A Landmark Non-Decision!
by CSPOA Member Johnny Rowland 

Johnny Rowland
In the past 60 plus years, the United States has veered away from its founding as a Constitutional Republic, to become more and more ruled from the judicial bench. In many cases, judges who have been appointed by corrupt and unscrupulous political hacks have been able to usurp powers supposed to be delegated to representatives elected by the people. With an amazing propensity for imagination, various judges have somehow dreamed up and instituted quite a number of detrimental and societally damaging pronouncements. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are written so the average literate adult citizen can understand what the sentences mean. Unfortunately, in more recent times, our modern experts in "legalese" have become adept at reading and writing between the lines of our Founding Documents to expound on whatever is politically or globally expedient. These "legal eagles" -some would say vultures- somehow found forced busing of school children, the crime of abortion paid for by tax dollars, quota systems of race and gender coerced on private businesses, control of energy resources, public education, health care, immigration and border control, the environment, preferred-gender-of-the-day bathroom rights, and a whole host of other matters, to be under jurisdiction of the bench, rather than that of elected legislators. (If yo' can't win by ballot; jus' buy off da' judge!!.. as Al Capp's Lil' Abner might have put it, for those of us who remember "Dogpatch.")

One of the latest travesties coming from the so-called Supreme Court is an outright failure to quash a ludicrous lawsuit brought against one of America's oldest and most revered gun manufacturers (Remington) by an anti-gun lawyer on behalf of several families of victims killed by Adam Lanza at the Sandy Hook School in Connecticut. The aforementioned Lanza murdered his own mother, stole a couple of her guns, and proceeded to go to a local school and shoot innocent children. So now, some of the parents of the victims, aided by their attorney, are suing Remington (owner of Bushmaster Firearms) for damages caused by a deranged and murderous thief, committing his heinous acts while using a legally manufactured and sold firearm which just happened to be made by a company owned by Remington. Gun manufacturers are supposed to be legally protected from frivolous lawsuits related to misuse of their products by criminals or irrational persons, but here is a case of a political agenda, combined with greed, overriding the law and logic in an effort to destroy the American firearms industry. The Connecticut Supreme Court is certainly on board to do just this, and a majority of justices- some would say clowns- on the US Supreme Court refused to stand against this contrived and nonsensical suit. (Next, this same bunch will be suing the maker of the automobile Lanza stole to drive to the school, and the manufacturer of the shoes he was wearing which enabled him to have better traction in the school hallway! Makes just as much sense!)

Realize that there are some on the US Supreme Court who don't give a rip about what the Constitution or the Bill of Rights says, and in their zeal to nullify the 2nd Amendment by this disgraceful non-act, the court has opened the door for the literal destruction of not only the gun and ammo industry in our country, but that of any other manufacturer who has ever made any instrument, machine, or substance which has been legally or illegally used to injure anyone in history! In other words, this bunch of judicial impostors has potentially set up the demise of all American industry, food production, and professional services, by kowtowing to the insatiable lunatic desires of the anti-gun Liberals and promoters of a One World Government.

What we are witnessing now, with this sham "impeachment" nonsense being theatrically produced by power hungry radical anti-Americans masquerading as "public servants," is clear justification for our 2nd Amendment. Here we have an obvious and outright power struggle between treasonous leftists and those of us who lawfully elected Donald Trump in an attempt to rein in an out of control federal bureaucratic monstrosity. The Founders rightfully allowed for the possibility that our government might be co-opted or taken over by scoundrels, so they enshrined a means in our Bill of Rights by which We, the People, could clean our governmental house by force, if that became necessary. Remember that a "double-standard" really means "No-Standard" when one political entity can literally get away with murder (can we spell Benghazi?) and ignore trainloads of criminal acts by its own players while persecuting the opposition for potential thought crimes!

The American firearms industry is among the most heavily regulated commercial enterprises in existence. Federal permits must be adhered to for the manufacture, storage, and sale of guns, while prospective purchasers must pass a federally mandated background check- the problem is that laws are only observed by the law-abiding and the criminal determined to hurt others simply ignores legal restraints. Of course truth and reality are not serious considerations for our socialist/communist/globalist adversaries; their modus operandi is: attack; overcome; enslave; and destroy!

At this point, I can't say whether Remington corporate has the will to stand and fight this court sanctified blackmail. Unfortunately, many in the firearms manufacturing industry have no real 2nd Amendment commitment and would just as soon be building door stops or buggy whips if they had a market for them. I hope this is not the case with the folks at Remington, but we will just have to wait and see. In the shorter term, I would suggest that if one wants to add to his or her collection of semi-auto firearms, that one should immediately begin budgeting to do so, as this will be the first class of guns to be proposed for confiscation via massive media vilification. Of course other types of firearms and weapons won't be far behind, including those using black powder; knives, bows and arrows, and air guns won't be exempt either. (If you don't believe me, just check out regulations in London and the UK; these would only be a starting point for weapon restrictions which our would-be slavers have in mind.) Other pertinent recommendations would be for one to join as many pro gun organizations as one can afford, consider getting into hand-loading one's own ammo, and find a genuine Bible-believing church; please stay tuned!

If we wait until the "Come and Take it!" stage, it will be too late to preserve our country as we have known it. We, as patriotic citizens have to begin acting NOW and stand against those who would steal our Liberty, dilute and poison our Faith, and destroy our Future. This is not just "a line in the sand," but is more correctly a "gash in the political battlefield," and it is past time to choose sides!

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Johnny Rowland is a member of the CSPOA and spoke at our conference last month. He is also a media professional and lives with his family in the Northern Sonoran Desert near Tombstone, Arizona. He is a founder of and can be contacted at:

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