CSX Completing Work On The Carolina Connector

Shipping Opportunities Will Open Up For All Freight Movers!
Rocky Mount's strategic location on the CSX network, its growing industrial sector, and proximity to the Raleigh market along with CSX's existing rail operations and community ties make it an ideal location for the Carolina Connector (CCX).

The positive impact of the CCX will ripple throughout the state. The project will result in $310 million in public benefits, $125 million to the state economy,
3 million annual reduction in truck miles on NC roads (equaling 120,000 trucks off the road per year), and 655,000 ton reduction in CO2 emissions
in NC (equaling 138,000 cars off the road).
Aerial photograph of the CCX Intermodal Terminal located in Rocky Mount, NC
CCX will provide critical infrastructure and improve transportation options for NC business to create competitive advantages that will support economic growth.

CCX will lower shipping costs by as much as 15% and increase access to national and global markets. It will provide greater market access for North Carolina ports at a lower cost, making the Port of Wilmington more attractive for shippers globally.
Aerial photograph of the CCX Intermodal Terminal located in Rocky Mount, NC
Come on board now and see how you will gain the significant efficiencies and savings available from the nation's newest logistics center. Operations at the Carolina Connector terminal are expected to begin in mid-2021.
CSX Carolina Connector
Rocky Mount, North Carolina, is the ideal site for CSX's newest Intermodal terminal, the Carolina Connector. This facility will provide regional industries with convenient access to rail, helping connect products to consumers nationwide.

Shippers will benefit from Rocky Mount's strategic location on the CSX rail mainline and proximity to the Triangle region's major consumption market.
CSX Intermodal Terminals (CSXIT) is a leader in technologically advanced and environmentally friendly intermodal rail terminals. The Carolina Connector terminal will feature three wide-span, zero emission electric cranes with a lift capacity of 110,000 containers per year.

CSXIT facilities will feature innovative operating systems and automated gate technology that minimize truck idle time. XGate, CSXIT's custom-designed gate technology with automated in-gate kiosk and inspection portal, will be in place at the Carolina Connector, reducing driver turn times.
Intermodal Advantage
Intermodal shipping incorporates multiple modes of transportation to move goods, both domestically and internationally, through a mix of trains, trucks and ships.

Identifying and utilizing the best modes of transportation for each portion of a freight move is essential for shippers looking to maximize supply chain efficiencies, secure access to capacity options and reduce transportation costs.

CCX will provide greater market access for North Carolina ports at a lower cost, making the deep-water seaports of Wilmington and Morehead City as well as the port in Norfolk, Virginia more attractive for shippers globally.
Port of Wilmington moving parts of rail-mounted gantry cranes destined for the Carolina Connector (CCX)
The use of intermodal shipping reduces transportation costs, provides access to capacity, improves product flows and ultimately, improves your bottom line. On average, transportation comprises 66% of a shipper’s total logistics costs. Optimizing your freight network by substituting intermodal rail on moves over 500 miles can result in cost savings of at least 15%.

Moving freight by rail is the most fuel efficient form of land transport. A single double-stacked train can move the equivalent of 280 trucks, resulting in both cost and carbon savings. As the most fuel-efficient U.S. railroad, CSX moves a ton of freight over 500 miles per gallon of fuel, on average, vs. about 135 miles for the average truck.

Shippers moving full truckload freight 500 miles or more exclusively via truck are likely missing out on the capacity and cost-savings benefits of intermodal rail.
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