"CST In Touch"
News from the CST Alliance
Volume 8, Issue 3 - August 2020
Greetings all,

The stress of our times with anxiety about the future and the worry about the present in watching or experiencing directly on a daily basis suffering, fear, loss, illness--and even death--has taken its toll on all of us. With no vaccine or real allopathic treatment, the only care plan is preventative with mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing. Even this strategy is mired in divisive politics.
As craniosacral therapists we offer a way to stimulate the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid to support the central nervous system, circulate lymphatic fluid to bolster the immune system and somato-emotional processing to promote stress reduction and the release of retained emotional holding. It's a much-needed holistic care method which enhances well being and self-regulation and self-healing.
So how do we offer this manual therapy that has such benefit without being a source of cross contamination and risking the spread of the virus to ourselves, our families, or our patients?
We reinvent ourselves.

I will be posting a series of essays to offer ways to do that. We will be starting very small with highly sanitized class environments and precautions and modifications to treatment that is not only effective, but also provides safe instruction that all basic CST therapists can employ to help make a better world which is so needed right now.
Here are some topics we will be exploring:
Circle No: 63 "Opening Up Going Forward, A Love Letter" Letters of loving, kindness, and moving forward

Circle No: 64 "Ensuring Sanitized Space, Staff, Learning and Care" Creating safe space

Circle No: 65 "Reinventing CST for These Times"

Circle No: 66 "Reinventing Classes for These Times"

Circle No: 67 "Self Help for All"
Check out these essays on "Don's Circle" and the CST Alliance Facebook page in the coming week and look to our Calendar for class updates and see other useful information at www.CSTAlliance.com
Let us stay safe, stay strong and let us try to move CST forward in the world that needs CST now more than ever. We are all in this together.
Happy Day,
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