Greetings Vikes, Families and Friends
I want to thank all of you who were able to join us for the “State of the Program” last week. I was thrilled to see so many of you on the call, nearly 50+ friends and family. On behalf of my staff and our entire athletic department we cannot thank you enough. For those of you who weren’t able to join us, I’m excited to share the video/audio recording of the evening’s program. We were honored to have Al Pawlowski, WKYC Sports, serve as moderator. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
To better assist you as you view the recording, I would like to highlight a few key moments of the conversation:
·       Feel free to fast forward to the 11:40 minute mark of the recording, where the evening program formally begins with the interview portion of the evening; the return of our men’s and women’s team; the extraordinary precautions our administration have in place to ensure the health & safety of all of our student-athletes; and an overview of the training accommodations we’ve been working through while the renovations are completed in our beloved Busbey Natatorium.
·       At the 45:25 minute mark our Coordinator of Athletics Facilities, and former CSU Swim/Dive alum and coach, Mike Lehto, provided a fantastic review of the renovation project, including a gallery of photos of the tremendous work being done inside Busbey. The repairs, renovations, and enhanced safety features made could not have occurred without our University’s leadership and significant financial investment. Below is the link to the photo gallery of the renovations:
What’s next for our program? I am boldly announcing that in the near future we WILL be Horizon League Champions with both our men’s and women’s program in the same season and we will become nationally relevant and ranked. The excellent recruiting and coaching by our staff and the hard work of our young men and women is one way we will achieve these goals. The other way is through our new Busbey Enhancement Campaign in which YOU will be able to help us provide a transformational experience for our program.
·       Turn to the 51:30 minute mark where I announce the launch of the Busbey Enhancement Campaign. When Busbey dreamed up our pool and Peter VanDijk made it a reality in 1972, their goal was to create the best pool in the country that would be 50 years ahead of its time. Our pool turns 50 years old in 2022. The Busbey Enhancement campaign will help set us ahead another 50 years by turning our renovated natatorium into a high-tech modern training center.
Your financial support will help enhance our program with:
Updated technology and equipment that will complement our new dive towers for our divers and enhance their training:
·      Wireless cameras, flat screens, and software to record our divers
·       Diving specific equipment for our “dryboard room”
·       Diving specific dryland equipment for on deck training including yoga mats, physio-bands, and recovery tools
·       Graphics for our platforms and diving area to honor our diving heritage and alumni
Updated technology and equipment that will enhance our swimmers training:
·       Underwater cameras and software to record our swimmers to provide enhanced feedback and coaching
·       Power racks so our swimmers can “lift weights” as they swim
·       Dryland equipment for on deck including medicine balls, TRX, and Boxing gloves
·       Endless pool with mirrors and video equipment to correct technique that can be programmed for the water to be at goal race pace speed and record their technique and tempo for engaged coaching
 Your financial support will help enhance our facility to become a State-of-the-Art facility which will help us bid to host top level meets:
·       Upgrades to our scoreboard and video board
·       New starting blocks with state-of-the-art wedges and backstroke wedges
·       Upgraded software and technology for managing and operating swim and dive meets
I cannot close without thanking the incredible support of our Director of Athletics, Scott Garrett, and the University leadership, for investing nearly $1million dollars in the renovations and enhanced safety features being made in Busbey Natatorium. Yes, you read that correctly, unprecedented support, during a pandemic and a time when many other athletics programs have experienced less than favorable times.
We are living in unprecedented times, but that also means there are unprecedented opportunities. I’m asking each of you to please make a gift to allow us to see these transformational enhancements become a reality. The difference between being extraordinary is a little “extra” ordinary. Any gift that you can give added up across all of our friends and alumni will become truly an extraordinary transformation! In the coming weeks, you will be hearing more about the Busbey Enhancement Campaign from our athletics development team; Bob Heller, Brandon Longmeier, and Wally Morton. Please visit to allow all of us to “dive-in” and get started.
Thank you for your past support, and thank you for your next transformational commitment to our program. I am looking forward to updating you in our November newsletter! In the meantime don't be a stranger, I love connecting with our family, friends, and alumni.
Stay healthy, safe, and be well!
Hannah Burandt
Cell Phone: 216.386.8067
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