Moving Forward in 2021
February 2021
Dear CST Friend,
Welcome to the second month of this strange new year and trying times, one and all. Our lives have changed more in the last 12 months than in any other time. Those of us who have continued to try to be of service by opening our practices have had the challenge of treating patients who wear masks and we each have had to wear masks and shields as we help people mediate the pain and stress of the barren absence of human touch. Touch has been limited and often denied to us with our families in an effort to protect them and others from the virus. We need to find ways for folks to treat themselves and have basic skills of awareness and touch they can give to their families and loved ones in their quarantining "pod." The CSTA has developed strategies to teach self-care that include home exercises and gentle palpation to enhance CSF and lymphatic circulation and health.

Lots of folks have been buying the new "CST Handbook" to review and learn new skills and home programs to make a difference in people's lives. In this time of quarantine and social distancing it's a good opportunity for us all to grow as individuals through reading and studying, enabling us to move forward with new skills and information.

Our new classes for 2021 have been posted to the Calendar page of our website. Classes have been designed to be strictly Covid protective, small in student/teacher ratio, max. of six students. They are enhanced with self-treatment lymphatics and Craniosacral rhythmic movements for therapists to teach their patients to do at home. Our classes will begin in March providing it is safe to do so. Check our schedule frequently for changing details. Please stay smart, stay safe, stay kind, wear masks, wash hands and distance for safety. Together we will move forward into our new changing times. Watch for new Zoom online Q&A dates and times coming soon!

Happy Day,
The CST Alliance

"Together we are on the move bringing CST forward in the world."
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