November 2020 Newsletter
November is Native American Heritage Month and it is a time to honor and celebrate the strength, resiliency and kinship of our Native peoples and communities. This year, we want to reaffirm that our strength and resiliency as Indigenous people is rooted in the strength of our kinship relationships. Our relationships to one another, the land and all life will always be our greatest protection.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our tribal communities we want to remind everyone to continue to wear your mask, wash your hands, practice physical distancing, stay home (if you can), and to check in on your relatives.

We are in this together!
CSVANW Continues to Deliver PPEs to Tribal Communities and to CSVANW members

With covid numbers on the rise, CSVANW is continuing social distancing practices to provide PPE to the Esperanza Shelter. Thank you members and advocates for following our new contactless pick up protocol for PPE. Thank you for all that you for our communities.
Thank You For Joining CSVANW’s
I Will Run for Her Virtual Run
Thank you for CSVANW in our 5th Annual CSVANW “I Will Run for Her” 5K! We are overjoyed to share we had over 381 participants and so many of you have engaged and shared your run, jog or walk with us for our first ever virtual run! It was so beautiful to see our community come together virtually and from our respective homelands to bring awareness to Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Our deepest gratitude to everyone who ran with intention, shared their story and who they were running for.
DVAM #PurpleThursday 
CSVANW and members wore purple in conjunction for Purple Thursday to show support for Survivors, to raise awareness & take a stand against domestic violence in our Native communities. Join us! #DVAM #WeSeeYou #PurpleThursday
CSVANW Joins 2020 Government-to-Government Tribal Consultation
CSVANW joined the 15th Annual 2020 Government-to-Government Tribal Consultation virtually. CSVANW listened in to hear tribal leaders, tribal members, and designated governmental representatives give testimonies on how the federal representatives can enhance safety of Native women in our tribal communities. CSVANW also had a virtual resource table to share our resources and services to all attendees. 

CSVANW was able to deliver PPE for the staff and community of Shiprock Dept of Family Services. Thank you Cliff and Ruthie for your work.
CSVANW joined the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives - Public Meeting, “Elevating Youth and LGBTQ2S Voices” hosted by NM Indian Affairs Department. 
Working with Native Survivors of Sex Trafficking
October 28 & 29, 2020
In this 2-day training, CSVANW provided in-depth information on effective strategies for identifying and responding to Native women and children being trafficked in New Mexico's tribal communities. The training provided: an overview of victim rights and laws, including federal and state laws; introduction to understanding cultural humility when working with Native survivors; explored strategies for improving response and coordination among tribal, state, and federal service agencies; and provided ways to support victims and survivors through safety planning and follow up protocol.
Nambé Youth Panel
October 21, 2020

Our CSVANW Native Youth Coordinator, Jovita Belgarde, gave an educational presentation on the meaning of consent to the Nambe Youth Council. They learned about what consent is, what it looks like, how to ask for consent and how to recognize when consent is unclear
Our Advocate Coordinator Tiffany Jiron was invited to participate on the NMCADV Advocacy Café Webinar on October 20, 2020. Panelists featured were direct services providers and advocates who are working while also parenting and managing school and kids at home. Together they each shared their own personal stories hoping to empower and share strategies for other advocates. 

Tiffany Jiron was also a part of the Pojoaque Pueblo Behavioral Health Panel discussion on October 21, 2020. The important discussion was how advocates are continuing to support domestic violence and elder abuse survivors during the pandemic.  
The Change Band Raises $5K for CSVANW. Thank you!
October 8, 2020
The band Change held a virtual record release event for their album and invited CSVANW to give a presentation on MMIW. Their record release raised funds for CSVANW. There was a livestream performance, raffle, and Q & A session with CSVANW. Thank you to the band Change for their support and generosity of amplifying CSVANW’s work and movement to stopping violence against our Native womxn and children. 
Build Movement Panel
October 13, 2020
Our Executive Director joined The Building Movement Project for a panel on the impacts of COVID-19 and how it has changed how we live and work. The Building Movement Project surveyed leaders of color early in the pandemic to see how they were dealing with changes and advancing their work. BMP's newly released report, On the Frontlines: People-of-Color Led Nonprofits Confront COVID-19 and Structural Racism, presented the findings from surveys and interviews with leaders of color in New Mexico and nationally. 
Abortion Religious Refusals
October 14, 2020
In October, our Executive Director moderated a panel with our partners at Bold Futures. The panel sought to connect through creativity, and engage with leaders across New Mexico as they discussed their lived experiences. Conversations explored laws surrounding religious exemptions, the Hyde Amendment through Indian Health Service, and the impacts of discrimination on our humanity. 
CSVANW Virtual Member Meeting 
October 23, 2020
CSVANW’s Membership & Communications Dirctor, Marquel Musgraves, held their first membership meeting and it went beautiful. Our member meeting invited Jaymee Bird and Josh Schuyler from OVC’s Human Trafficking Capacity Building Center to share information on their services. And we will had MaryEllen Garcia and Frank Zubia from Crime Victims Reparations Committee present to our members. Together, we are the movement! 
Indigenous Peoples Day 241 Donors Thank you 
This Indigenous Peoples Day, the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women was humbled to receive an overwhelming response from supporters. We are grateful to the 241 individual donors who visited our website and donated in recognition of what we hope will soon be recognized as a national holiday in which we celebrate the history, contributions, and beauty of Indigenous Peoples. As we move toward the end of the year, we invite you to visit our website and donate.
NM ICWA Website launch info
We are excited to announce our team has been working alongside the New Mexico Tribal Indian Child Welfare Act Consortium, NM Children Youth and Families, and Bold Futures on actualizing NM State ICWA. More information Coming Soon and ways to GET INVOLVED.
Follow us on social media to stay updated when CSVANW is in the community.
October 2020 DONORS
Rebecca Neelis
Sallie Hoefer
Alexis Reddington
Ivan Sims
Fannely Valerio
Isabella Bethke
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Laurel Sanders
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General contributions and donations from individual supporters and organizational partners are essential for CSVANW's sustainability and effectiveness. Your donation helps make it possible for us to cultivate and strengthen our ability to advocate for Native women and children and breaking of cycles of violence.
9th Annual Native Youth Summit
The 9th Annual Native Youth Summit is a series of 1 hour workshops over 4 days and is a powerful leadership development experience that connects, challenges, and cultivates a cohort of 10 Native youth ranging in age from 13 to 17 years old from across the state of New Mexico. Our theme for the summit is Black and Indigenous Solidarity and it will focus on self-awareness and land to strengthen our Tribal communities through the following learning opportunities:

