It only takes a few minutes with Martha to realize that she speaks from her heart to yours. A humble and humorous public speaker, a student and teacher of life, an innovative leader, a servant-hearted team builder, Martha is fair, conscious, practical, efficient, joyful, honest, generous, and as loving a soul as you will ever meet. Martha offers her teachings, her life experiences as well as her insights, not as advice, but as an option. She provides opportunities for her audience to experience the power of living from their own truth and realigning with their divine nature. Click for Martha's website.
Originally from New York State, Julie Grower lives in Nashville, TN. Her contemporary folk, country and rootsy pop songs have earned her two Billboard certificates of achievement. Her debut CD "In A New Light", co-produced by Jon Gordon, who has served as musical director and guitarist for Suzanne Vega and Madonna, receives regular airplay on independent U.S. and European radio. Her song "Save The Drama For Your Mama" was released as a single by the CCMA-nominated group 'The Springs", and her song "Bakersfield", a tribute to the late Buck Owens, is mentioned in the upcoming biography of his life by Eileen Sisk. Julie has performed at The Bitter End, CBGB's Gallery, (NYC), The Kendall Café (Boston), and throughout the northeast and in the UK. More About Julie
The Platform and Music Team
Bass: Don Morgan
Percussion: Michael Petrak
Guitar: Brian Wright
Guitar: Ben Williams
Keyboard: Music Director, Larry Faragalli

Host and Closing Treatment:Gregory Fisher, RScP
Reading and Treatment: Carl Franklin, RScP
Board Representative: Gregory Fisher, RScP
Service begins at 11:00 AM Sunday on YouTube
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Uncovering What Really Matters

With so many things going on around us, it's easy to overlook what really matters. Taking time to remember or discover what we really want from life is crucial in setting our intention. This Wednesday evening we will discuss how we can focus on and attract more of the important things to us. Join the discussion this Wednesday Evening on Zoom.

6:30 PM with Rev. Lynn and Practitioners
Password: 454049
Optional: Phone in here: 312-626-6799
Meeting ID: 868 2623 7264

Devastating experiences at the whack of a cosmic 2x4 are never comfortable, but over time can be seen as course corrections, a wakeup call or what one needed. I’ve had my share, and tend to rely on reframing in the long run. READ MORE
 As I speak this treatment I do so in the 1st person, and I invite you to make it personal for yourself......  There is one magnificent Power and Presence I call God and we are inseparably one! I rejoice in the gift of life, and live each precious moment expressing who I am-- a miraculous creation, fully equipped to create a meaningful purposeful life! I am a child of God, clear, directed, wise and loving! Knowing my truth, I align with God's purpose and use my thinking to attract loving relationships , vibrant health, and limitless prosperity! I live in the now because now is what life is all about ! I know through the power of my belief, I can be all I can imagine. so I give thanks for the power within ! I say thank you God as I release my word to the Law.... and so it is!  Carl Franklin, R Sc Practitioner
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