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Following a massively successful 6 month series, which is due to finish in September, we have decided to continue with the same formula and offer a new 6 month masterclass series, starting in 2011

The Venue
The venue will remain the same:

30 Hours of Training
It will be 6 seminars, 5 hours of training in each seminar

Themed Sessions
Each seminar will include instruction in a specific range incorporating all of the arts we train and teach

Guest Instruction
We will host a different guest instructor each month - a specialist in the area of the arts we are focusing on

Free Products - worth �200
We will offer free products each month, worth approx �200 in total, and will be setting homework - some physical, some not.

I will deliver aspects of my personal security presentations, normally given to corporate clients on the art of self protection, confrontation management, fear and adrenalin, to name but a few

Handouts & Homework
You will also get handouts to accompany these presentations.
The Dates
Feb 26th - 11am-4pm
Mar 26th - 1pm-6pm
Apr 16th - 11am-4pm
May 21st - 1pm-6pm
Jun 25th - 1pm-6pm
Jul 23rd - 11am-4pm

Your participation will be recognized by both the British Combat Association (Geoff Thompson and Peter Consterdine) and the Minesota Kali Group (Rick Faye)

For those interested, and at no extra cost, we will also be offering the opportunity to grade in both the CSP Real Combat System and the CSP-MKG system

Pricing - Individuals 
�750 one of payment
�200 deposit + 5 monthly installments of �125

Pricing - Groups
2 Persons - �1100
Save a HUGE �200 p/p

3 Persons - �1500
Save a MASSIVE �250 p/p

4 Persons - �1800
Save a WHOPPING �300 p/p

This is open to everyone, of any experience and martial arts background.

There will be plenty of instructors on hand to tailor the training to your level.
More information, including a promo video will be out in a detailed newsletter.

Please email us now to register your interest and receive your full enquiry pack.

Visit our website for more details

20% off
ALL CSP Books & DVDs
For the
ENTIRE Month of

We will be reducing our Product Prices by a Massive 20%

20 % off ALL DVD's
20% off ALL Books
Just visit our

and place your order

Sunday 30th Jan
Ronin SPS

Sunday 20th Feb
ARC Self Defence
Sunday 15th Mar
Jissen Karatedo

Sunday 24th Apr

ALL Seminar Dates can be found on our Website on the CALENDARS Pages
If you are interested in attending any of these seminars and to find out more - please email us at

Check out our timetable to see where your nearest CSP Real Combat System club and teacher is.
CSP Real Combat System
Self Defence
For those interested in chatting and sharing ideas with fellow martial artists, I'd just like to bring to your attention a Self Defence Forum that was set up some time ago and has been running steadily for the past couple of years.
It's not the busiest of forums, but that is something I'm kind of proud of - as it most likely means most members have more important things to do in their lives, but there is a wealth of knowledge and information available - so please feel free to pop along and have a browse.
Guest Article

 Tony Terranova

As we are now entering the time for New Year's Resolutions and all of the "get fit quick" schemes start appearing, tempting us into a quick way to throw off those excess pounds in time for our summer holidays, I thought I would share a thread from our forum that my good friend Tony Terranova kindly and generously posted.

An appropriate quote for this time of year goes something like...

"We should not be concerned with what we eat between Christmas and New Year, more concerned with what we eat between New Year and Christmas!"


Read the Article/Post - Here

To find out more about where Tony trains and teaches - check out his website at

Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge Magazine

For the past few months the latest martial arts magazine to hit the web has featured some of my own articles and promotions. 

Al Peasland 

Thank you for reading my newsletter.
To find out more about me and the services I can offer - please feel free to browse my website starting with my profile page where I have links to all of my latest promo movies and social networking sites

Al nice one

Firstly, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy New Year.

To kick us off for 2011, we have a bumper Newsletter full of exciting special offers, seminar announcements and plenty of ways you can join in the CSP fun without it breaking the bank.
We have some fantastic January Sale offers, some of which we've decided to carry on throughout the rest of the year.

Our Masterclass Seminar Series starts in a little over a month's time and we've had a great amount of interest - which is always very exciting. There are some spaces remaining however, so we've taken the opportunity to highlight the ridiculous group booking discounts and Instructor deals that are still available.

