July 2020 Newsletter
The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women’s grounding in the movement to end violence is not only to organize, but to mobilize people toward healthier families and healthier communities. And, this July we are making space to honor the work of so many who have organized, mobilized and shifted power toward creating and reclaiming safer and healthier communities for our women and children.

We know that the solutions to violence exist within our own communities and we affirm we have effective systems, responses and cultural practices that predate colonial influence. Everyday we are reminded of our resilience, strength and love. 
So many of you have come together to call out injustices, demand accountability and seek safety for all our relatives. Communities are taking a stand against white supremacy and calling for a true account of our history as Indigenous and Black Peoples. The eyes of history are on this moment when so many forms of violence are no longer being tolerated.

Statues of Christopher Columbus, Confederate soldiers, Don Juan de Oñate and others who carried out violence against Indigenous and Black communities are being removed. Racist mascots and imagery are being questioned nationally. We are witnessing our relatives stand in true solidarity with Black Lives Matter movements demanding for justice, liberation and equity.

We are grateful and inspired by every one of you who is pushing back against this violence. You are creating safer, healthier and more liberated communities for our women and children. We see you.

Thank you.
Together, we are the movement.
CSVANW Continues to Deliver PPE to Tribal Communities
June 17, 2020

CSVANW is continuing to support our member programs around the state as they provide essential services for survivors. Our Advocate Coordinator, Tiffany Jiron, delivered 4 boxes of disposable face masks and 3 packages of black cloth mask to Isleta Social Services. We are working to support those folks who are still showing up to provide life-saving services for survivors. We honor the amazing work of our programs and advocates responding to COVID-19.
Prayer Gathering For The Removal of Onate
June 15, 2020

CSVANW Executive Director, Angel Charley, spoke at the Prayer Gathering For The Removal of Onate in Albuquerque, NM, calling for the removal of the statue. CSVANW supports the removal of all statues that stand as a celebration of oppression and genocide. The gathering brought together peaceful supporters who collectively set intentions for the liberation of our communities from violence.
Virtual Zine Workshop
June 26, 2020

 CSVANW was glad to host a virtual zine workshop for our online relatives, especially during this time of COVID-19 and voices demanding for justice and change. We invited Keioshiah Peter, to facilitate on some zine construction basics of and share some approaches for telling unique stories, ways to be a good relative and showing up for your relatives in zine form. Thank you to all our relatives that joined us. 
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Angel Charley (she/her)
Executive Director

Angel Charley comes from the Pueblo of Laguna and is the proud mom of an amazing-too-cool-preteen, aunty to three wildly beautiful little ones, a daughter and sister. Angel brings a record of accomplishment in leading complex organizational and corporate transitions and four years of experience of working alongside CSVANW members and partners. She is passionate about civic engagement, women’s rights, and shifting power narratives that hold space for solution-based conversations in the movement to end violence against women and children.
Jolene Holgate
Training and Education Director
Jolene is a Diné (Navajo) woman intent on creating social change in Indigenous communities with hopes to address challenges and develop pathways toward solutions to protect women and children. For nearly six years Jolene worked with elected Navajo leadership engaging in policy advocacy to address areas of human trafficking, sexual and domestic violence, cyberbullying, and Missing & Murdered Diné Relatives...
Marquel Musgrave (she/they)
Membership and Outreach Director
Marquel Musgrave is a mother and auntie from the Pueblo of Nambe and is arriving to the CSVANW after dedicating the last three years as an outdoor experiential educator with Mountain Center under the Native American Emergence Program and Therapeutic Adventure Program focusing on decolonial resilience recognition and reclamation of indigenous knowledge systems and relationship to the natural world as sources of active healing serving the communities of New Mexico. Marquel has a BA in Business Administration and over a decade of community organizing experience...
Latonya Williams (she/her)
Office Coordinator

Latonya Williams (Diné) is from Gallup, NM. As office coordinator, she is responsible to help the organization’s day-to-day operations run smoothly. She fully supports the movement to stop violence against all Indigenous people. During her free time, she loves to spend time her family. She also likes to take road trips, listen to music, and attend as many Professional Bull Riders (PBR) events as she can. She graduated from the University of New Mexico with a bachelors in Business Administration...
Cheyenne Antonio (she/they)
Sex Trafficking Project Coordinator
Cheyenne Antonio is Diné from Torreon/ Pueblo Pintado, New Mexico. She received her BA in Native American Studies from the University of New Mexico. She focuses on addressing violence against native womxn and environmental racism within bordertowns and in rural communities. Cheyenne brings a critical perspective on the differences between consensual sex work and sex trafficking...
Honey Sunday (she/her)
Project and Media Assistant

Honey is living evidence that any person who grows up being from a broken home and disdained for being different, can create having a mind-set of overcoming any barriers to become triumphant, and being admired for the work they carry out. Having no barriers to get in her way, and with the support of other CSVANW employees, Honey plans to become an advocate to help bring awareness to the needs of the Indigenous Trans community...
Jovita Belgarde (she/they)
Native Youth Project Coordinator
Jovita Belgarde is from the Ohkay Owingeh and Isleta Pueblos of New Mexico and the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Nation of North Dakota. She is passionate about working with Native youth and making positive social change in Native communities. She received her BA in Criminology from the University of New Mexico and received her Prevention Specialist Certification from the New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals...
Tiffany Jiron (she/her)
Advocate Coordinator

