Sean O’Shea

Inspirational Speaker/Singer/Songwriter
Author of the Spiritual People Skills series

What started as a proposed title for a book in progress soon morphed into a whole movement. Most everyone wants to feel more connected to not only our fellow man but to God. By connecting with and serving our fellow man, we serve God. It's Divine Law in action. Sean will also provide music for the service. He graciously agreed to speak when a last-minute scheduling issue came up with our planned presenters.

Service begins at 11:00 AM Sunday on YouTube
You can also view previous programs at the same Link.

The Platform Team

Host and Closing Treatment:Ursula Roden, RScP
Reading and Treatment: Dottie Uwaifo, RScP
Board Representative: Heidi Dixner, RScP

Following our recent Discovery Class, four new Members have applied for membership and been approved by your Board. Please welcome: Anne Crook, Tonya Miller, Carol Cherich, and Becky Meagher. We now have 150 verified Members. Another class will be offered in two months. Details will follow soon.
My True Purpose

A clear sense of purpose can anchor and guide us in the toughest of times. Without it we can become unmoored and unsure of our next steps. When we have a clear definition of our purpose our life becomes more meaningful and vibrant. Join us for an open discussion on discovering and aligning with your true purpose.

6:30 PM with Rev. Lynn and Practitioners
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We will be reopening our Center for Sunday Services for a limited number of people this Sunday the 27th. To attend, you will have to register, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, get your temperature checked, and use hand sanitizer. We are limited to 35 attendees. The services will still be broadcast on YouTube. If you would like to attend, please register at the link below. Please arrive by 10:30 AM.
 Please say this affirmative prayer with me in the first person:
There is only one power in this universe, a power that expresses itself as love, peace, harmony, wisdom, perfection and so much more, all the things that are creating the feelings of love and being loved.
I am one with this power, created to express it, be it, radiate it in my life and all of my interactions with Spirits creation, this earth, the animals and plants and my fellow human beings.
Whatever is happening around me and in my life, I see with the eyes of love. I know it is present to deepen my love and to help me grow in faith and trust that all is well. Love is in charge and stronger than anything else. My responsibility and purpose is to believe this, know it, trust it and radiate it as a powerful energy into this universe. 

I release this my word to the creative Mind in action, letting it go with gratitude and thanksgiving. I know it is so. I let it be so. And so it is.
Blessings, Ursula
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