboard

The Platform Team
Host and Closing Treatment: Candy Paull, RScP
Reading and Treatment: Alan Woodard, RScP
Board Representative: Lucia Coopersmith

We have reopened for Sunday Services. To attend, you will have to register at the door, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, get your temperature checked, and use hand sanitizer.

To attend in person please arrive by 10:30 to register.

Service begins at 10:45 AM Sunday

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Video Broadcast Changing
Due to many technical issues with equipment, we will not have video playback for the Prelude, Program Open, and Program Close. Instead the Program will open at 10:45 with a live music warm up. The Program Open and Close will also be live from the sanctuary. Please forgive all the technical issues. We hope this slight change will make viewing more enjoyable.
Eight Nominees for Board Membership Have Been Qualified
The application period for Board positions has ended, there are eight qualified nominees for four positions. Members will receive an electronic ballot by email.

Wednesday Night Service
Attitude Altitude – “How to stay positive when conditions around us are not.”

With so much information coming at us every day, it's easy to allow our attitude to get side tracked. Just a few skills will keep our attitude soaring.
6:30 PM with Rev. Lynn and Practitioners
Password: 454049
Optional: Phone in here: 312-626-6799
Meeting ID: 868 2623 7264

Affirmative Prayer By Candy Paull, RScP
There is one life, and that life is God, and that life is my life. God is my Source, and I draw freely from that source as I expand my consciousness. I know that love is the motivating power of life, that God is at the center of everything. I see Divine love in the face of everyone I meet. I experience the perfect outworking of Divine harmony, seeing beyond the outer conditions to the spiritual truth, that everything is whole, perfect, and complete. I honor all spiritual paths, knowing that all are evolving at their own pace and in their own way. Thank you God that I am an expression of love, one with Spirit. Life unfolds in positive and expansive ways through me. 
I release this treatment to the Law, knowing that everything is working together for the highest good of all. 
Mental Equivalents Course Starts This Thursday

Essential methods for transforming intentions from desire to demonstration, using mental equivalents to transform undesirable conditions and co-create. Leap into a state of your true potential by activating the powerful Law of Mental Equivalents. 

Course will be held online
Five 2-hour classes; $95 student registration fee
Consciousness Course Credit

Communications and Marketing Team

The Communications and Marketing Team is looking for volunteers! The focus of this committee is on communications to keep our members informed and marketing and messaging to attract new members to our community. This team was formerly the Social Media Team and while that will remain a big part of the mission, the team’s expanded marketing focus will include marketing CSLN to new members to keep us growing and vibrant. If you are interested, contact Lucia Coopersmith at lucia@salessynergy.com.
The Outreach Team

It’s been seven months since the tornado devastated parts of Nashville and there is still a lot to be done! We can help by joining Hands On Nashville and the Nashville Tree Foundation plant trees in the neighborhoods that were greatly impacted by the March tornados. CSLN will have a volunteer team for a family friendly, tree planting event. Learn how to plant and care for trees, while also joining forces to make Nashville a greener community! The event to plant trees at Fisk Park and homes in North Nashville is November 14 from 9am to Noon.  To volunteer, contact Amy Stephens at
This cosmic energy, which animates and vivifies, can be reflected at will by the human instrument, and our work is to make ourselves better reflectors of this Spirit. If we can learn the art of tapping cosmic energy at will, we will manifest more life, creativity, and love.  
Kabir Edmund Helminski
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