  • Encourage Native youth to work towards strengthening their voice; 
  • Building our Native youth knowledge on the basics of violence prevention so they may share with their relatives in their territories; and,
  • Support Native youth in their building of knowledge to eliminate violence against all of our relatives. 
More information coming soon!
More information coming soon!
October 2020 Advocate of the Month
Tamani Ortiz is an 8 year survivor of domestic violence. She is a Victim Advocate who works for the Santo Domingo Pueblo Office on Violence Against Women Program to advocate and support the victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence, stalking, and human trafficking. Tamani received her Victim Advocate certification through the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women in July 2019.

With all that has taken place from COVID-19 and strict pueblo lockdowns it caused her to work from home limiting her ability to assist the community of Santo Domingo physically. However, with her passion to help when and wherever, she organized a distribution for as many children as possible in her Pueblo of San Felipe. She was able to bag and distribute 450 bags filled with activity set, toys, and other items for children to help keep them occupied during this pandemic. Her desire to help her two communities has given her the ambition to do what she can even during times such as these. When she was able to return to work she found herself as the only Victim Advocate for her program. Which has her very determined to coordinate and prepare for a two day event to honor domestic violence awareness this month. COVID has had a tremendous grip on many people in this world, but as an advocate you must remain calm, composed, and be ready to help. The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women want to recognize Tamani for her love and passion for the Kewa Pueblo and San Felipe Pueblo. Thank you Tamani for your hard work every single day. We honor you and support you.
Webinar Wednesday presenting Sex Trafficking in Indian Country Advocacy Curriculum

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) in coordination with Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition (MIWSAC) will be hosting a six part webinar series presenting Sex Trafficking in Indian Country: Advocacy Curriculum. 

The Sex Trafficking in Indian Country: Advocacy Curriculum (Curriculum) is designed to introduce information on sex trafficking of Native people, covering topics such as the definition of sex trafficking, red flags, trafficker tactics, screening for sex trafficking, and advocacy roles and responsibilities. 

For more information and to download the curriculum, visit

Webinar Wednesday Series 
November 11: Unit 2 - Identifying and Screening for Sex Trafficking
November 25: Unit 3 - Advocacy for Victims of Sex Trafficking 
December 9: Unit 4 - Legal Advocacy, Part I 
December 23: Unit 4 - Legal Advocacy, Part II
FW: Funding Opportunity from The Allstate Foundation: Emergency Small Grants to Culturally Specific DV Orgs
This information is being forwarded from the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)

To help address the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on survivors of color, particularly the ongoing economic challenges, The Allstate Foundation is providing $500,000 to help support domestic violence organizations and the survivors they serve. The Allstate Foundation will provide small, flexible grants to 100 culturally specific domestic violence organizations to offset hardships caused by the pandemic so programs can continue to respond to the urgent needs of survivors. Oversight and implementation of the small grants program will be provided by the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). Following the completion of this program, The Allstate Foundation will have provided more than one million dollars in small grants to U.S. domestic violence organizations in response to COVID-19.

For more information about this funding opportunity, click here.
This opportunity is open to culturally specific domestic violence organizations based in the United States (including all states, territories, and tribal lands) serving racial or ethnic minority communities, whose budgets do not exceed $750,000 per year. Organizations will be selected based on their eligibility, demonstrated need for resources, and their ability to use funds to impact the greatest number of survivors of domestic violence.

The application will be available through a SurveyMonkey link that can be accessed at Application deadline is November 10, 2020.

Organizations that were previously awarded funds through the "Small Grants to Support Local Domestic Violence Organizations Impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic" funding opportunity in April and May 2020 are not eligible to re-apply. Organizations that previously applied but did not receive funding in April and May 2020 are eligible to re-apply, provided that they meet all applicable eligibility criteria.
Thank you to The Allstate Foundation for providing these rapid relief funds to the field.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please email
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