We also kick off the new year with a seminar from our very own instructor, Guro Rick Faye - definitely one not to be missed - so please sign up fast if you want to secure your place.

Instead of a long winded introduction I'll simply point you in the direction of the rest of this newsletter, my latest article, and the host of special offers we have for January and beyond.

Here's to a fantastic 2011, I look forward to sharing lots more news and articles with you as the year progresses.

I'll leave you with a little quote I particularly like...

"Your Merry Christmas may depend on what others do for you. But your Happy New Year depends on what you do for others."

Stay Safe and Have Fun

Al x

Al Peasland
5th Dan
Personal Safety Expert
Complete Self Protection
CSP Itallics-Small
2011 Masterclass OFFERS

when you bring 4 or more students


Don't Miss Out!!

CSP Masterclass 
We are pleased to announce some revised special offers for the 2011 Masterclass Series of Seminars

With numbers booking up we are now able to review our pricing and offer even more great deals.

The Early Bird Discount has now expired but you can still take advantage of some fantastic special offers for the Partners and Group Bookings.

Calling ALL Fellow Martial Arts Instructors.

Bring 4 or more of your own students along and you get to train for FREE

That means you get to experience 6 months of training with some of the UK's leading martial artists in a wide variety of disciplines and also take away all of the FREE products, handouts and information to use in your own clubs.
For anyone wishing to bring a friend, partner or group of friends, why not join forces and take advantage of our new Group Discounts

2 Persons - �1100 total - save a HUGE �200 per person

3 Persons - �1500 total - save a MASSIVE �250 per person

4 Persons - �1800 total - save a WHOPPING �300 per person

and you still get to enjoy the early bird booking discount of �100 on top of these great savings

If you have a larger group or club and would like to attend and perhaps share some affiliated promotion of the event, we have a select range of special offers, just drop us a line and we can discuss these deals

We are lining up some of the best instructors in the UK to help teach their own areas of Martial Arts Specialisms.
We are proud to announce that the first 3 sessions will be supported by
 (click their names to visit their own websites and find out more about them)
More names will be announced in the next newsletters

Watch the promotional trailer on Youtube - HERE
Visit our website Masterclass page - HERE

To place a reservation and confirm your place(s) you can always click this SPEEDY BOOKING link
Click Here to Pay    
Take reserve your place for only �200 non-refundable deposit for individuals and groups
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Lou reading
Lou busy writing!


Happy New Years Eve

Hopefully you are all either planning a chilled night in or a party night out to celebrate the start of 2011 which is going to be a very good but busy year!
Predictions and resolutions are what is on people's mind at the moment and interestingly I googled the top 10 resolutions to find that yes diet and exercise are high up there along with spending time with friends and family and learning something new!
So I am contemplating combining all of those things by starting to take part in Al's classes! Shock horror - the Lou who has no interest in martial arts? Well I did only say contemplating.... however it would help fitness, ensure I spend more time with Al (lol) and combine the new hobby aspect! So, we will see - it can't hurt to give it a go can it?
I will no doubt keep you posted on my decision!
Predictions are slightly more easy - just because they can be wrong as they are only predictions! I am no mystic Meg however I do know that 2011 is going to be a bumper packed year for CSP and that we will be offering lots of things whether that be the Masterclass series, seminars around the UK/World, new products or just lots of good things via these newsletters!
So we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year - virtually or in person!
I also have another prediction and that is slightly related to making resolutions! Colin from our MK class is about to undertake the regime from a man otherwise known as the Juice Master. Listening to Colin and his experience of juicing in the past - I do predict that he too will become an expert in the juicing field and will indeed become a juice guru! So Colin, good luck in your venture - anybody who drinks vegetable juice first thing in the morning deserves to be the weight of a nat! (in my opinion anyhow!)

To round off with a bit of what's been happening news - It's been a hectic few weeks on the social front - obviously there were the Christmas parties that we had to attend (the Red Bull Party was AMAZING!), it was my Birthday (another year older) and the festivities with family on the main day itself but this week we have celebrated Christmas with our students in Coventry and Milton Keynes.
The Coventry party was an all you can eat buffet and the MK party was at our local curry house (the healthy eating will start in the New Year) and it was lovely to meet the loved ones of those that train with us on a regular basis. It was also nice to spend time with people outside of the dojo and dressed something other than shorts, sweaty t-shirts and boxing gloves! We had a wonderful time at both events and thank all that came to celebrate with us.

