Taking 5 Minutes to Talk About Safety
Both at Work and at Home
By: CSSI Staff

Each day we take on tasks that are dangerous and could alter our way of life in a blink of an eye. The companies we work for take the time to provide us with the education, tools and leadership to perform our work in the best possible manner, but also in the safest. We all have an end goal of returning to our families safe. 

At your next family meal, talk with your family about the things you do at work each day to keep yourself safe so you can be with them. Explain the pre-planning that goes into your daily tasks, show them the safety equipment you inspect and use each and every day. You might even have them try on your hard hat / safety glasses, fall harness, and reflective clothing. They will understand that being safe for them, takes a little extra effort.

Here is a list of topics you can take 5 minutes to talk about while at home:

•cyber slouch
•distracted driving
•hazardous household chemicals
•household electrical safety
•insect awareness and precautions
•lawn mowers
•medical reserve corps
•space heaters
•sun safety
•swimming pools
•severe weather awareness
•working safely in the yard
Standing Down For Fall Safety in 2020
OSHA - National Safety Stand-Down
Ideas for Virtual or Socially Distanced Stand-Down Events
September 14th-18th is the 7th annual National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction – an opportunity to pause work on jobsites across the country and talk about fall safety with crews large and small. Much like work and life in general, however, your stand-down activities might look a little different during the pandemic this year.

Below are several ideas for holding an event with employees virtually or in person at a safe distance. Be sure to follow the most recent CDC guidelines and other guidelines for the construction industry to protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19.

  • OPTION #1 – Use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or another online platform to hold a meeting to review fall safety basics, conduct a training, or remind employees of company policies for fall prevention and protection.
  • OPTION #2 – Attend a live webinar held by another organization. OSHA’s Stand-Down calendar lists virtual events open to the public.
  • OPTION #3 – Hold a virtual meeting using an online platform to watch an on-demand webinar or other video, such as pre-recorded webinars about joining the Stand-Down, roofer safety, fall rescue and plan development.

Reach out to the CSSI team for assistance with your Fall Protection training needs. 
Mortenson Company WORKSAFE Project: Vermeer Plant 7 Rebuild
Mortenson, a precast manufacturing facility in Pella, Iowa enrolled into the WORKSAFE program. Mortenson has a well-established corporate safety program and wanted to partner with CSSI to have additional safety resources for this complex project to rebuild Vermeer after the tornado in 2018. They have implemented several best practices to assist participants in expanding their efforts in preventing job site injuries, with the ultimate goal of having an injury-free project. The CSSI team would like to thank Mortenson for their enhanced dedication to job site safety! If you are interest in participating in WORKSAFE or have questions, please contact Mark Wieland at Mark@IowaCSSI.com