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Resiliency Digest
January 2019
News & tips for being ready
before, during, and after emergencies.
A Day ON, Not a Day Off
What’s on your resolutions list this New Year? A greater sense of community? Putting your talents to work? Kick off 2019 by participating in the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service on Monday, January 21. This federal holiday and national day of service provides a reminder and a collective opportunity for all of us to connect through service, bridge barriers, and create solutions. Make it “a Day ON, Not a Day Off” by joining or creating a service project in your community.

Avoid. Spot. Treat.
When it comes to keeping ourselves and loved ones safe in extreme weather, we all know the basics: Check the weather. Dress it layers. Take it slow. But do you know what not to do? Recognizing the signs of frostbite and hypothermia is just one piece of the puzzle. The treatments may surprise you. Take a quick moment to review these cautions, before your family heads out into the extremes.
The Keys to Cozy
A few preparations now can help you meet winter’s fury with “calm and cozy.” Talk strategy with your family now before the next storm. Does everyone know what to do in a power outage, how to safely run the generator, and properly use heaters? Where will you meet or how will you communicate if the roads are impassable? How will you protect your pets and animals from severe weather, cold, and flooding? And are you ready to spring into action to prevent water pipes from freezing and to safely thaw them if they do freeze?

Community Resiliency Achievements & Announcements
Stay tuned, there’s another Basic CERT course coming up in the Spring of 2019.
For additional resources to help you and your family enjoy a safe holiday season, visit , U.S. Fire Administration , and the National Safety Council .
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