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Restoring Liberty at Liberty University
by Officer Rick Dalton, Ret.

The beautiful campus of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia was the sight of the latest CSPOA Constitutional Training Seminar for Law Enforcement. The all-day event – held on September 30 – was attended by more than 200 county sheriffs, chiefs of police elected officials and private citizens, with the theme, The County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope. More than ten speakers addressed many topics all centered around the theme of the Constitutional Oath to protect, defend and uphold the liberties stated in that sacred document. Here are highlights from a couple of the speakers.

Sheriff Mark Lamb, Pinal County, Arizona: In his typical friendly and charismatic manner, Sheriff Lamb said that his reason for running for sheriff was “for my love of Country, and the Constitution of this United States, and for freedom.” He mentioned that his main duty was to protect the individual liberties of the citizens who elected him. Sheriff Lamb read excerpts from the American’s Creed by William Tyler Page, written in 1917 near the end of World War 1 and endorsed by Congress in 1918. Of America, the Creed states:

I believe it is my duty to my Country to love it, to support the Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies.”

Further, Sheriff Lamb said, “My job is to protect the people from criminals, and my job is to protect from government overreach... This Constitution is God-given; it has His stamp of approval on it.”
Franklin County, Maine Sheriff Scott Nichols said he noticed a major effort for gun-control in the form of a referendum. Heaps of Bloomberg money flowed into his state, with great momentum. He and 11 other sheriffs out of 16 total counties in Maine opposed the unconstitutional gun-grab and defeated it. Having been a state trooper and then a police chief, Sheriff Nichols realized the difference between the office of sheriff and the politically controlled police leaders. “We have a voice”, he realized. He used that voice to oppose the governor’s COVID-19 “edicts”, which are not laws passed by the legislature. He stood firm, defending the rights of his constituents and made this statement to the media: “This is not Nazi Germany, this is not Soviet Russia.…We’re not the mask police.”

There were several sheriffs and others who are new to the Constitutional Sheriff Movement, and the CSPOA, founded by Sheriff Richard Mack, who was among the speakers. It was encouraging to see the momentum the movement is gaining nationwide.

The day’s full speaker lineup was professionally recorded, and videos are now available for purchase on the CSPOA website!
November 3, 2020: What Did We Learn?
by Sheriff Richard Mack
Richard Mack
Well, the election was supposed to be November 3, 2020. On November 4th, we still did not know who the next President would be, nor do we still know 12 days later. But, this is what we DO KNOW.

The News Media

We know the mainstream News Media have perpetually proved for the past five years that they are Anti-Trump extremists. They are the only ones who have declared Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States. They have also declared that there was no voter fraud (or that if there was, it certainly was not sufficient to change the outcome of the race) and that there are at least four States that have not finished counting their votes. Furthermore, there are at least three of those States, maybe a couple more, that are within one percent. Such close margins require a recount. Georgia is doing exactly that and it appears that Arizona will be soon and probably Pennsylvania.

So, the Democrats, the Media, and the Joe Biden cronies all agree that there was no fraud, no computer error, and nothing going on to be concerned about. All of us should just shut up, quit crying, and trust the entire computer system that tabulated the votes. They all have everything under control. In fine, this amazing partnership (Media, Democrats, and the Bidens) has ruled that We The People and the Trump Administration have no right to question anything or anyone! Where did the push for transparency go?

Well, the Dems and Bidens and their complicit Media were very transparent with their blatant show of corruption when they threatened to stack SCOTUS with go along Democrat hit-men in order to have the highest court in the land promote the cause of the Biden/Democrat agenda. They are not trying to hide it. Their subterfuge and corruption are more than transparent; they intend to seek and appoint to the Supreme Court, justices who will not uphold the principles of the Constitution or of Liberty, but rather, the platform of the Democrat party. Now that's what I call transparency!

Biden Uniting Us?

Biden has said numerous times that after accepting the Media's coronation of the presidency, he wants to unite us. In the year 2000, Al Gore was declared President in similar fashion; by the Media. For over 35 days Gore was the “President Elect.” You would think that Biden would be a little measured and cautious as he moves to take over the White House. If he were really trying to “unite us,” he would be saying this, “It looks like I am going to be the 46th President, but there are a few States that are still undecided. Obviously, some recounts are going to happen, so we are going to try to prepare for a transition, but we are not going to ignore the recounts and allegations of vote fraud. We do hope that the investigations will be conducted expeditiously and professionally.” That would be a true leader's comments if he were to try to honestly unite the country. Instead, he is grabbing the “President Elect” title and running with it. He is not acknowledging anything to the contrary or that counting votes is still happening or that recounts are now in progress and lawsuits being filed. Yes, Democrat Al Gore filed several similar lawsuits in 2000. Even though Al Gore was declared the President, after all the suits and recounting, he never served a day as President.


Any objective observer might also recognize the amazing dearth of violence on election night or any subsequent day thereafter. Is that not astonishing? The media and all the “hate group” watchers (SPLC) have warned us for years that Trump's supporters are dangerous, prone to violence, and that they will “cling to their guns and bibles.” Oh no! Yet, not a single TV was stolen and there were no cars burning or Molotov cocktails thrown at Police cruisers. There were no shootings, no riots, and no murders. Yet, the leftist propagandists have warned us over and over how we should all be so terrified by Trump's armed supporters, his right wing Militia members and all the Trump racists! But what happened when Trump supposedly loses and his supporters are all devastated? There was nothing but peaceful rallies at a few State Capitals. Would that have happened if Biden had lost? In fact, if Biden ends up actually losing this election, especially after being anointed the winner, does anyone believe for a moment that the streets of America will remain peaceful? There will be blood in the streets and there will be “hate groups” going crazy with violence. And yes, the Press, the Dems and the Bidens, will somehow justify it all as “reasonable expressions of frustration,” just as they did while cities were burning during the summer.


Yes, Biden may very well win this election, but either way, he should be trying to bring us together and uniting the country. He should be leading by example that we are all hoping for a peaceful acceptance of any eventual outcome of this yet to be decided election. But what is the loud and clear message to America from the Left? As long as they are getting their way, as long as they are winning, they will remain peaceful and tolerant, but get in their way, disrupt their agenda in the least, then lookout brother, there will be violence and lots of it! A true leader, someone actually wanting to be President of the United States of America, should be standing against such atrocious actions and ideology.