Opportunity for Fellows: Hear From The White Coat Investor at CSRO's Fellows Conference
Be there on March 19 at CSRO's Fellows Conference to hear from Dr. James Dahle, author of The White Coat Investor, who will share his insights on personal financial management for physicians, tailored for those early in their career.
This and other valuable sessions are curated to help fellows successfully transition into their future roles as practicing rheumatologists, academic researchers, or even working with industry.
Registration is complimentary, and practitioners, especially those early in their career, are welcome to join fellows in attending - sign up today!
White and Brown Bagging: Illinois Bill Assigned to Committee
CSRO continues to lead in legislation that would limit the practice of “white” and “brown” bagging policies mandated by insurance companies and their pharmacy benefit managers. Specifically, CSRO hired contract counsel in Illinois to help guide a CSRO driven coalition of provider organizations, patient groups, hospitals, and pharmacists. 

House Bill 4774 (Rep. Lilly) and Senate Bill 3924 (Sen. Castro) are the two pieces of Illinois legislation the coalition is supporting. SB3924 has been assigned to the Senate Insurance Committee and is expected to be heard in that committee in the coming weeks. In preparation, check out our coalition's informational flyer and then learn what the opposition is saying by reviewing PCMA's talking points.

Are you a rheumatologist in Illinois? Email Kevin Daley with CSRO's state government affairs team to get involved!
Step Therapy Reform: New Legislation Introduced in Kentucky
Continuing its leadership on step therapy reform legislation through the State Access to Innovative Medicines Coalition, CSRO has helped to spearhead the introduction of legislation in Kentucky to update and modernize the state’s step therapy reform law.

Kentucky was one of the first states to pass a step therapy reform law back in 2012. Since then, a number of states across the country have passed laws that contain additional provisions to help ensure that patients get the right medicine at the right time.

SB 140 sponsored by Senator Wise will help ensure that Kentucky’s existing law is responsive to current access barriers by:
  • Requiring that step therapy protocols are based on quality evidence and clinical practice guidelines.
  • Adding additional scenarios under which prescribers can override a step therapy protocol.
  • Requiring that appeals of a denied step therapy request are decided in an expedient manner.

Are you a rheumatologist in Kentucky? Email Brian Henderson with CSRO's state government affairs team to share your thoughts and get involved!
Opportunity for Action in Kentucky
We encourage Kentucky residents to join CSRO in asking your state lawmakers to support SB 140. Take action by sending a message to your legislators today!
CSRO has been alerted by rheumatologists across the country regarding changes to reimbursement policies made by United Healthcare. Because these are reimbursement issues, we are not able to discuss nor comment collectively on these changes, that will ultimately negatively impact patient care.
We stand with the provider community and aim to strengthen practices and improve patient access to rheumatologic care. As such, CSRO disagrees with tactics by payers, such as a reduction in reimbursement rates, that diminish plan participation. With the decreasing number of rheumatologists in practice, insurer policies should be encouraging community based practices with competitive reimbursement rates. Reductions to fee schedules that negatively impact rheumatology practices will certainly reduce access to care for patients resulting in higher long term health costs in the future.
Legislation Around the Country
ICYMI: Opportunity For Action in Your State
The following states have active legislation that need your support - make your voice heard today: 
What's Happening in the States
CSRO tracks legislative activity relevant to the rheumatology community and their patients. Check out the list below to see the status of CSRO priority bills from the past two weeks. For a full status report on all the bills CSRO tracks, click here.

Be sure to check out our interactive legislative map tool for additional information about current policy in your state. Plus, don't forget to add your state to your email profile here to receive state-specific updates and action alerts via email.
Accumulator Programs
  • B24-0557: Hearing scheduled for March 
Step Therapy
  • AB 1880: Introduced. Tentative hearing scheduled for 3/11/2022
White Bagging
  • SB 958: Introduced and referred to Committee on Rules for assignment
Step Therapy
  • SB 730: Favorable report by Health Policy committee
Rebate Pass Through
  • HB 867: Passed the House, introduced and referred in the Senate
White Bagging
  • HB 4774: Referred to Rules Committee
  • SB 3924: Assigned to Insurance
Rebate Pass Through
  • SB 88: Passed the Senate, introduced in the House and referred to committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance
Accumulator Programs
  • SF 2092: Approved by Commerce Committee and renumbered as SF 2231
  • SF 2231: Introduced
Non-medical Switching
  • HF 656: Committee approves bill, renumbered as HF 2199
  • HF 2199: Introduced, placed on the House calendar
  • SF 2016: Tabled until future meeting by subcommittee
Rebate Pass Through
  • SF 2092: Approved by Commerce Committee and renumbered as SF 2231
  • SF 2231: Introduced
  • HSB 623: Subcommittee recommends passage
Rebate Pass Through
  • HB 203: Withdrawn, HB 457 substituted 
  • HB 457: Introduced and referred to Committee on Committees
Step Therapy
  • SB 140: Introduced and referred to Banking and Insurance Committee
White Bagging
  • HB 203: Withdrawn, HB 457 substituted 
  • HB 457: Introduced and referred to Committee on Committees 
Accumulator Programs
  • HB 880: Died in Committee
  • SB 2470: Died in Committee
White Bagging
  • HB 2305: Referred to the Insurance committee
Accumulator Programs
  • LB 718: Notice of hearing for 2/28/2022
  • LB 767: Approved Commerce and Insurance Committee
White Bagging
  • HB 451: Proponent hearing held on 2/9/2022
Rebate Pass Through
  • SB 1324: Referred to Retirement and Insurance committee
  • HB 3493: Referred to Appropriations and Budget committee
  • HB 3492: Referred to Appropriations and Budget committee
  • HB 4087: Referred to Appropriations and Budget committee 
Accumulator Programs
  • SB 139: Approved by committee, Senate vote taken 
Accumulator Programs
  • SB 5610: Passed the Senate
White Bagging
  • HB 4263: Introduced in the Senate and referred to Health and Human Resources committee
Accumulator Programs
  • SB 215: Introduced
  • AB 184: Hearing scheduled 2/16/2022  
White Bagging
  • AB 718: Hearing scheduled for 2/16/2022
  • SB 753: Informational hearing held 
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