So to end the Lou's News for 2010 - for me it has been a fantastic year. I have met many wonderful people from around the world and got to know more about martial arts for a non-martial artist than I thought possible!
I became Mrs Peasland which was a wonderful day and have had many fantastic highs - too many to mention. I do know that I am a lucky girl and wish you all the same amount of happiness that I have in my life for 2011.

Happy New Year to you all!


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Article...I Add the Weight - You Lift the BarSuper Human Strength 

As a martial arts instructor, it's my job to offer the latest and most current martial arts techniques, with the latest and most effective teaching methods in the most honest way to every one of my students.

It's my job to know when to add more weight to their bar, when to take weight off and when to change the entire exercise so as to continue their progression.

However, the one thing that I cannot do and will not do, is Lift the Bar for Them!

"Often the helping hand we need is at the end of our own arm"


Stay Safe and Have a Fantastic 2011

CSP Itallics-Small
Guro RICK FAYE @ CSP - Coventry 


Fri 28th January
7pm to 10pm
CSP - Coventry (Way of the Spiritual Warrior Dojo)

Rick Faye


As we are now privileged to be representing the Minnesota Kali Group with our CSP-MKG syllabus, we are delighted to host our very own instructor, Guro Rick Faye for a fantastic 3 hour seminar.


Those wishing to grade in our new CSP-MKG syllabus will ultimately have their grades recognised by Rick Faye and so, this is a perfect opportunity to train directly with the man himself.


Rick will be delivering a masterclass in Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) and Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW).


This seminar is open to Everyone



�35.00 per person

�30.00 per person for BCA Members (upon submission of a valid BCA license and grading booklet)

Fellow Club Instructors - Train for FREE when you bring 5 students

CSP Monthly Paying students - only �20 per person


CLICK HERE for full details and to book your place




Click this Speedy Link to send a non-refundable �10 deposit and GUARANTEE your place

Buy Now

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New For 2011

Recommend a Friend Deal
Any existing CSP student who recommends a friend to join in the CSP fun, and who subsequently joins our monthly membership scheme will receive a free CSP T-shirt and a free 1-2-1 private session with Al or Mick
CSP - Minnesota Kali Group - Syllabus
We are now delighted to announce that CSP have been generously granted permission, by Guro Rick Faye himself, to teach a CSP version of the Minnesota Kali Group syllabus (CSP-MKG) as a grading structure for our students.

This means that now, any CSP student can TRAIN and GRADE in TWO systems.
Geoff Thompson's Real Combat System - Click Here for Details
Rick Faye's Minnesota Kali Group System - Click Here for Details

We are extremely excited about this unique opportunity to bring such a wide variety of arts to the CSP classes and allow our students to attain grades in both systems at the same time.

CSP Workshops throughout 2011
Mick and Al will be travelling to all of their existing Affiliate Instructor Clubs throughout 2011 to deliver seminars and workshops. These events will be open to the general public but CSP students will take a priority on the places available
New Seminar Pricing
Mick and Al's seminar prices will be subject to a small increase in the New Year, however, for January only - our prices will remain at the 2010 levels - so contact us now if you would like either of us to deliver a seminar or workshop for your own group and take advantage of the low prices.

20% off all Products
For January 2011 only,  All DVDs and Books will be reduced by 20%
All Fence Concepts Books will also be personally signed by Al

Free BCA Memberships
For all Monthly Paying Students - whenever it becomes ready for renewal in 2011
And for all new Monthly Paying Students

First Session Free to all New Members

New Year - New StartKarate Respect
As part of our continued drive to bring the best instruction to our CSP students, we have launched a new Dojo Etiquette, amongst other things, to help improve the consistency, quality and effectiveness of our classes.

The aim is to also bring a touch of a "traditional" martial arts theme to the lessons whilst maintaining our relaxed and fun approach to learning the arts.
The dojo etiquette will be distributed to all CSP students in the first classes of 2011


Stay Safe and Have a Fantastic 2011

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