Special Edition: Welcome 1Ls!
The Career Services Office is excited to partner with you as you begin your career as a Jayhawk lawyer. In addition to career counseling and facilitating opportunities to connect with KU Law alumni, we offer a wide range of professional development programming and training resources to help you create competitive application documents, hone your interviewing and networking skills, and make important decisions about kick-starting your career.

We welcome you to visit us in our office in room 204 (drop ins are encouraged!) and are also accessible to you via Zoom, by phone, and by email. We are so glad to meet you!


Heather Spielmaker
Assistant Dean
**Heather is watching Making the Cut and reading Maniac: The Bath School Disaster.

Stacey Blakeman
**Stacey is looking for audio book recommendations and enjoying key lime pie.

Meredith Wiggins
Assistant Director
**Meredith is perpetually crying over fictional characters and waiting for One Direction to reunite.
1L To-Do List
1. Register on Symplicity

Symplicity is the platform the CSO uses to schedule counseling appointments, post job openings, register students and employers for career fairs and On-Campus Interviews, and to deliver special announcements. Register for Symplicity now to get plugged in.
2. Sign up for your mandatory 1L CSO Meeting

As your career advisors, we are excited to discuss your career goals and create a roadmap together. We will be scheduling mandatory 1L meetings from August 18 through September 17, and these meetings will be conducted via Zoom. To sign up for your meeting, first, sign in to Symplicity. Next, select "Counseling Appointment" on the left, and then "Request New Appointment." You can then select "1L CSO Meeting" in the drop-down menu. Filter your choices to check appointment availability.
3. Take the CSO Survey

Take this survey to help us learn about you and identify how the CSO can best serve you as you begin your career. We will use your answers to prepare for our one-on-one meetings.
4. Get on LinkedIn

Create or update your LinkedIn account and connect with 1) all of us in the CSO and 2) at least three of your classmates. This is an excellent first step in building your online professional presence (and it can even lead to jobs; this year we had two students get their summer gigs directly from LinkedIn DMs!).

Important CSO Links
Keep up-to-date on the CSO's latest programming information, resources, and news by bookmarking the links below.