Rosemary Cathcart

Rosemary is a Traditional Reiki Master, a hypnotherapist, an Astrologer and a natural clairvoyant-mediumistic channel for Spirit. With an unwavering belief in the Divine Order of all things, she knows the best is yet to come!!

She is a minister with Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., a non-sectarian, non-denominational fully licensed ministerial organization, with a world-wide membership. She has served as an Ordaining Minister Director since 1991 and in March of 2013 she assumed the role of President of the organization.

As a long-time member of CSLN’s predecessor, Religious Science of Nashville, her appreciation for our teaching and love of this center runs deep.

Featured Artist
Talisha Holmes 

This week our featured artist is Nashville singer and songwriter and Columbus, OH native Talisha Holmes responds to life changes with her 3rd EP "Right Into It." Featuring some of her favorite musicians and friends Brandon "Bjazz" Scott and Rob Riley of The Liquid Crystal Project, George Barrie of Mojoflo and George Barrie Project, and Chris Shaw of Topher James and the Biscuit Brigade.

She combines her contralto soul/jazz lead She combines her contralto soul/jazz lead vocals and choirs of backing vocals with their very brilliant and nuanced contributions to this collection. http://talishaholmes.hearnow.com/

The Band
Brian Wright, electric guitar 
Don Morgan, bass guitar
Spencer Strand, of drums
Abigayle Rose Kompst, BGVS 
Larry Faragalli, keyboard

The Platform Team
Host and Closing Treatment:Marietta Carter, RScP
Reading and Treatment: Gwen Smith, RScP
Board Representative: Cate Prentis, RScP

Board of Trustees Open Application
Our Board has reopened applications for Board Members due to four positions being open. This is a wonderful time to add your voice and experience to the development of our Center. Members can apply for through a link below or at the website.

Message From Our Chairperson
This is a special THANK YOU for your service on the CSLNashville Board of Trustees to Gregory Fisher! I speak on behalf of the entire Board when I say that it has been an honor to serve with him this year. Gregory, we hope you know how much your dedication has meant to our Center. I’m happy to report that he will continue to serve as a practitioner and frequent Sunday host and performer! We all send you healing energy and love.

Blessings, Cate
Wednesday Evening Service
Aligning With Your Best Intention

Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about setting your intention and what it can mean in guiding your life. What is your clear intention? is it applied in your daily thought and experience? Join the discussion with a group of like-minded people.
6:30 PM with Rev. Lynn and Practitioners
Password: 454049
Optional: Phone in here: 312-626-6799
Meeting ID: 868 2623 7264

We have reopened for Sunday Services. To attend, you will have to register at the door, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, get your temperature checked, and use hand sanitizer. We have special seating and will limit room attendance.

To attend in person please arrive by 10:30 to register.
Service begins at 11:00 AM Sunday on YouTube
You can also view previous programs at the same Link.

Affirmative Prayer By Dottie Uwaifo, RScP
I Live in the presence of the infinite mind, which is God. I am an individualized expression of God, .and I live my life knowing life is for me, not against me. I surrender my heart, mind my whole self to this presence. This presence is all-knowing, greater than me, but yet what I am.it is omnipresence, holy, infinite, divine, and love. It expresses love and light through me, which radiates into this spiritual community and the world. I release and let go of what no longer serves me. I fear nothing, for my faith in the one mind is powerful and great. I AFFIRM, This is the truth, and my subconscious mind ACCEPTS THIS TRUTH and proceeds to bring to pass conditions which are in accord with it. Be this truth, live this truth, and it is so and so it is.
Mental Equivalents Course Forming 

Essential methods for transforming intentions from desire to demonstration, using mental equivalents to transform undesirable conditions and co-create. 

Leap into a state of your true potential by activating the powerful Law of Mental Equivalents. For every formed thing in the Universe there is a corresponding mental image. Discover how to measure and expand your thinking to create a larger mental image so that one’s greatest desires may demonstrate.

Five 2-hour classes; $95 student registration fee
Consciousness Course Credit

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