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Resiliency Digest
October 2018
News & tips for being ready
before, during, and after emergencies.
Look. Listen. Learn.
Fire Prevention Week, which is October 7-13, provides a timely opportunity to develop or refresh your fire prevention and escape plans. While fire can happen anywhere and anytime, the cold season brings with it additional hazards, such as the use of heating units and holiday cooking fires. Take the following three steps to reduce the likelihood of fire and harm to you, your family, or your business:

LOOK.  Identify fire hazards around your home or business and take care of them.

LISTEN.  Smoke alarms save lives. Period. Verify yours are working and make sure everyone in the house or office knows how to escape safely and quickly when the alarm sounds.

LEARN.   Learn two ways out of every room and be sure all exits are free from clutter. Review these safety tip sheets to be prepared in the event of a fire on campus, at home, or while traveling.
Drop. Cover. Hold On.
When you think “earthquake” you may immediately jump to “California,” but those that lived in Virginia in 2011 will quickly recall that we’re not immune .  The M5.8 earthquake that hit Central Virginia on August 23, 2011, was widely felt from Maine to Georgia. The shaking created rock falls up to 150 miles away, caused the shutdown of a U.S. commercial nuclear power plant located 14 miles from the epicenter, and damaged hundreds of structures including the Washington Monument and National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.. 
The Great ShakeOut , taking place this year on October 18, is the world’s largest earthquake drill.  The event creates an opportunity for individuals, communities, and businesses to practice safe responses to an earthquake , including what NOT to do such as sit in a doorway or run outside. Get your prep advice straight from the rescuers and experts .
Community Resiliency Achievements & Announcements
On September 28, S-A-W CERT members assisted with a Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport emergency exercise by pretending to be victims of an airplane crash. This valuable exercise happens every three years and gives local 1st responders the opportunity to sharpen their skills.
For additional resources to help protect yourself and your entire family this summer, visit The Humane Society , , and the CDC
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