New ANSI Standards on Aerial Lifts.
Do You Know Anything About Them?
By: Brandon Black, Safety Consultant

Mobile elevated work platforms or MEWP’s, such as boom lifts and scissor lifts are machines that are very common on construction projects. These are machines that are powerful, durable, useful, and has made many parts of construction much safer and easier to do. With the boom lift being invented in 1951 and the scissor lift being invented in 1963 these pieces of equipment have not been around for a long time in the big picture of construction.
The safe use of these pieces of machinery is very important as construction can be a very hazardous profession. The proper safety training on these pieces of machinery can greatly reduce hazards and accidents while operating or working around them. Additionally, with these pieces of machinery constantly need updated, modified and improved means that operation and training guidelines may change and that has happened with the new American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards that were released in December 2018.

These new ANSI standards effect manufacturers, owners, and operators. Under these new standards MEWP’s have been classified differently separating them into Group A for lifts that move vertically but stay inside tipping zone, and Group B for all others. These groups are then divided into 3 types. Type 1 are only able to travel in stowed position, Type 2 those that may travel elevated from the ground controls, and Type 3 for those that travel elevated from platform controls.

With these standards owners and operators will have their own responsibilities to which they will need to follow. Anyone that was qualified under the previous standards will need to update their training to adhere to the new standards. The new standards not only require the operator to be trained, but also require the supervisor and occupant of a MEWP to be trained as well. This training would include 3 different segments: theory, practice, and evaluation.

These standards went into effect on June 1, 2020. These have not yet been adopted by OSHA, however just because OSHA does not require it does not mean that it is not needed. Proper training on MEWP’s and all equipment is necessary and why not have the best and most complete safety training when it comes to equipment. 

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CSSI Holds 2021 Safety Conference
Construction Safety Specialists Inc. hosted this year’s annual Safety Conference on January 25th in Des Moines, Iowa. The one-day conference is dedicated to construction safety, training and recognizing individuals and companies for their safety excellence. Approximately 130 industry personnel participated in the annual safety day, which included four sessions of safety-related topics and the Safety Awards Breakfast. The Awards Breakfast was headlined by leadership expert and bestselling author Dr. Todd Dewett, who delivered a supremely colorful take on the importance of authenticity in work and life. The inspiring keynote presentation was based on Dr. Dewett’s best seller – Show Your Ink. The event concluded with Iowa’s Labor Commissioner Rod Roberts presenting the 2021 Safety Awards Presentation. Awards were presented in the following categories – Outstanding Safety Achievement Award, Safety Professional of the Year Award, and the Safety Champion Award.

2021 Recipients
Outstanding Safety Achievement Award
Baker Group | Des Moines, IA
Safety Professional Award
Tracy Haus
Baker Group | Des Moines, IA
Safety Champion Award
Dan Weeks
The Weitz Company | Des Moines, IA