April is Sexual  Assault  Awareness Month
April is Sexual Assault Awareness month! At CSVANW, we are gearing up to support SAAM events taking place throughout the state. You can help support CSVANW efforts in SAAM events by posting online utilizing the hashtags, sharing messages of hope or by donating, through our 
High 5 Give $5  campaign.

The campaign helps the C
oalition  provide water, food, supplies and materials for our communities' Health & Wellness events, SAAM awareness fairs, 5k Community Runs and more! Lets come together and make these amazing SAAM events successful in bringing awareness. 

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month! Please consider supporting CSVANW's efforts & the efforts of our tribal communities to raise awareness! For the month of April, CSVANW is sponsoring and supporting a dozen community-based initiatives (such as community 5ks, wellness fairs and educational activities) to build awareness to #SAAM. By giving $5- you can help CSVANW provide snacks, water, materials and supplies for #SAAM events around the state!

Give $5 and the next time we see you, we'll give you a high 5!

Click here!! to give your $5 (or more) and learn about the community events we are supporting! 
Blog by Angel Thomas
Nearly one year ago my heart broke for one of our babies...much like yours did.

We all received the Amber Alert on our phones in the middle of night-a missing girl, her description, the last place she was seen, what she was wearing, her age, her name-Ashlynne Mike.

It broke me. I cried every single time I heard her name. I mourned for a child I had never met before because she was mine, too. I saw my daughter every time I closed my eyes. I pictured Ashlynne playing in the dirt after school-I saw my little one playing in the sand, too. I imagined Ashylnne talking to a seemingly harmless neighbor-I saw my baby talking to him, too. I envisioned little Ashlynne trusting in a world that had never harmed her before-and every single time I closed my eyes...I saw my Olivia too.


To everyone who joined us to share space, hold dialogue and be in relationship with those who engage in the work to end violence against our Native women and children over the two days of our annual Tribal Leaders Summit- THANK YOU!

CSVANW's 4th Annual Tribal Leaders Summit created a forum for our communities to visit- to listen, share and hold brave conversations. This year's summit brought out 140 of our tribal leaders, advocates, service providers, first responders, judges and youth. Critical and courageous conversations were shared and we are thankful to everyone who engaged in discussing community-based solutions that focused on prevention, youth, supporting our offenders and restoring balance within our tribal communities. Thank you to all that attended our Tribal Leaders Summit! We hope that we will see you next year! To see our photo album, click here!
Join Gary Mike's family and Fruitland community at the San Juan Chapter
for the "For Our Little Ones: Ashlynne Mike Memorial Run." April 29, 2017 beginning at 8:00am.
For more details, click here!

Blog by Devona Bradford
.... At one point I was so angry that I wanted to "out" him and tell our community what he did to me. But, I didn't. As I learned more and more about trauma, the cycle of generational trauma and the unhealed wounds our communities still face today, I began to feel compassion for him. I was learning to understand what "hurt people, hurt people" really meant. 

CSVANW attends Sexual Assault Awareness Month Rally
Sexual Assault Awareness Month Rally at the Albuquerque Civic Plaza was held on April 2, 2017. The #CSVANWteam was out in the community talking about the importance of keeping our Native women and children safe from violence. They passed out prayer pouches and explained the importance of bringing awareness to victims sex and human trafficking. 

To learn more about the event on the NewMexicoWomen.org page, Click here!   

CSVANW supports Navajo Nation and  To'hajiilee community.
CSVANW attended the planning meeting for the upcoming "Pray, Run, Eat Healthy & Exercise Daily" Wellness event with the Navajo Nation Office of the President, Vice President Jonathan Nez, and To'hajiilee community. We were excited to take part in the planning process for this amazing event and attend on May 17, 2017 at To'hajiilee Chapter house. Stay tuned for a flyer and more information. 

CSVANW booth at the National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: Red & Wild Abq events

Our Native Youth Coordinator, Keioshiah,  and our Native American Community Academy intern, Shaylee S tabled at the NACA Church today on March 18, 2017. Many community members came out to support the Red & Wild Albuquerque Event for National HIV/AIDS Awareness Day! Good job Shaylee S!

To see more photos, check out our Facebook post, Click Here! 

Honoring our Native Sisters Candlelight Vigil

March was Women's History Month, and the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women celebrated the month with a candlelight vigil, "Honoring our Native Sisters." The gathering was in honor of Native women and children affected by violence and celebrating their resiliency and strength. The candlelight vigil was passionately led by Brandon Benallie,  Clara Natonabah  and Kelly Gilbreth with their beautiful songs, prayers and insightful words. Thank you so much for your participation and creating a beautiful healing space! We look forward to next year's event and bringing awareness and empowering our community with  UNM KIVA Club  again! 

April 21-22, 2017
Young Indigenous Femme's Retreat 
Institute of American Indian Arts' Hogan
83 A Van Nu Po, Santa Fe, NM 87508 
Contact: Keioshiah Peter at kpeter@csvanw.org 
May 1-2, 2017
Facilitating Effective Criminal Investigations Addressing Sexual Harm by youth in Native Communities
Dine College  
North Campus
Conference Center 
Shiprock, NM 
May 23-24, 2017
Sex Trafficking in Tribal Communities
Bureau of Indian Affairs
1001 Indian School Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104
June 19-20, 2017
Facilitating Effective Criminal Investigations Addressing Sexual Harm by youth in Native Communities
Isleta Pueblo Eagle Golf Course Center
Pueblo of Isleta, NM

Contact: Kim Benally at Kbenally@csvanw.org

Contact: Keioshiah Peter at KPeter@csvanw.org
Protecting Tribal Families Golf Fundraiser 
Twins Warriors Golf Club
Santa Ana Pueblo, NM
April 27, 2017

Contact: Kim Benally at Kbenally@csvanw.org
April 1-30, 2017
Sexual Assault Awareness Month Rally
NM Communities & Organizations
Albuquerque Civic Plaza 
April 9, 2017
Albuquerque SANE Collaborative 
Annual Fundraiser
Salon Helena -7913 Menual Blvd, NE
April 19, 2017
13th Annual Circle of Harmony HIV/AIDS Wellness Conference
Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel


Save the Date!

May 17, 2017 | Albuquerque, NM

Running Events
Jobs Vacancies
New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission is hiring!  

They are currently seeking a qualified candidate for their Grant Program Specialist - Position #10110202.

Realia Denby, Health and Safety Instructor

Arealia Denby is our newest CSVANW individual member to the Coalition. She was able to attend our recent Tribal Leaders Summit on March 30-31, 2017 and said, she "loved it." Being a Health and Safety Instructor for Northern Arizona Healthcare in Flagstaff, AZ is what  drew her to become a member. 

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