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The Coastal States Organization represents the nation’s Coastal States, Territories, and Commonwealths on ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes resource issues.
Spotlight on Coastal Management:
New Hampshire Coastal Management Program
Coastal zone management balances development and protection of the vital natural resources that support thriving coastal communities and economies. The  New Hampshire Coastal Management Program  has been helping communities plan for an uncertain future since 1982. Projects such as the Tidal Crossing Assessment, and New Hampshire Coastal Viewer help communities keep people, property, and resources safe while planning for future recreational and economic development.

To learn more about issues impacting the state and the great work by the New Hampshire Coastal Management Program, click   here.

Find more information on the work being done by the State Coastal Zone Management Programs on CSO's Publication page.
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2020 National Coastal and Estuarine Summit
Restore America’s Estuaries and the Coastal States Organization co-host  The National Coastal and Estuarine Summit . We bring together the coastal restoration and management communities for integrated discussions to explore issues, solutions, and lessons learned in their work. The Summit explores cutting-edge issues in coastal restoration and management and highlights the latest research through interactive sessions, plenary speakers, and poster presentations.  Learn more .

Be a part of the action by becoming a 2020 Summit sponsor . Exclusive sponsor benefits include:

  • National recognition as a Summit sponsor to audiences of 10,000+
  • Complimentary exhibit space and registrations
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Check out the Sponsorship Brochure to learn more about the available opportunities here .
In the States and Regions
East Coast and Caribbean
BOEM Gives Approval for First Wind Farm in Federal Waters
Public utility Dominion Energy has secured final approval from the federal Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management (BOEM) to move forward with a two-turbine offshore wind demonstration project off the coast of Virginia. It will be the first commercial offshore wind installation in federal waters. Read more

$25 Million Wetlands Project Will Curb Flooding, Create New Parkland
Delaware officials broke ground for the $25 million construction of the long-awaited South Wilmington Wetlands Park. The 20-acre wetlands project will create a stormwater management facility that will help to reduce flooding, restore and enhance existing wetlands, and create a new open recreational space for the Southbridge community and all citizens to enjoy. Read more
Great Lakes
Making Waves: A New Lake Erie Water Trail is in the Works
A new initiative working toward the creation of a Lake Erie water trail spearheaded by the  Cleveland Metroparks , and inspired by the recently designated  Cuyahoga River Water Trail. The goal is to show off the lake’s natural beauty while also educating kayakers and stand up paddleboard users on the safest way to experience the water. Read more

Protecting Chicago’s Lakefront from High Water and Erosion Could Cost Billions
Protecting Chicago’s lakefront from rising water is going to be a very long—and very expensive—undertaking, city officials and experts warned at a town hall meeting...In the meantime, the city will rely on recently installed concrete barriers to manage what is expected to be an especially bad winter for flooding and erosion. While much of [the] discussion focused on short-term flood mitigation and disaster preparedness as it relates to [the] North Side wards, the officials stressed that high water levels affect the entire lakefront. The issue will require large-scale solutions to protect Chicago’s beaches, paths, roadways, and other infrastructure. Read more
West Coast and Pacific
Oceanside to Launch Sand Retention Study
Alarmed by Oceanside’s shrinking beaches, a group of residents succeeded this week in getting the city to consider taking on the federal government’s oversight of a local sand replenishment project. The City Council unanimously approved a motion Wednesday by Mayor Peter Weiss to have staffers prepare a capital budget amendment to cover the anticipated costs of a sand-retention project. Read More

The straight answer is no…and yes. In terms of its physical land mass, the island will not shrink. However, in the coming decades, Saipan’s functional space would. Some low-lying areas, such as Garapan and Susupe, will be periodically submerged during extreme tides or storm events. “The island will still have 44 square miles of land in 2050, but not all of that land may be as functional or valuable as it is today,” said Robbie Greene, coastal management specialist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Read more
Army Corps Proposes New Hurricane Protection Plan for Texas
The Army Corps of Engineers has proposed 14-foot-high natural sand dunes in the latest version of its up to $32 billion plan for protecting the Houston and Galveston areas from hurricane-related storm surges. The plan calls for establishing roughly 44 miles of dunes and floodgates that would run from High Island to San Luis Pass, as well as ecosystem restoration farther south. Read more

Algal Bloom Cost Mississippi Coast Tourism $4.1 Million in June, July
Beaches on the Mississippi Gulf Coast were given the green light earlier this month after a summer-long shutdown of coastal waters were declared free of harmful algal bloom caused by an influx of fresh water from upstream flooding. The good news follows a loss of $4.1 million, or 3 percent to 8 percent, in room revenue for June and July at hotels along the three-county coast, according to Coastal Mississippi, which promotes tourism in the area. Read more
Events & Webinars
EPA Announces New 5-Year Plan to Accelerate Restoration of the Great Lakes
This week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler and Region 5 Administrator and Great Lakes National Program Manager Cathy Stepp unveiled an updated and aggressive GLRI action plan. The GLRI Action Plan III will guide the actions of federal agencies and their many partners over the next 5 years to protect and restore the Great Lakes — fueling local and regional economies and community revitalization efforts across the basin. The agency also announced $11 million in funding for grants to support GLRI projects in Michigan. Read the plan here .

Abstract Submission - 2020 ASFPM Annual National Conference
Flood-risk professionals from all over the world attend the Association of State Floodplain Managers’ annual floodplain management conference. The Call for Abstracts seeks a broad range of professionals to submit for 30-minute concurrent sessions and/or 2-4 hour workshops that address issues, problems and solutions associated with managing and communicating flood risk, making communities more resilient and protecting floodplain and fragile natural resources. Abstracts are due October 31, 2019 here.

Margaret A. Davidson Graduate Fellowship
NOAA is accepting applications for a new fellowship program for graduate students at the national estuarine research reserves. One two-year fellowship opportunity will be available at each of the 29 coastal sites. Through a research project, fellows will address a key coastal management question to help scientists and communities understand coastal challenges that may influence future policy and management strategies. Applications must be submitted by December 20, 2019 Apply here.
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