Tiffany Jiron is a proud Pueblo woman from the Pueblo of Isleta. She is a first-generation cycle breaker of violence and mother to three young children. She loves spending time with her babies playing make up and store. Tiffany is very passionate about sharing her story of survival in hopes that it gives others a sense of hope and empowerment. She focuses her time educating herself on the current trends to actively address violence against Native women and children...
Curtison Badonie (he/him)
Media and Communications Coordinator

Curtison Badonie is Tsi’naajinii (Black Streak Wood People clan), Indigiqueer, and is originally from Blue Gap, Arizona, a rural community that sits in the heart of the Diné reservation. Out of the office, Curtison spends his time reading books/comics, watching movies/tv shows, listening to music, playing Pokémon: Let’s Go/Pokémon GO, eating, and randomly references memes and Tik Tok videos. In addition, Curtison creates TikTok videos as a way to express and share his identity and experiences as an Indigiqueer...
June 2020 DONORS
Barbara Deppman
Keith and Mary Pryor
Uba Backonja
Amelia Lipscomb
Bethany Spieth
Dagny Stapleton
Kayla Costello
Katie Harris
Danielle Ronkos
Sydney Bronaugh
Nicole Everling
Kristina Downs
Felicia Roman
Virginia Avery
Sophie Whitman
Alicia Alvarado
Kristin Macapagal
Lara Winter
Crystiana Baca-Bosiljevac
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Megan Maclsaac
Meridith Frazee
Ryan Ames
Renee Frerichs
Ashby Parmenter
Taniesha Cody
Jenna Hegarty
Lucy Del Barga
Tania H
Tess Felter
Kevin Alexander
John Cairns
Caroline Young
Jeff Martin
Caroline Sossaman
Roberto Martinez
Amina Haq
Namira Anjum
Francesca G Bewer
Beth Yahne
Lisa Pichitino
Nicole Sharp
Kyla Schell
Gabrielle Lucke
Jasmine Glass
Monica Koenig
Chelsea Davatos
Sarah Sullivan
Richard Koenig
Diana Aguilar
Shawn Jackinsky
Ayaz Pathan
Esther Prentice
Bethany Prausa
Iris Beckstrom
Grace Cannon
Patrick Hurst
Mikalah Tolbert
Lindsay Johnson
Elizabeth Lovecraft
Abigail Blueher
Andrea Macko
Meghan Dolbey
Madison Dillard
Jacob Rusek
Gracen Steffel
Mary Ellen Potts
Keeley Stevens
Michaela Normand
Taylor Tillotson
Abigail Kacena
Zahra Hudelot
Courtney Wichert
Angela Kicklighter
Mary Parmenter
Olivia Leap
Natalie Malter
Tamara Larsen
Casie Grogan
Terry Hosaka
Marlee Brewer
Andrea Claeys
Catherine Rocha
Jessica Carranza
Sarah Gilbert
Sarah Fisher
Rachael Warren
Anne Boisvert
Leslie Caplan
Rachel Castro
Michelle Wirth
Erin Briggs
Amanda Voss
Wes Shifrin
Elizabeth Golden
Savannah Boyack
Joel Dundorf
Cheryl Zoeller
Elizabeth Angwin
Julia Schuster
Emily Galer
Frances Burtness-Adams
Catherine Rocha
Syndey Seaver
Margaret Bullis
Emma Tomlinson
Brittney Carter
Kelle Boyd
Adam Finke
Maddie Selby
Gillian Wolpert
Lindy Brastrom
Chris Meave
Leah Charles-Edouard
Nellie Davis
Alea Stephen
Tracia Jojola
Lynnette Sutman
Caitlyn Thorn
Marii Herlinger
Sierra Landrum
Briannia Gulledge
Stephen Calvin
Christin Licata
Kaitlyn Hatch
Dan Jolliff
Barbara Brock
Kat Archer
Mira Collins
Amanda Leger
Sierra Parsons
Ian Roberts
Tia Tyler
Charles Hollmuller
Katherine Gladhart-Hayes
Helen West
Liza Purdy
Nicole Couser
Jason Curzake
Grace Johnson
Rebekah Ujdur
Damaris Bybee
Liz Mick
Erin Holzemer
Tracey Grassham
Baily Barnett
Alexa Evans
Blaire McDonald
Olivia Cohen
Isbah Raja
Rachael Mcdonell
Katherine Brandhuber
Jennifer Craton
Mackenzie Morgan
Rebecca Steele
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Children's Capacity Building Project
For State Fiscal 2021
New Applications due July 31, 2020, 5:00 PM
Submit form and budget to  davidb.river@state.nm.us

The Children’s Capacity Building Project (CCBP) is an ongoing effort to enhance the quality and depth of responses to children in domestic violence programs throughout New Mexico. The Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) Behavioral Health Services (BHS) Domestic Violence Unit is accepting applications in response to this Request for Application (this “RFA,” or this “Request for Application”) to continue supporting CCBP sites, allowing expansion for existing CCBP sites, and expanding the number of CCBP sites to new participating sites.

CYFD’s goals with the Children’s Capacity Building Project (CCBP) is to assist and support children exposed to domestic violence in healing from the trauma they have experienced and to repair and rebuild the non-abusing/protective parent/child relationship impacted by the abuse.

CYFD seeks proposed projects that are innovative, meet the diverse needs of children and families in New Mexico, and align with the overall goal of the project. While proposed budgets are a significant factor, other criteria will form the basis of CYFD’s award decision, which is fully described in the Evaluation Factors section of this Request for Application below.
FY21 CYFD CCBP Application
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